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  1. I know this has caused a whole bunch of email exchanges from our school districts group but I am not willing to guess on the outcome. Will be heard by the Second Dept. and there is a stay of the decision pending the appeal.
  2. Trying to find a locale with worse hunters to make me look good.
  3. Suburb of Rochester - Pittsford. I actually think Brighton (next suburb over) is worse for tax rates.
  4. Mine came on yesterday. $6 at the convenient store (yes I overpaid) and all is well. Lol. Price of convenience. I should be good until spring!
  5. If he lived in Pittsford, his taxes would be $39k or 3.6% of market value. Enjoy it out there, wherever he is.
  6. Congrats. I am looking at 27k in taxes for the 3600sf home I want to build on .5 acres. I would love anything under 20.
  7. Geeze just read your ad. For 640k, 15k in taxes is cheap!
  8. Where are you buying in CT? Brother is in Hartford. BTW - Taxes still suck there.
  9. I really don't get offended by anyone's opinion - some take this a bit too seriously. Very happy with my "junk". lol I like it even more running it on the E50-blend! If I found a toyota (or any other brand) I liked better, I would buy it. But the raptors have been good to me. And oddly, even being a big guy, I like the recaro seats. This one really intrigues me but the price is more than I can swallow. https://www.gmc.com/electric/hummer-ev
  10. That is a lot of windshield fluid but I guess you drive a lot. That would last me 4-5 years easy!
  11. Well that was just brutal if you like the Bucs. I do a fair amount of work for the owners of the Bucs so I pull for them. I really thought they were going to pull it out. Oh well that’s football. Guess i will pull for the Bills!
  12. Good luck with it. Some very strong brand loyalty in this thread. I am not brand loyal. I love my Ford raptor, enough to buy 2, but I think all models have their lemons. Hope yours is everything you want! Good looking vehicle.
  13. Phew, I made the cut. Hunting NYs the bachelorette!
  14. Wow. Balmy 0 here. Being close to Lake O helps I guess.
  15. Yes -too bad. Going hungry with this years hunting "efforts". lol
  16. That is interesting. I don't think I have ever taken that piece of meat of the 40-50 deer I have butchered. Learning something new!
  17. Agreed. I love the ones that came with the raptor.
  18. Well that sucks. I was really excited for you for the new stand and sticks.
  19. It was never the fact it was low (to be expected), but I am 6'1" with the torso of someone 6'5" and legs of a 5'9" person and am noseguard wide so it was always interesting to see what fit. The C6 convertible I owned was really comfortable. Probably should have kept it. But I love the look of the mid engine C8. Good luck with her!
  20. Congrats! I have owned 3 vettes, last one was rarely used due to kids. I am almost at the stage that I could drive one regularly but now feel like I would be one of those older vette dudes that are cliche. lol Enjoy. Love the C8s. I haven't tried fitting in one, but the C6 was great, the C7 not so much.
  21. That’s a cool rifle and I like lever action too!
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