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  1. All three gobblers have shut up, but the other hunters are still at it with their call in the same spot they’ve been in all morning, I took the long hike out and am tapping out.
  2. Welp I had 3 hens come through then a stand off with a gobbler at 70, guys awful calling spooked him off after 30 mins
  3. 5:30 some people came in on an atv and made the worst yelps I’ve ever heard, bird shut right up. Awesome
  4. Got set at 5, just heard first two gobbles
  5. Assume all ticks have Lyme in NY, get some DOXY. mix up your own permethrin for under $1 a bottle
  6. I just bought an avian x decoy, this thing is sweet. going out Friday am
  7. Birds went straight to woods off roost, we looped them and got them to 50 yards but couldn’t see them before they lost interest. They were hammering this am!
  8. 3 gobblers came to 100 this am in PA, they worked off the other way but sitting tight. Same three my son missed last week.
  9. Absolutely not, it’s all he talks about, he’s ready to go again.
  10. Been a crazy busy week. Saturday got my son out for youth Turkey in PA while I was sick as a dog and really didn’t want to go. I’ve never called in a male bird and only have been trying for two years. Anyways we get set up in the hedge row between both fields with a Jake and hen decoy at 5:15. At 5:50 three gobblers start going off right where we thought they’d bee 400 or so yards off. at about 6:00 i start calling and their responding. 6:20 I can tell their on the ground but then they shut up. 6:55 I see them enter our field all three strutting with two hens. 7:10 looks like their leaving and we think about making a circle around the property. As soon as we get the gun and unloaded and to the edge of the hedge row I see their fans again coming up our way. 7:30 their coming in slowly and finally see our decoys. two toms perk right up and go right after the Jake decoy. POW, my son missed at 25 yards and they flew off back to the roost area. we both had an AWESOMe Time, first time Near strutters for the both of us. Wont forget this one anytime soon.
  11. Had three birds screaming at 5:45 this am for my son in PA this morning. Eventually all 3 Tom’s and two hens came into our setup at about 7:30. Two Tom’s presented a 25 yard shot when they attacked our Jake decoy, and whifffffff right over its head. That was mine and his first time calling Turkeys in. They are incredible in person!
  12. Link doesn't work for me.
  13. 1911 is gonna get old carrying real fast IMO, the sig P938 and P238 excellent options in that style.
  14. Yes, work boots are always 40% off but its another 10% off right now on those too. So $15.90 comes off in the cart.
  15. You need the pro account or ID.me verification I guess. $7 comes off in the cart
  16. Anyone looking for a decent scouting/bow season waterproof boot, KEEN is running 60% off water proof hiking boots then another 10% off in your cart. I got a pair of Targhee 3's for $63 (usually $170) and a pair of Durand EVOs for $76 (usually $210). I believe you need a Pro account or have an ID.me account. sale ends 4/1
  17. This lake has some crappie and perch. I generally target the gills here though cause their so plentiful and clean. Not to mention perfect eating size. I only had two small ones I returned to the water.
  18. Near my pa huntin spot about 14” ice no snow
  19. We’ve been doin pretty good here!
  20. Got my son a few things, coat for $15, a base layer hoodie with mask for $12. And a bonus box of .308.
  21. Awesome. Book has been ordered, and UBT joined!
  22. I'm getting a pup later this week, Its a beagle and I'm thinking about getting into tracking with him. Does anyone have any advice or things i should get/read? right now I've been scouring though forums and YouTube videos. He will be named Koda and my plan would be to get licensed and help other hunters in NYS if all goes good. I had a dog as a kid, but this will be MY first dog.
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