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  1. That is spooky for sure!!! What the heck!!
  2. I'm still getting pop up adds here. The only one who can make changes here is burmjohn. And he hasn't been around in quite some time unfortunately. Who knows why?
  3. I have an MQ32 down in my hunting room I bought in 2000. Still shoots just fine! Though I haven't taken it out hunting in a couple years. The bow I have been toting is an Obsession Phoenix that I bought from Moog.
  4. Looks to be very healthy and eating good!
  5. I would say he's likely a four year old. Would score in the mid 120's and dress out around 185 lbs. A beautiful buck by all accounts! Hope you het a crack at him this fall! That would be epic!
  6. Any pic's with you and the deer??
  7. I'm tongue tied over this topic.........
  8. Is there a website we can go to to view the deer breeding and upkeep of these freaks?
  9. I honestly don't understand the venom being thrown at members here who just choose to be on multiple forums?? When YOU are the biggest detriment to this, or any other forum with your bragging about nothing posts. Because YOU are just a poser, who needs to come here for an audience to boost your fragile ego. I figured you out long ago. I've mentored kids who in "real life" are twice the hunter you CLAIM to be. Anytime you want to go head to head with me in the woods, in any capacity, you give me a call! I will wait for your lame response for a good laugh Mayor Poser. How many others here watch only one TV channel? Listen to only one radio station? Never use FB, Google, or any other online medium?? This is 2024! Everyone goes from place to place! What's the big deal about me or anyone else, being a member of multiple forums?? I have been a member here for a long freakin time!! I don't come here to disparage this place!! And I NEVER have! I add content in a thoughtful manner. Unlike a certain AH member here does!! So now, other longtime members who I've respected for years, are calling me out because I am on another forum??? Look back at my content over the years I've been here!! I have been nothing but supportive and added positive posts to this place! I am not the absentee owner who ripped off members of this site! And who refuses to help out his own moderators in any way. With even a simple E-Mail! Or could give two craps about this place!!! I actually care! You couple who want to see me leave for making a free choice, can go pound salt! I am every bit as much a member here as you are! I will stay a member here to the end! I have done nothing to be banned! I will continue to post in a positive way! Just like I always have! If I am to be banned for speaking my mind here, then there are a couple others who should be as well for speaking theirs! This is all so childish and needless. Get over it!
  10. There are still some good people here that I'd hate to lose contact with, should this site suddenly disappear. I have no idea why Burmjohn will not contact his loyal moderators?? They are the one's keeping the flame alive for now. I have been a member here for years. And will stay and contribute to the end. Not to be disparaging to this site. But there is another NY site. And ALL are welcome should you choose to check it out.
  11. That's about right. But no set pace. Depends some on how far ahead you can see. Wind? Rain? Snow? Open hardwoods? Hemlocks? Swamp edges? You take in the conditions. Remember.....if you think you're moving too slow. Move slower!!! That was the best advice I ever got. This is different from big woods tracking. Where you are on a track, and can move much faster at times. Still hunting is moving slowly through the woods, trying to see deer that may or may not be there. And before they see you. You definitely get better with practice. The amount of tail flags you see, will be a gauge in how well you are doing. Sorry to the OP. I didn't mean to get off topic.
