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  1. Ok legit I have no clue. Meaning first shots since 2021 at a new house and just guessing on range at the new house. Thought 25 but it may be 30. Plus I only could find 100g vs 125g heads that I hunt with. In any event, pretty sure I will be fine.
  2. well there goes Nomad's and Pygmy's visit
  3. I refuse to comment on posts from south of the Mason Dixon line until now. Kidding - keep them posts coming bugs!
  4. I’ll take the hat LF. Matches shorts I have.
  5. Who is the antisocial bald guy near the bar? Don't recognize the locale, where di you have it?
  6. It only takes one incident to screw it up. And you are right about loud working conditions. Not my situation unless angry lawyers or judges count. But one series of shots did it. No more muzzle brakes for me either.
  7. I generally try to wear muffs when shooting and even generally wear then when hunting predators. Deer I haven’t because for me it’s a one shot type hunt. But 3 years I forgot to put them on and shot 4 times at a running fox with a 223 with a muzzle brake that was loud as heck. That mistake really cost me. My hearing was like a staticky radio for several weeks and the ringing never fully stopped. My hearing was never the same especially my left ear. I have been managing without aids since then and with tinnitus. Finally decided to correct it and got some hearing aids. The good news is that I feel like have great hearing with them on and the doc is hopeful it will calm the tinnitus. They are also pretty discrete as my son didn’t notice them until I pointed them out. BUT I could have avoided this if I wasn’t so careless. You all know this already but I will reinforce it if it helps one person. Wear hearing protect at all times when shooting. No animal is worth damage to your hearing. I can stream music now without anyone knowing. Lol. Trying to find the bright side.
  8. I offered to sell it to him when it came to the last draw because I felt bad. He declined and then lost.
  9. I won the same gun at the QDMA banquet. Trigger was very nice. I sold it before shooting it but I was impressed. Probably should have kept it since I had to win a live auction on a knife (1 of 12) to be in it to win the gun and another guy spent a ton buying 10 of the 12 knives to win the howa. He was not happy when I was the last man standing with only 1 of 12 chances. I almost felt bad.
  10. Mine is also a center mount. The winch pulls it in and up to the QD mounting bracket (which didn't work well with the one section of skid plates).
  11. Grab a wrench! Took me like 7hrs but they said it was a PIA. I also had aftermarket skid plates to deal with.
  12. If the food is not properly stored by the party taking it, it could put the caterer/facility at risk of liability for food poisoning. There is even a federal statute that exempts them from that liability unless there was gross negligence or intentional misconduct if the food is donated to a not for profit. They are just CYAing here. Tell your folks to eat as much as they want while the food is under the care of the facility. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/PLAW-104publ210/pdf/PLAW-104publ210.pdf Did a quick search because i was curious.
  13. Well you should not have asked me to cater it if you are going to complain. I have a family to feed and then there’s those pesky regulations. that sucks.
  14. They used them when we hunted Quebec WITH BAIT. Still nada. Lol
  15. MY assumption is that bears are very hard to pattern unless you are baiting. Hope you see it while deer hunting.
  16. Maybe he is just stunned. Give him a few. Too bad. Nice buck.
  17. Dan keeps growing younger and you, well .....
  18. I met him at a fundraiser for Lifespan a few years ago. I was told not to call him Fonzy. Nice guy.
  19. If I only do winter storage and it’s deep enough, I could load it in the barn so door height might not be an issue. Not sure. But appreciate you trying.
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