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  1. Great post Larry. You and I are close in age. I too remember the deer drives in the early years of my hunting. Put on by old masters, who knew the land and the deer we hunted very well. Rarely was a standing deer shot. And we were all using smoothbore shotguns, with the lead pumpkin, foster slugs. At that time no one had a designated "deer gun". It was usually the same one used for small game, birds, varmints, and deer! But you knew that gun like family. And us youngsters happily dragged the deer for the old guys! When those old guys passed on, the deer drives never were the same for me. Oh we still did them! And quite successfully too! But without the old guys it just wasn't as much fun to me anymore. Then in the early 80s I found bow hunting. And that changed everything for me and my lifelong hunting partner. Now the game was to get CLOSE to deer, without them knowing you were there! And we caught on pretty quick. And the thrill was increased by seeing how close you could get, by stalking them! This was the period where I became a hunter. I learned so much from the deer themselves in those days. I was younger and stronger. Could hold motionless with a foot in the air, for as long as it took when caught moving. We didn't care how far we had to drag the deer, as long as we GOT the deer! We could draw and shoot our bows in one fluid movement. And we killed a bunch of deer in those years. Not many since have been as satisfying. Even though we killed bigger deer in the preceding years. As we got a little older, and had slightly more money to spend on hunting. We got rifled barreled shotguns, warmer camo clothing, and hang on tree stands. And we used all that to our advantage sure! But we still got on the ground and got our share of deer too. And sometimes even used a tractor to get a deer out, because it was faster. Because there was somewhere else we had to be, for work or family! As that had to take priority over hunting at times. Just as it is now for hunters with growing families. Then, about fifteen years ago we bought the first ATV. It was a huge help on the farm! And was great for putting up, and moving all those cheap new ladder stands for hunting too! Man we killed a bunch of our best bucks from those things! But I never really felt comfortable in them. Always felt better from the ground. I felt more connected to the deer I hunted from the ground. That thrill of being on their level, is most satisfying to me. It's when I enjoy hunting most. These last few years the injuries, and health issues came. I'm not ashamed to use a wheeler to help get a deer out and hung up. I may even use one to get up in the back, park it and walk, or stalk the last few hundred yards to my natural brush blind. Where I can still kill deer! It's all really just a natural progression. Nothing stays the same. I even stepped out of my comfort zone to do something different this year. Made a long cut in a bedding area that I knew would be the farthest shot I'd take on a deer. Made it work. And it felt great! I've learned to accept new things in hunting, while holding on to old ones. And still enjoying every minute of it all. We only have so many seasons in our lifetimes. Make the most of every one of em.
  2. Congratulations Brian! What a beautiful buck my friend! Sweet redemption is yours! Way to go!
  3. Before I did my own hand loading, it was Federal Premium 140g Nosler Ballistic Tip for 270. Recommended by a forum member, when I went to rifle from shotgun, a few years ago. Not cheap, but worth every cent! They shoot like lazers at the range, and just absolute devastating performance on deer! Never failed to go bang either, with hundreds of rounds down range from four different hunting rifles. Last winter I started hand loading my own 140g. 270 Nosler BTs and just improved the accuracy a bit. And terminal performance is just as devastating on the two mature bucks we shot this week! Also, using CCI primers in the hand loads. Every one so far, has gone bang when the firing pin hit.
  4. Yup! Getting to be that time of the year!! I was out today, putting up lights like Sparky Griswald!
  5. I really think it's awesome that you are so enthused about hunting!! And as you gain experience, and you will with each trip afield, you will have success. But deer hunting is not an instant gratification endeavor. I've known hunters that when years before their first deer kill. Patience, is the number one hunter virtue to learn. And I think it's among the hardest skill to acquire. Took me years to finally "get it". Take your time. See things. Don't just look at them. And the deer themselves will be the best teachers you will ever have. If you ever get around the Albany area, give me a shout. I'll be happy to take you out.
