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  1. How about the 7mm/08 die set? I'd be interested in that one.
  2. Well, certainly you guys get a tip o the hat too!!! Hopefully as more time goes by, we'll see more of us getting together!
  3. I applaud you guys for having the first HNY, GTG since Covid began! I know you'll have a great time, with lots of laughs! Take lots of pictures to share with us! Way to go guys!
  4. You have a valid point my friend!
  5. Is this the third or fourth year, you have a secret AJ bro crush Biz???
  6. Wasn't the PA chest girth measurement around back in 1988?
  7. This parody is so true. Seems like no matter what you do or say these days, you offend someone, somewhere. Even with no malice intended.
  8. Wow! That is really cool.
  9. I am still active as a NYS Bowhunting Instructor. As well as our sportsmans club archery chairman. I hope to never appear to be a bowhunting snob. In fact I encourage all to hunt with whatever you like, as long as it's legal. I do hope though, that at some point, it will be mandatory to have to have the Bowhunter certification to hunt with crossbow. As an arrow, and black powder bullet, kill in different ways. IMO....This crossbow debate is pointless. It is already legal to hunt with one. What's the big deal??? Who really cares what hunting implement is easier to hunt with??? Or when you hunt with it?? Not me. Hunt with what you like. Let others do the same. It's all still just hunting.
  10. Had a great day on Saratoga Lake. Put a bunch of LM bass in the boat. A light chop, made boat position a bit harder, fishing main lake structure. But it also helped with the bite.
  11. Heading out to Saratoga Lake for some LM action, with my old neighbor. He let's me hunt his property, for the price of one fishing trip each year. Great guy. We always have a bunch of fun and laughs. Will come back later to let ya know how we did.
  12. We've lost a truly good man, singer, song writer, and performer in Charlie Daniels. He was All American. Did so much for our military and veterans. I've seen him in concert many times, over many years, and it was always a great show. Grew up with his songs blasting on the 8 track from my truck stereo. Sang and played his songs in countless dives, and around so many campfires. RIP Mr. Charlie Daniels. Thanks for all the memories sir.
  13. Welcome back PREDATE!!! Nice to see you back on here again!!! Hope the finger is healing up well?
  14. I've probably been bow hunting, longer than you've been alive. My bow is still my first love. Nothing will ever give me the thrill I get, from taking a deer with my bow. But.....I like hunting with a crossbow a few days a season too! Nothing wrong with it. To each their own. No one says YOU have to use a crossbow! Are you afraid a crossbow hunter will shoot YOUR deer??? If so, become a better bow hunter. C'mon man..... you can do better with a first post.
  15. Been years and years since I drank enough to get a hangover. I rarely drink alcohol at all anymore. And when I do, only one or two drinks. Lost my little brother last week to the bottle. So I've seen first hand the pain it causes, when taken too far.
  16. HuntingNY, my overwhelming favorite. Some of the friends I've made here are really awesome. Not to mention outstanding hunters and outdoorsman.
  17. Happy Birthday Paula!!!! Happy Birthday Goosifer!!!! Enjoy your special day to the maxx!!!!
  18. Hi Oliver! You are going to be best buds with a little girl, who loves you already!! So nice you found your forever home. Welcome to the family!
  19. Nothing will change for me. I hope to shoot at least one buck, three years old or older. And perhaps one other deer.
  20. The one dog tried to stay with the hunters! Smart dog!
  21. Hope all goes well for you Greg.
  22. 58 years huh? Your selective hearing must be fine tuned to a razors edge! Congratulations to you and your lovely bride!