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Hey everyone. With everyone in lock down mode, i'm sure most of you are spending your time watching hunting videos, or  thinking about this upcoming spring turkey season. To get you pumped up for the upcoming spring season, I've attached 1 of my YouTube videos from last spring! Now this hunt isn't in NY. This hunt was on the opening morning of the Pennsylvania season. The exciting thing about this hunt is this was the first turkey that i've ever shot with a bow! Something that i've always wanted to do! This is also a two part episode to my PA season, so be sure to watch them both!. Hope ya'll like the video, and that ya'll watch the rest of the videos on my channel! There's also some great whitetail hunting videos as well! After you watch the videos, if you like what you see, would you please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with your hunting buddies!? I'm trying to build this channel up and actually make something of it! It would be greatly appreciated! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! God bless and stay healthy! 



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Great vid! This year im on a mission to take one with the bow. I have a spot where I cant get far enough from houses to fire a gun at a toms face, the way God intended them to be shot

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I find a duck's opinion of me is very much influenced by whether or not I have bread

-Mitch Hedberg

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      Anyone here a memember of a green island or any other rod and gun club in the capitalist district with access to private hunting grounds they can recommend?  it doesn’t have to be a large area..
      I’ve been hunting about 6 seasons now,  and am looking to get more involved in the hunting community. (It’s never been a tradition in my family I had to teach myself a lot the hard way,) more importantly I’d like to teach my son what I’ve learned in the field and save him some mistakes later but I worry about other public land hunters in the area.
      The amounts of bullet holes and shells in areas paint a pretty clear picture about who frequents them. I have land 2.5 hours away in smithville, it doesn’t work for a day trip with my son but we visit about 2 times a year. 
      Any recommendations folks? 
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      Here's a New York turkey hunt that should get your blood flowing! Hope ya'll enjoy my newest episode! If you like what you see, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Cross Over the River Outdoors! #ItsHuntingTimeOlBuck #Ozonics #DeadRinger #Tactacam #NewYorkTurkeyHunt #huntingvideo
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