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So this year I decided to nut up and buy a bag of tall tines tuber. Did the prep work needed last fall turned over the soil let it sit till early spring turned it over again and roughed it up one last time before seeding.


I didn't spray and still dont have much in terms of weeds. The plot is small maybe 20 yards wide by 50 yards long. It seemed to germinate great and have been bringing in a few deer. I'll attach some pics, but anyway I got back home to see a lot burned up and was very disappointed by the progress it had made.


Well being that I didn't have a ton of time I worked up an area threw down some seed and we will see what grows. It was August 4th the last time I saw it and will be back to see it on the 24th so over the 20 days I'm hoping the old stuff started bouncing back and the new stuff took hold.


The photo with the tractor is when I worked it the first time this year.


Did I waste the rest of my $80 bag of seed? Lol6b04355d0b6caa2b44589c1540a5533b.jpgeb433cf888d1e960b4717eaf454877f6.jpg548dc742831625fb6af227f915134de0.jpgc5e74ca4cb494054b867a6f6d40d881a.jpg


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Did you do a soil test before planting? I'm still new to food plots but going into my second season with plots I've learned that soil health is the most important component of success. Taking the time to lime and fertilize almost ensure you don't waste your money on seed. 

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