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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see it all finished off with mounts and everything!
  2. After reading this article, I have an axe to grind.........
  3. "Now son, always trust your nose, and His eyesight, it will give you the edge!!! Great picture!!!
  4. I look forward to seeing him in pinstripes. He grew up a huge Yankee, and Derek Jeter fan. The right field porch in Yankee stadium, will be a target for his much needed lefty bat. A good trade in my opinion.
  5. Still a bit early for hard antler at the end of July. But hey, anything's possible?? With all that has been going on in my life this year, I too am not really feeling the hunting bug yet. Also thinking of starting later this year. Waiting until mid to late October. Want to start trapping early this year, and honestly the early season is pretty slow around the farm the last few years. When I do go, it will be more for scouting than hunting. And from a distance, to not burn up our good spots until the big boys get on their feet more. But we will see...... going to put some cams out soo
  6. Happy Birthday dbHunterNY!!! Happy Birthday Salmon_Run!!! Hope you guys have all the good stuff today!!!
  7. Opening of The Academy shows that hunting will be here soon! Great bunch out there in WNY. Didn't any of you tell the new guy, "you don't release, the release"???
  8. Buyers beware!!! Scam alert!
  9. Joined three hours ago. Made three posts, in three seperate threads trying to sell Reveal cams. Buyers Beware! Buy from an established member like phade.
  10. Hate to be that way, but you are absolutely right! Everyone should be aware of scammers that have come to this forum.
  11. Slick Trick Standard, and Muzzy MX4 are very, very similar in design. Muzzys cost less, and fly very well for me. And I assume the Slick Trick heads would perform very good too.
  12. I don't have a Vortex yet..... I recently mounted one for a young man, and was pretty dang impressed with it.
  13. Got a buddy from Summit, on Hicks Rd. Nice area up there! Some nice bucks running the ridges in those parts! Congrats on the new place, and wishing you well during deer season! You are just a short drive out I-88 from me!
  14. I too say same buck, just a year older. Nice buck! Try to see to it he has no more birthdays Rob!!
  15. Nancy Polosi is, and was, the 'Most Senior Person' in charge of staffing the Capital Police. There were several calls for more officers, and even National Guard troops, before, and during, January 6th by on the ground Capitol Police. Why were these calls ignored??? The Capitol police were wronged more by their own administrators, and Polosi herself, than by anyone stepping foot in the capitol that day. Why would Ms. Polosi choose to turn a blind eye to repeated requests for back up at the capitol building before, and during, January 6th??? That certainly is a question that Madam Speaker will n
  16. He looks like such a good boy in the pictures??
  17. Muzzy MX 4. Four blades, shoots fantastic, and the blades are replaceable. My bow is set up at just under 50lbs. Getting plenty of penetration with this set up.
  18. I'm astounded at that kind of antler growth at only two years old!!
  19. Zeiss Conquest is the best scope I have used in the deer woods. Congrats on the new gun!!!
  20. Muzzy MX 4 ! They shoot great, and four blades! NAP thunderheads are really good too.
  21. Crazy how big they are!!! Just curious, so I'll ask what was the biggest buck you ever had on your property in inches? Over 300"?? Pretty cool I'll bet to watch em grow!
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