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  1. Business decision to remove.the hunting section, made from corporate. Smart move for them, on a financial point of view.
  2. I see toms all day and hen's in the afternoon, quite often in Erie County. Wouldn't surprise me to where the hens are sitting on eggs. Not a turkey in Niagara. Must be the higher taxes sent' em south.
  3. Did anyone notice the light in west and east horizons at once with an eree darkness between? That don't happen to often. The only other time I remember, close to this was a wall cloud out in Illinois before a tornado dropped out
  4. Well, that was pretty cool. Even though clouds block the sun from showing for us, it turned dark for a few minutes.
  5. I would worry more about the free range chickens
  6. Authorities are saying to expect 1 million people in Niagara Falls Monday. State of Emergency issued to free up federal money. I can't even imagine what kind of a mess it will be.
  7. Can't answer that. Don't know anyone that's ever experienced one. I do remember a partial that got low light levels in 1970. Chickens went on roost.
  8. Nice pics Steve D.. I'm seeing turkey tracks along a grass waterway, beside the clover field.
  9. Do you think we would be able to make photo copies of 24+25 license, if original is damaged? I believe reproduction of the vinyl license was illegal.
  10. Do the tags still need your signature on your license and transfer of DMP's ?
  11. I'm not itching to get into it, any time soon.
  12. I have two pair, one used for barnyard, the other for hunting. The barnyard pair get used daily, nearly 3 years old. They ever blow out, next pair will be DryFeet. I went threw five pair of China Muck boots in three years with the life time warranty from LL Bean.
  13. Nice to see others taking an interest in beekeeping.
  14. That is a excellent way to get some experience. I was lucky enough to have a second generation beekeeper teach me the ropes. He had like thirty some hives, which he give me three of to start me out. Some of my best producing hives were packages from Mississippi. They sent aggressive queens with them and out produce northern bees 3 to 1. Very winter hardy. A little more difficult to work with; especially when the buckwheat blossoms would close early. Now I'm talking 70's and 80's. I can't vouch for today
  15. Nothing more exciting than to go into swarming bees, and dropping them onto a nearby tree branch with loud noise. Are you starting out with package bees? My first package I paid $17 for including shipping.
  16. Congrats on a sweet hobby. I managed 16 hives back in the 70's. I have one hive currently. Got all my supplies from Betterbee in Greenwich, New York.
  17. This state is interested in far more then revenues noted above. They look for industry with blank checks to tap into . Then apply the money to industries that will fail .
  18. Happy Birthday. Spring is right around the corner.
  19. Yesterday, their were nine birds at the edge of a wheat field in Niagara County. I have yet to see a bird in Orleans.
  20. I seen a bunch over in Erie County in a corn field, that still had some corn standing. Sum really nice Toms in the mix.
  21. Hobart, now theirs a name I haven't heard in a long time. They were the small block building a little north of the town garage. My father use to have them butcher hogs and cattle back in the early 70's. Last time going by, I don't even think the building stands anymore. We use to buy water from Trapper back in the 60's also.
  22. Could be a Long Island thing. I know communities SW of Albany take their Big Foot sightings serious. I seen a tall metal statue up that way, tew years back. Maybe in Whitehall New York.
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