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  1. The " hate promoters" in this country have to be held accountable. Their on news networks, talk shows, and especially in the Biden administration. The left will do what ever it takes to promote their adenda. Tear this country apart, if need be. They have nothing else left. Companies that sponsor this sort of tactic can be financial influenced to change their motives. We as Americans can take the steps to turn this country around. We should have never let it get this way. Alot of hard work needs to be done. I'm counting on us. I know we can do it.
  2. We've seen small rattlesnakes along the escarpment in Lockport, central Niagara County. Heard of sittings in the Alabama. Swamps in Genesee County. They could have been Gopher snakes too, which look similar, but I wasn't sticking around to find out.
  3. I had 2 myself. They come in dam handy in bad weather.
  4. At 62 years, I think your both lucky to have each other. Congrats!
  5. It never ever gets old being close to wildlife. Safely, of coarse.
  6. The whole idea of this change was to make it easier for hunters to obtain a license to get out faster.. More Internal Intelligence failures on the horizon.
  7. My Red Clover turned into being lawn clover. The wildlife sure like it.
  8. Sounds like you're in a great spot for swarming.
  9. Even if it made it through the Assembly, it will likely sit on the governor desk without being signed.
  10. I had a airborne swarm come in, about 8:50 in the morning, A couple weeks ago while cutting the lawn. I drove right into the middle of them in hopes of dropping them on a close branch. That wasn't working, so I ran in to get the chainsaw; they just wouldn't drop. ( First time in 40 years, I couldn't make a swarm lite on a limb.) They headed west into the neighbors property. It's like watching a 100 dollar bill fly away Another swarm,in the picture, took up residency in an undesirable spot.
  11. A swarm of bees in June, is worth a silver spoon.
  12. Looks like just the right size to do some lake fishing. Don't forget to plug the drain hole before setting a sail. A nice foldable canopy for a little shade might work well. In the hot sun, it might be a blessing Enjoy.
  13. Mine mixed with pork and other meat grind, so like to use it up in 8 months.
  14. The state is pulling out all the stops to raise deer harvest numbers in the Lake Plains area. Certainly, the early antler less season not doing it
  15. Passed the State Assembly. Now waiting for Governor signature.
  16. Been a long time coming. Thank you Senator Rob Ortt. Now if the governor will sign?
  17. Something about the first sighting of new poults that lifts the spirits. . I seen a hen cross the mowed farm lane, heading for the clover Friday. The grasses were moving behind her with the little ones fighting their way through. They eat bugs off the leaves and pick at the white blossoms.
  18. I'm sure a lot of fond memories . He did what he loved doing; good for him right into his 90's. That's the way to live! Wishing his family prayers.
  19. I seen a nice big Tom over by Tonawanda Creek, while driving yesterday. Their out there
  20. These turkeys are sly little devils. Still, no Toms showing up
  21. Got to be safe. I have pulled some of our older stands down with a tractor. Save someone from getting injured..
  22. Not surprised. Quite a few things are early this year. How many poults were with her?
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