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2011 Fletch "the Nimrod Chronicles"


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Thanks Burt!!

I will get out for a short sit Sat morn and then have to go coach my daughters basketball game. Then I will be out all afternoon, all Sunday and all Monday. This weather has been silly. I went out last evening and it was 53 degrees out! A whole season and had 3 days with a dust of snow gone before noon? Deer not on usual late season patterns here. Not sure what there doing except moving at night!!

Good luck to you as well. Hope you see some smoke this weekend!

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Got out behind the house for a couple hours. Actually had a bit of snow. Saw zip. After my daughters game I drove down to Tully to join my BIL and his friend. Had about an inch of snow there as well. Did a drive and hit last watch. Nothin.

Man it was a chilly 6 degrees this morning! There were tracks from over night all around and by my stand. Sat for 3 hours and nothin. Did a drive and hiked around and did last watch and nobody saw a deer. Poor poor poor.

I am beat going to bed. I am off tomorrow for a last stand.

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All day in Tully did not even jump a deer. Man depressing. I have some venison so I will make it but was hoping to take one more and split with my BIL and my Dad who both zeroed this year. Well I will get out for morning watch around here before work and that will end my season. If I do not get lucky I guess I will forward them that tag soup recipe!!

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Well I got out this am in the hole. Was thinking I may get to do some still hunting with it warmer and raining. But the last two hours before dawn the rain stopped and the temp dropped to 28 so it was like potato chips! No sightings.

Got out behind the house for the last hour and again nothing. It seemed they were strictly nocturnal the last two weeks. I really would love to see the shotgun end a week earlier and then two off weeks then a 9 day ML season.

Well I am a bit sad, it is over for 9 months. I gotta set up a hunt down south for pigs with a busy of mine or something!

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Well 2011 deer season is done and gone. I am a bit sad to see it go but will enjoy a few days sleeping in.

As a whole for my group the season was less than stellar. Our sightings and take were lower than normal.

For myself any season I get to hunt this much is a good one! Also I took a deer in bow and one in gun so I did have some success.

Highlights of the year would be for once I was not wet half of the season!! The assorted wildlife sightings like the fisher and foxes.

I did not witness not one buck chasing a doe, a rarity. As well as seeing only one buck over 1.5.

I look forward to getting out squirrel hunting with my son in the next couple of weeks. As well as putting up a tower stand I got some metal racking from work for so we can get both of us in it next deer season.

I really need to find some land either purchase or lease. Or even maybe join a club. The state land we hunt is so slammed by gun that nothing moves during light after a couple days.

I might even try to get down south to Geogia and take up a buddies offer to go pig hunting this winter.

I really enjoy keeping this journal and I also enjoy seeing what the rest of you are up to as well. We are all brothers and sisters in hunting. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


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Hey Fletch - You definately put your time in this year. It was a less than stellar year for a lot of folks or at least that is the stories that are going around. I enjoyed your journal and you are correct, we are brothers and sisters in hunting. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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