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  1. Coyotes can be hunted, called, and killed during daylight hours too. And with a deer rifle you already have.
  2. I'm all in for the new DEC plan!! Long overdue. Take back the common sense role of deer management, from know nothing, big city politicians.
  3. Been awhile since I checked in to this thread. My quest to shoot a certain mature buck has not worked out yet. No shots taken. I have seen deer most every sit though. And passed a couple two year old bucks, that I may, or may not regret shooting? It has so far been a challenge, but I am enjoying the zig and zag games we are playing, and the all or nothing, of hunting a particular deer or two for the first time ever. As I get older, I have been wanting to do this. Sooo, we have two very nice mature bucks on the property. And decided this is the year. They are winning so far. But I'm cool with that. Still have a couple weekends to hunt. Perhaps I'll get lucky? Perhaps I'll lower my standards? Perhaps I'll stick to my standards, and end up with a tag in my pocket for the first time in many years? Who knows? But I am enjoying the season and the chase so far! I may even try to go back into the Pine Bush with my bow, to see if I can get redemption on that buck, that I had a close encounter with a few weeks ago? It's all good! I'm living my motto of "Shoot what you like. Like what you shoot". Congratulations to all of you who have gotten deer down! Every one of em is a trophy!!!
  4. All the best to ya, and Happy Birthday sir!
  5. Congratulations Brian! Nice buck! You trying to get your nose to look like mine?........
  6. Took the day off yesterday, back at em again this morning. I've been seeing deer most every sit! But just not the ones I've been hoping to see. Maybe it's time to be less selective? IDK? Best of luck to all heading out! Nice buck Savagehunter! Congratulations!
  7. Thanks Larry! Been wanting a new call for the last couple of years. Have heard nothing but good things about these calls. And a little Moho-mojo may just be what I'm looking for!
  8. My wife is already preparing the huge traditional feast. She is an exceptional cook. One of the reasons I married her all those years ago. We usually have a housefull of family, inlaws, and outlaws, but cut way back this year. Just son, and daughter in law, two grandsons, and my wifes mom. That's seven of us. I don't want King Andy to come knocking on my door.
  9. Awsome pictures Chris! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the elk hunting!
  10. Congratulations to Jay on a well deserved, awesome buck!!! And a HUGE thank you to you Greg, for making it all possible. You sir are the true definition of an unselfish sportsman and friend.
  11. Have a couple things that need to be done here at home this morning. Then will head up to the farm around noon. Will hunt the bedding area cut, where yesterday, I saw 13 different flatheads. But not one buck? Kinda strange I thought. But plenty of buck sign around to keep me going back. Good luck to all hunting today! Congratulations to all who got it done yesterday! You all did great! Especially Turkey feathers, tree guy's dad, and Zeek!!!!
  12. Congratulations to all who got it done today!! Some fine looking bucks and doe's!!! Very quiet day for me. Saw two deer all day. Very few shots close by, so I'm probably not the only one locally to have a slow day? Little less wind tomorrow, and from a different direction. So maybe things will pick up? We'll see.
  13. Congratulations! Nice buck!
  14. So sorry wolc on the loss of your friend. Sending heartfelt condolences. RIP Joe.
  15. Good luck chef, I hope you get on him this morning. Good luck to you all, and keep safe out there!
  16. I hope to see you in a picture with him Jay!!! It would blow this forum to smithereens! Good luck buddy.
  17. Looks to be a great bow Brian! I know it will shoot great in your hands!
  18. I think you have a very sound plan Brian, stick with it. Good luck. My spot tomorrow, will be a very thick bedding area that we made a cut into last year. During gun season, I've found that hunting the thicker areas as opposed to open areas, is much more productive.