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So... seeing as how I can’t find a Tactacam camera,, is Spypoint anygood

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@phade had the Tactacam Reveals in stock earlier this week. 


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I have probably bought about 8-10 spypoints in the past five years.  The older 'force' models worked great.  I left them out year, long battery life, good pics day & night, etc.  Then I started getting one or two new cams a year and they went to shit.  Pretty hit or miss.  I have a spypoint micro cell cam and six 'force' models out right now.  One of the new force cams I bought this year ( shit the bed right out of the bag.  When I went to swap SD cards this summer, the new cam had malfunctioned right away, no good pics, scrambled images, pink, green, etc.  They do have great customer service, quick response, send swag with replacements (small hat lol).  I'm looking for recommendations on other brands too.   I'd steer clear of spypoint, even though the price is enticing.  You get what you pay for i guess.  

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