  12. Yes, because being it was usually too cold to sit for very long, they were mostly still hunters. I was told many times, "if you think you're going too slow. Go slower!! Keep your head up, and your eyes open! Look for movement, like an ear or tail twitch. You won't usually see a whole deer. Pick the woods apart before you move again!" They wore no camo. Just the clothes they worked in. Mostly overalls with Long John's. Layers of flannel. And always those thin green rubber boots!! There were always folks dropping by to gab and admire the deer hung in an oak or maple tree in their front yards. To this day I prefer a still hunt over sitting in a stand. But do both now depending on conditions. This was mostly done on large farm properties. Corn and hay fields, with many woodlots, sized from a few acres, to perhaps a couple hundred acres. With ridges and creek bottoms and some swamps for topography. Usually the last weekend of the season they would do still-drives. Which was when you walk very slowly, with the wind at your back, to poster's on the other end. The drivers would be staggered. Many times the drivers got deer that were circling back from a forward driver. This all was done with usually only 4 or 5 hunters. Of course there were favorite sitting spots as well. Always in some form of funnel or pinch point. To this day we still hunt some of those spots. And still see deer more often than not from them. One of the farmers had a son about my age. We rode the same school bus together. We have been lifelong friends. And together, own and hunt his family farm. We have around 750 acres available to us. And love to roam some of the same ground those old farmers did. Most of the farms are now gone. But we still have a few beef cattle and assorted other critters to take care of. All the original farmers have long since passed on. We are now the old guy's. And we're proud to have kept, and passed along many of the old traditions and ways. We both have kids, and grandkids who hopefully will carry on from us.
  13. My grandmother was full blood Cherokee, raised on the reservation. From a very young age, I knew I had to hunt. It was something deep inside my soul, and still is. I would go with her every summer to visit our relatives down in NC. From my great uncles, and others, I learned some early skills. I never had a father that hunted. But the old farmer I worked for since age 12, at the end of our road did! He and his buddies took me under their wing, and got me started deer hunting. I'd already began small game hunting on my own. They were very successful hunters, and killed deer every year, back when deer numbers were nothing like today! I carry with me the traditions and memories from those younger days, each time I hunt. It's what made me who I am today. Now that I've put a half century of deer seasons behind me. I'm most proud of not the deer I've killed myself. But the many young hunters I've mentored, as I passed the torch that was given to me. So that one day they will pass it along as well. The fire from that torch, still burns hot within me. That completes the circle.
  14. It's ALL just hunting! From the hunter who just wants to put any deer in their freezer. To one that passes multiple bucks, looking for "the one" or anything in between. We are all individuals. With different asperations and goals. Different priorities, and amounts of time, that can be given to hunting. One should never feel superior, or lesser, because of what they choose to hunt!! And one should NEVER as a sportsman, put themselves above, anyone else because of how they choose to hunt!! It's as simple as that. It does not have to be a big argument. Or a condemnation of others, because they hunt a different way, or hold a different view. I stayed out of the thread that was closed. I don't want to start pointing fingers here either. But it was closed because of one person. The detriment of that thread was not the thread itself. But someone with a bigger opinion of themself than the opinion of those participating in that thread.
  15. A couple pounds of beef fat to every twelve pounds of venison. That works perfect for me.
  16. Great post!! I use Wiggwam and the heavy Smartwool for hunting. Very pleased with their performance. Both around $25 to 30 a pair. But well worth it.
  17. The anti gun, left wingers, know the best way to get guns out of our hands, is to not have ammunition for those guns. Pretty sad isn't it......
  18. The only thing negative about this site is YOU, Mayor Mc'Mullet. Always all just about YOU, isn't it? YOU add absolutely nothing of value here. Never have, in all the years I've been here. Just bragging and boasting. About all the things YOU make up. Pretty sad really. I truly pity YOU. I won't indulge YOU with anymore replies. It's the only thing that floats your boat, to make YOU feel better. Being the keyboard warrior and poser YOU are. I'm done responding to your nothingness. YOU have nothing, do nothing, are nothing. Have a nice life. Hope it gets better for ya. Flame on Mayor. Flame on. No one's listening.
  19. I still have my buck tag. Will be out tomorrow. If the right buck comes in, I'll fill it!
  20. NY black bears have been steadily increasing their range in recent years. Many areas not used to seeing bears, are now seeing them. A good thing for sportsmen and hunters.
  21. Having been on more than my share of bloodtrails, I can tell you no two are ever the same. Also, even under perfect conditions, things can and do happen. Not recovering a deer is the worst part of deer hunting. It happens to most all of us at one point or another. Hope the deer the OP shot makes it. About a 50\50 chance they survive a non vital, or non gut hit.
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