  6. Yeah... but you've only shot less than 300 rounds in your life.
  7. Hunting and the outdoors is a big part of what makes me who I am. I can't imagine life without it.
  8. Both bucks this year were shot from the ground. Been quite a few years since any deer I've killed, has been above the ground. #groundpounder
  9. Cynthia, if you found bone fragments, I'm 99% sure it was a leg hit. Definitely bullet could have gone to chest cavity before or after taking out the leg. Wish I felt a bit better, I would come down to help with a dog. Don't give up. That sounds like a dead deer. Sending luck. And thanks to Bill for being a great stand up guy, and hunter\sportsman.
  10. You never cease to amaze me with all that artistic talent, that just flows from you Matt! A very cool carving, that looks, a Rottweiler!!! You did a fantastic job buddy, and you made that customer so very happy! You sure have a way of doing that with people. As I smile every time I look at my Wooly Bear. Or anything else I have, that were made by your paws. Take care my friend. And give Mom a peck on the cheek for all of us!
  11. Heading up to skin and butcher the two bucks we have hanging in the barn. We've had a great season here so far. Got a couple of DMP's we can fill. Will put the priority on helping some young hunters get something now. That is if they can pry themselves away from their "busy" schedules! My grandson seems to be losing interest unfortunately. More interested in sports and girls right now.
  12. Hunting partner Gary, got it done tonight! Nice buck but one side broke off. He didn't notice it before the shot, just saw the right side and didn't have a lot of time to study him. He wasn't having much luck in his primary spot. So I suggested the oak ridge blind. It's been hot this year! I shot my crossbow buck there, and seen some nice buck after that there too, while looking to shoot a doe. I even have a picture of his buck taken with both sides of his rack! Taken on my phone while hunting there. Three year old dressed 160lbs. Came in to check out does that were eating acorns near by. And snort wheezed. At a small buck that was there too! Pretty exciting hunt for him! We were texting back and forth. I was telling him the last hour was gonna be good there, and it was. Picture I took of the deer a couple of weeks ago while sitting the same blind. Might need to blow it up, but he's in there.
  13. Well I had some firsts today. Not very often that happens to a guy my age. Longest shot ever on a deer..170 yards. First deer killed with a cartridge that I made myself. First deer killed from a ground blind that I didn't build myself. Here's the story... As some of ya know, I've been dealing with a health issue for awhile now. Last night something came up. Called my doc, he said Stay Home and Rest! Call back if it gets worse...blah...blah...blah. It's deer season! I don't wanna be home! I was miserable all morning. I said screw it! I'm going hunting! My wife is still not very happy with that decision. But I am!! So I slowly gather up my stuff, not feeling too good, get dressed and head out around noontime. But smiling all the way up from home to the hill! Get up to the farm, and my partner Gary and I discuss how little deer movement we've been seeing. And the very few shots heard in our area. He was out this morning and saw nothing in his best spot! We both know the deer are here, still fresh sign popping up, and it's only a matter of time, just stick to our spots! So instead of going to the oak ridge where the doe are feeding. I decided to go back to the 'cut blind' between two bedding areas. (I posted a thread about this spot last week) I was pretty sure at least one if not both of my target bucks used this area, as I'd seen both of them in there the last two years after my buck tag was punched. As well as bow sightings with no shots. And I have seen a two year old buck, and some doe both Saturday and yesterday, during some cold sits. So down I go, again slowly. Get settled in about one, and thankfully, it's much warmer today, with a slight drizzle falling. NW wind quartering in my face. And it just felt great to be there!!! And not home being miserable! Nothing at all until about two thirty, when I see a doe running left to right at the top of the cut 214 yards away. I wonder why she's running? A few minutes later three doe bust out of the left side about 175 yards away, stop briefly look back, and shoot to the other side. Almost immediately two more bust out and do the same thing! Now I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I KNEW a buck would be coming, from the way they were acting. Sure enough about two minutes later he bounds out, and in one leap he's in the middle of the brush in the center of the cut! I saw he was a shooter right away, but had no shot through the brush he was standing in. So I flipped off the safety and waited for him to cross to the other side of the cut. But he did the opposite! One leap and he was back where he came from to the left, of the cut. WTH?? Heartbreak! Then