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  1. Great set of informative video's! I look forward to watching them all. Nice work!
  2. Ahhh.......I remember Jarts well!! A heavy steel spike, tossed high into the air by adults consuming lots of beer, with kids running everywhere! Was so much fun back in the "good ol days" !!
  3. Congratulations on the sale Brian. Time now, to make some lifelong memories in the new place!
  4. You've been close Jay. I see you holding a nice gobbler very soon my friend.
  5. Be 65 this month. Been through a bunch of medical stuff. My wife too. Just taking it one day at a time. Every day is a good day! God will decide when it's time to go home. For now, I got stuff to do!!
  6. I do indeed sir. I guess the point I was trying to make, is that there are many, young and older. Who may not be able to draw the minimum weight poundage for a bow in NYS. This thread, along with the many others like it over the years here, will seldom change others stance on the crossbow debate. Just keeps running over the same old ground. At this point if it passes fine. If not that's fine too. This could be the first year of me not hunting with my bow. If the law stays as is, perhaps I will buy a better camera to take out "hunting" for early bow season??
  7. I've been shooting bows since before you were born. And now can't draw 55lbs. On a real good day, I can draw 50lbs!!
  8. Loved the video!!! Great job, keep em coming!
  9. Great teamwork Cynthia and Bill ! Trophy gobbler! Congratulations Cynthia!
  10. You've had a great morning so far my friend! Only thing missing is a long beard!
  11. Beautiful trophy room! Got some really nice mounts in there!
  12. I too enjoyed the read. Thanks!
  13. Absolutely nuts, the prices of EVERYTHING!!! And sadly enough, this isn't even the worst of it yet...............
  14. grampy

    fly casting

    This! I too, am far from being even a "good" fly caster. But......have found if I wade in just enough to have an open area behind me for my back cast. I can aim at up stream targets for my limited casting distance. And mend the line coming back to me.
  15. What if I stashed one in your shed???
  16. Not sure Biz?? If I were closer, I'd pick em up after work tonight!
  17. That is a beautiful Henry, befitting of a Retired fire fighter as yourself Larry.
  18. My older eyes prefer a scope for the best accuracy now days. If I had to choose between the Henry's pictured above, I'd pick the Frontier. Those sights will line up pretty good.
  19. Very nice rig! One less hole digger to worry about!
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