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  1. I'm increasing the size of my dandelion plots this season.
  2. Ticks also live in firewood. Bullseye doesn't always develop around the bite. The female tick carries Lyme. The bacteria hide in various parts of the body and can live there for years. The difficulty breathing and erratic heartbeat really sucks. Keep exercising as to not use the use of ones legs.
  3. Some of the best research in this country has been done at John Hopkins Rsearch Center on Lyme Disease.
  4. It use to be a pleasure driving on New York highways. Dam, it's raining. No bowhunting this afternoon.
  5. Don't know to much at this point. Is the shop open or closed? Anyone know the fate?
  6. Planning on it. Been seeing some nice ones on the cut corn fields in the mornings.
  7. Smooth; it's a little easier going out the back door.
  8. Congrats to the hunter in Kansas, Be proud to shake his hand. By the way, they come that big in New York too.
  9. Having sold new tractors for many years; next tractor I buy sure won't be new. I don't like feeling the power train through the casting onto the seat when working the tractor.
  10. I'l throw it out there; Is the qustion Doc posed ethical hunting?
  11. No bi deer in Niagara County; must be Stuben.
  12. Haven't posted much in the last few years, but I see, not much has changed here.
  13. Maybe work on a contest on this site , Spring next year. We always had a great time.
  14. Only said I do once in my life. Forty some years later, it's been really good Be great to see all 61 of them. Congrats to all that have shed hunted.
  15. That amber color is great on a load of flap jacks. Goes great on the eggs and hash brown. Ah heck, dip the toast in too. Jerry, curious to know the boil down rate of sap to syrup
  16. Longer the cook time, the darker the syrup.
  17. My job demands I wear boots daily, during the Winter and Spring mud. Four pair of Muck boots in five years. Three pair, the top of the boot, where they flex would crack open. The last pair stopped the cracking, but had the soles on both boots seperate. When L.L. Bean took their lifetime warranty away, no more Muck Boots. Dry Shod been preforming well, second winter.
  18. My 2020 season was a joy sitting around the evaporator with the aroma of maple steam filling the air. Every jar and a 7 gallon holding container full of sweet goodness, Some days evaping all day till 2 in the morning. Miss the adventure. Good luck to all in the Maple World.
  19. Been tough the last year and a half. Lost family and good friends to this dam virus. It sucks!
  20. Well, ain't this a real shot in the butt! LOL.
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