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  1. He was, eye was punctured. Small amount of dried puss near it. No other issues beside the droopy ear. Weighed 187 dressed.
  2. Shot this one Morning of Nov 3 at 9:30. While going after the top buck.
  3. Pretty cool photos from Nov 2 and Feb 1. Amazing the neck size difference. Photos are about 400 yards apart. Main target for next year and hopefully can find his sheds when its time. Snow picture is 30 yards from where I have a bow stand and shot my PA buck this year just about where he's standing, I also have a stand in the top spot, major rut travel routes.
  4. PA just now, still holding
  5. Many people were hunting this deer for a few years, his velvet photo is incredible, I've only seen it, don't have the photo.
  6. I believe 2 buck tags will always damage the hunting here more than any season length. Pa has an extended season, heck pretty much every state does that has big and good hunting.
  7. He only has a mentored youth permit, which means now he has to have a class there also after 3 years participating and being 12.
  8. do no cheap out on the windshield. The cheap ones scuff and look like shit after a couple months. We hated polaris ranger, love the cam am.
  9. DEC already said this hunt has nothing to do with reducing the population.
  10. Maybe, my kid just turned 12 so i gotta have him take the safety class and we will get out. Every though he's shot 4 deer and many small game animals in PA lol.
  11. this is the first time I went out, I didn't hear another shot or see another person beside my hunting partner the last day. Deer were acting like they do in bow season again completely normal.
  12. I hope they don't, it didn't really change how many deer id shoot, just made me want to save a tag for it. I actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Probably because of the near perfect weather.
  13. Cold water bluegills and perch are phenomenal, a pain to clean tho. Crappies and walleyes close second.
  14. Elk backstrap, a friend had some and prepared it, blew deer out of the water.
  15. Took 4 doe in Ny off 3 properties, got a nice buck in PA. Son got a big doe youth hunt pa. Dad got a small buck. Good year, not my best but freezer is full and we gave some meat to people, and had a damn good time doing it.
  16. Sat all day just to wiff on a doe at 4:30. Knicked the blind. No hair no blood followed tracks a long ways just in case.
  17. 0% chance of rain… non stop rain since 8am lol
  18. After last evenings wet hunt I pulled my breech plug and emptied the gun. Ran a few dry patches and reloaded this am with fresh pellets, saved old ones for range. Can the sabots be reused? Or should I keep those for range too.
  19. Decided to go to mY blind cause it’s still drizzling here. Bout 10 deer in the field on my way in. They didn’t even move. Bout 200 yards from me. Semi urban area.
  20. Gonna hustle to the blind around 315 this evening for the last 2 hours, never shot a deer with a muzzleloader so anything is is in danger the next few days.
  21. Yeah I've been just going to PA, or shipping it to buddies house in PA. One thing I have noticed, is the shelves are full of ammo now in NY so I'm not the only one.
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