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  1. Tell J I said Hi!!! He will do just fine doing whatever he sets his mind to!!! He got to be quite the bass fisherman a few years ago!!! Learned all on his own too!!! Very intelligent, and personable, the sky is his limit!
  2. Happy Birthday Eddie! All the best to ya sir!
  3. Congratulations to you, and the young hunter Leland. The lad will remember this day forever. And hopefully one day, he will pass on what you gave him. This, is what its all about.
  4. Is the bottom picture trespassers?
  5. Glad to see ya getting ready for the season!!! Hope it's your best ever my friend. Alfalfa will stay green well into November. As long as it's green, it will be drawing in deer.
  6. Wishing you well, and a speedy recovery!! Listen to your doc's! You'll be good as new!
  7. We have a good number of bears here. I'm no expert. Have never shot one, though have had many opportunities. Ears appear small. Pretty thick through the shoulders, and a bit of a hump. Short looking legs. Very rounded rump. All say mature bear. Mid 300s easy. Best of luck on the hunt my friend.
  8. grampy


    Absolutely beautiful pictures Larry!! Are you doing any gold panning?? Keep us up to date on this awesome adventure! Mrs grampy and I are thinking of doing something similar to this. Will PM ya when you get back for some info if ya don't mind?
  9. Strange year here too. We are getting a couple decent bucks on camera. But in spots where we have never gotten them before at this time of year. Will get the other cams out on the farm this weekend. That will tell us more.
  10. DEC over the last few years, has made some good common sense changes to game and fish laws. These changes included.
  11. Another happy Trigger Stick user here. Good luck with yours. I think you'll like it.
  12. grampy

    Big one

    Trophy walleye! Congrats to her!! That beats my PB of 28" caught from the Mohawk River, by alot!
  13. I'll take fall highs in the 30s and 40s, and lows in the teens and 20s. Over the heat and humidity of summer. Fall is by far my favorite season.
  14. Thinking of you, and keeping you in our prayers Cynthia.
  15. We did get a little bit of rain yesterday Paul. But not what we needed. Saw today,that the seeds did germinate! All the hay fields are brown. Even the big swamp is dry as a bone! Not sure how all this will effect the deer movement? But we are still seeing deer. Even some decent bucks. But not where we usually do this time of year. Guess time will tell?
  16. Keep doing what you're doing!!! It's working well for ya!!!
  17. I'll pass on the Thousand Island and the Russian, to take Italian every time.
  18. Kinda difficult to put barnboard siding on a ladder stand! The topic here is ladderstand skirts. All ya really need to do is just break up your outline a bit.
  19. Sweet looking set up's there my friend!!!
  20. Never seen it so dry. But put in a mixed bag last week.
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