I could see him there, but again no shot, too much brush. (He did this as I found out after the shot, because a small buck was there and he was running him off.) So now he decides to persue the doe and jumps back into the cut at 170 yards. I literally yell BAAAHHH ! He skids to a stop, instantly I find him in the scope, and fire my 270 handload to him! All this from seeing him bust out the first time, to the shot, happened in like 30 seconds! At the shot I thought I saw him flinch? Then he was gone to the right side of the cut. It happened so darn fast I immediately thought I'd rushed the shot. And knew he was out a ways too, for me anyways. And I was doubting myself, saying what did I just do? I'm usually very calm, and I was all through this, until after the shot! I was pretty sure it was my #2 buck!! I was pretty sure I hit him!! But where? Then a two year old buck steps out where mine did and starts walking up away from me, at the same time another real nice buck runs down from the top! Both run the direction the doe's took. Now I'm shaking! I call Gary, he says he'll be right down with a wheeler. So I stayed put until he got there, and went over everything. Now it's going on 3:30 do we walk down to see if we can find blood before dark. I found where he skidded to a stop and found hair! And then some bright blood just a few feet away! Followed a so, so blood trail into the nastiest brush and thorn thicket for a little bit until Gary turns around and says congratulations, nice buck! He only went 50 yards or so. Perfect double lung and nicked heart with bullet fragments! I was so happy as I walked over, put my hands on him and gave thanks to God and my native woods spirits. Now the work began. I knew he was a good size buck, but I knew I couldn't do much or I'd be on the way to the ER. But did what I could to help Gary. We did it one step and pull, one more step rest, then pull again. He kept getting wrapped up in the vines, thorns and thick brush. But we finally got him out to the cut. I wouldn't let Gary field dress him. My buck, my job! No way we could get him on the wheeler so just dragged him to my truck where Garys SIL came to help get him in. Then from there to be hung in the barn. Again surprised when the scale read 193 lbs. We don't have huge racks like some areas of the state with our clay and rock soil. But we do get some heavy bucks! I've killed two bucks over 200lbs here over the years. When I first saw this buck with the little crab claw two years ago, he was at least a two year old. We were soaked from sweat and the constant drizzle. But I haven't felt this good in a while! Pretty sore now though. But I'll be good enough to go up and help skin and butcher him tomorrow. None of us know how many hunting seasons we have left. But I know it's times like this that keep me going back to the deer woods. And when it's time for me to stop, I'll have memories of days like today, to bring a smile to this old hunters face. To the blind from where he was shot. Up in center of pic. 170 yards.
  14. Thanks Brian. You are the one who made it possible for me to have that rifle my friend. It's my dream rifle. We've both killed deer with it, so that makes it extra special, just like our friendship. My second buck with it. And it sure does love my handloads!
  15. I got some firsts today! I will post the story in the harvest thread. I know some have been waiting for pic's My #2 buck.193# dressed, 4 maybe even 5 year old 9 point, 170 yard shot. So happy! But pretty sore from getting him out. Thanks to my lifelong hunting partner Gary! And please don't any of ya breath a word of this to my doc!
  16. Sitting out today at home. Drs. orders. Sucks! And I'm miserable. Hopefully back out tomorrow.
  17. Another day in the woods. Still very little going on here. Saw four doe. No bucks. Very few shots heard.
  18. Forgot to wish you good luck yesterday John. Good luck out there today!
  19. Best of luck to ya girl! All that good karma from yesterday is sure to pay off for you! A tip of the old hunting cap to you for doing the right thing yesterday. You certainly have some grit!
  20. Up and headed back to the cut blind. Early on I have a couple particular bucks I'm looking for. I'm fairly certain they are still in this area. As time goes by, perhaps I will be less particular? We'll see how it all pans out. Good luck to all heading out on this cold morning! Keep safe. Shoot straight.
  21. What a wonderful program! Congratulations to the new hunters, and a huge thumbs up to all the mentors. Bob, your commitment to this program is beyond awesome! Thank you!
  22. Very slow around here with no close shots heard. First light had a two year old buck cross the cut. He got a pass. Came out at noon for some hot chocolate to warm up. Back in at one till dark, saw two doe just feeding in the cut. And they were never bothered by a buck?? Back out again in the morning. Will be another cold one. Hopefully the action will pick up? Congratulations to all the hunters that got deer today!!