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  1. lol - been off this site and the competitor for many months. Glad to see I missed nothing. Hope all are well.
  2. RGE. In fairness, the house is bigger than many but probably not out of line per sq ft for others. I always laugh when I get a $200-300 estimated because I know a $700 plus actual is coming soon. They suck at estimating.
  3. Honestly no idea - I am not likely using it when it drops to 35 out.
  4. I have the30” masterbuilt. Works fine and does the job. Less than $300.
  5. The pup is killing me. Maybe i should just bring him to a blind.
  6. Oh you discriminate against 1 antlered bucks. Thats not right.
  7. Hang in there guys. Kids had covid 3rd time this week. I had it twice. Before and after immunizations. I think this is just something we gave to deal with. Hope yall recover quickly.
  8. He is definitely 4.5 or older so its a cool finish
  9. It was Culver. No idea if he will post the story. Like GMan i just enjoy when someone kills a good one at my place. I happened to have history with this buck and got the cell cam live pic minutes before the kill. I knew Bob was going to kill him before i even texted bob last night.
  10. Nope. And was a horse last year. I didnt see him this year but its a big ole boy.
  11. I was out of town but the buck i almost killed last year was killed yesterday frim the same stand. Interesting to see how his left funky side grew this year. Congrats to the forum member.
  12. Love this time of year. Had 3 doe to my left and I am slowly reaching for now when all hell breaks loose in the thick stuff in front of me. Nice 3yr chasing a doe. He circled back towards me but no lane to shoot and the 3 doe run off blowing as they watched me try to get on buck. First chase of year.
  13. Decent 2yr at 20ish. Good morning so far. Now that they revoked permission to all at neighbors, hunting seems even better.
  14. First morning hunt of season. Had 2 doe within 10yds just upwind for a while. Need a big boy in the thick and nasty.
  15. Prayers for your wife's quick recovery Bro
  16. They last a while. I have a few that need the mesh replaced but are 10yrs old. I just bought the replacement seats but have yet to install them.
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