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  1. No, still just a violation. But theirs game and hunting laws they can add on such as no orange.
  2. He had no use of it, I’m happy we put him down. No way he was surviving.
  3. Been out at pa camp all weekend, a guy shot an 8 this am in our party, another guy saw an injured button or shed buck last evening and since I Have my son with me we decided to set up on him this evening. 1:51 he dropped him.
  4. Too late for this year, make a natural blind with some wood like others said.
  5. had that issue with core lokts last year in .243, 6 outa a box wouldn't fire with a browning or cva single shot. All i use in all my hunting guns now is Hornaday as I've yet to have a misfire with them, but any company is subject to a bad batch. id contact them and see if they'll take a look.
  6. That is correct, you can just wear an orange hat.
  7. I've never had a strap loosen. interesting. something to keep in mind though.
  8. One of our guys just got a doe, another girl missed one. Deer everywhere this am.
  9. Buddy shot a pa doe, the 3 others ran 150 yards right to me and I had to yell at them to get them to stop, took a head on 80 yard shot with the .308, she went 50. She’s a hog. Having some sticks made, donating the rest to property owners employees at the business he owns.
  10. One guy at camp got a nice 8, seen tons of doe and a few other small bucks.
  11. Taking today off from the woods, heading to PA camp. I only have a doe tag but might take my son out a few times. Theirs still a 140” 10 running around and multiple 120 class deer.
  12. Majority of my deer are 7s, and not far from the pa border.
  13. This was out in 7p, first time out there this year.
  14. Heading to my dads for a morning hunt, he’s gonna sit in his stand where I shot my first deer, I’ll walk another 300 yards and sit where I shot my first buck. Happy thanksgiving all.
  15. Yup, trust me, I spoke to him advising him of his options! Lol
  16. Buddy stacked a few today from my stand, he’s lucky I let him have it lol. I saw a few doe but pretty far off I wasn’t riskin it. side note, a friend killed a 140 class buck and I’m doing the euro right now. This deer is OLD. 205 lbs dressed.
  17. Asked for a shoulder mount like this one I found on the Internet, he is giving me the skull so i can clean it myself and saving the claws for my son, he wants to make necklaces.
  18. Been cutting up deer all day, and pressure washing deer/coyote skulls. Got dads buck up and skinned, loving these temps. Can let the meat hang for a few days.
  19. I can’t explain this year, been one for the record books for us. Thankful to be able to help some local families out with some meat.
  20. Sounds dead, good luck! Meat will be fine over night.
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