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  1. Do a search. I recall a club looking for members last year. I think it was located near the Catskills but included a camp. Good luck.
  2. You see the real motives John. I feel foolish now for questioning.
  3. Oh no. Say it ain’t so. The most macho man I know has succumb. Interesting new hobby buddy. Enjoy.
  4. You will be fine Dino. It will eat up your target a bit more pulling them out. But nothing major. I will see what I have too.
  5. SEC does not take kindly to market manipulation. This sounds real close.
  6. Those are neat. Do they actually use that to measure or is it something you receive for entering a buck?
  7. Gorgeous buck whatever he scores but I bet he is bigger than 118. I am lucky to have a taxi that is also a BBC certified scorer.
  8. He looked bigger than 118. Beauty regardless but I would have guessed PY score for sure.
  9. I try to be next to a doe in estrous. They never pay attention then.
  10. We often use bands that attach to the bar to add up to an extra 400lbs as they extend. It’s a great way to learn to become explosive. And it ensures that you don’t just breeze past the sticking point of a lift. Regular part of powerlifting training. Never used that device you show though.
  11. All depends on the court. There are no hard and fast rules in traffic justice. Lol
  12. It all depends on the court, judge and ADA you are dealing with. Send back the letter stating that you will consider a plea to a reduced charge, include a copy of your drivers abstract if you can get it showing that you have a clean driving record (or at least explain that you have a clean record) and request a plea to a no point charge such as a parking violation. People think that because their buddy got x reduction, they will. Not necessarily true. City of Rochester traffic court won’t deal at all, Brighton offers one step reduction , Webster is more favorable and often the small towns along the thruway don’t care about points, just cash. So do the best you can to request the greatest charge reduction and move on!
  13. Each court is different. Some won’t reduce the charge, others will only offer a one step reduction (from 3 to 2 points for example) and others will offer a better deal. I suspect it will be a good offer due to Covid since they don’t want a backlog. What was the speed and what is the reduced offer? Either way, you are highly unlikely to beat the ticket so most likely a plea to a reduced charge is your only real option. And honestly The ADA will usually make the same offer whether you have an attorney or not. Only if you are on the verge of losing a license does a lawyer make sense in traffic court IMO. by the way, insurance should only be impacted if the plea is greater than 4pts. and as a disclaimer, this is not my area but I certainly have helped friends and family on occasion.
  14. Does saving the the $2 by not playing count as a win?
  15. I am with the others. Having killed one on opener, I will not do so again unless it’s an absolute giant. Sucks sitting out the rut. And I would not take time off to hunt early season unless I was targeting a specific buck and had it patterned. Likely it would only be afternoon/evening hunts anyways since you probably won’t see a buck moving until then in early season.
  16. Darn it no pics but my son cooked Korean BBQ where we cooked the thin pieces of meat on a grill in the middle of the table as we went. Man was it good. He also did a spinach salad with sesame seeds and oil and other Asian spices and rice. Honestly I felt like we were eating in a great restaurant.
  17. Eastwood but I like Lee Van Cleef in the old westerns too. I suspect this is more of a generational thing as Wayne preceded Clint by a bit.
  18. Thought he would have yours done by now. Lol
  19. Very sad. It was mentioned on national news this morning.
  20. Avoiding a the lion, sure. Workout not so much.
  21. I wear reading glasses too. No issue. It’s not HD clear but pretty darn good.