Fletch in the Field 2019

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Well bow season was a success. Was a fair year for sightings. I saw twice as many bucks as doe. And even though I took a smaller buck I ended up seeing 5 bigger ones most within range. Both the doe and buck I took came off state land. I spent 85 hours in the stand during legal hours. My bro took a nice buck and got the kids out but unfortunately no shots.

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Opening weekend of Gun'


It was a frigid and with the frozen snow loud as heck. My boy sat in the heated tower and I sat the far stand out back both for a 4 hour morning sit and 2.5 hour evening sit. My brother hunted his ridge above the hole on my other prop. None of us saw a deer. Also very little shooting close. I had one distant neighbor shoot 10-12 times.......MY BIL and Nephew hit Howland and BIL shot a small buck and they both saw some deer.


Sunday I hunted the outer Hole and saw a nice buck and then the same or another chasing a doe but no shot in the am. I sat 6+ hours. Brother up top saw 0.


In the afternoon my son and his buddy were in the tower and I was in the far stand out back. I had 2 doe and 2 fawn go by at 45 yards. None were too big. About a half hour after they passed from the direction they went that distant neighbor shot about 6 times. After a bit I have 2 run back by me unscathed I hoped they would head for the boys. Then 2 shots rang out close in front of me on my neighbors and a 3rd deer came through. She was hurt and bedded from me at 80 yards. I put the Ithaca on her and finished her. A few minutes later neighbors friend came up to the line and I waved him over. Showed him where the deer was, congratulated him and gave him a hand. Real nice guy. He shot at it because it looked hurt after the farther neighbor shot and shot at it. I'm not sure which hit it but it was hit in the hind quarters. He also saw the 4th one unharmed so the farther neighbor is confirmed a terrible shot!! My shot was through the chest. He left his knife back at his truck so I loaned him mine. I was hoping he was one of those folks that leave the heart but he wasn't lol Said it was the first thing going in the frying pa when he got home! I walked into one walking out after that.


I got down to the tower and the boys told me they had just unloaded at legal dark and were getting there gear together and look out the tower window and a big buck steps out of the brush at 40 yards stopped broad side then kept on going.They think it was a 9, I got a camera there so I'll have to check if I got a pic. Dang, 5 minutes earlier....


I'll be back out Tuesday morn.

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11/19 am 32


Out for a 2 hour sit this morn. Nada going on. Checked cam on inner stand and all day opening day deer were going through smh. And Sunday afternoon two shooter 8 points Ha.Stand selection is paramount...

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So post opening weekend the hunting has been slow. I’ve jumped two deer all week. And the rest of the group is experiencing the same.

I had hunted turkey morn and Friday all day and zip. My daughter got in a car wreck Friday night at college and totaled one of our cars. Nobody was hurt thank the lord. So Saturday I was in Ithaca with her.

Got home late Sat and hunted Sunday morning out back for almost 6 hours as the storm rolled in. Came in for a break then headed back out to another prop during the freezing rain. That turned to snow after a while. I had moved this stand two weeks ago from the outer Hole, where I had 2, to this spot closer to an overgrown field edge. This is the first time I have hunted it.

It was actually so miserable I was going to pull the plug and skate out a little early. I had actually swung up the shooting rail on stand and took one last look around before I was going to start pa king up my gear.

I look left and the right and hey now, see a deer walking down the small ravine to my right before the field. I see right off he is a shooter snot 80-90 yards.

The 7mm mag dropped him. Really nice 8 point. We have him on cams and I think I saw him in bow. He is a big deer hit my scale at 160 pounds. I gutted him then drove home and got the boy to help me drag him out.

Makes it a lot easier to head out town on work for a week!




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