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  1. Happy Birthday Al !!!! Hope your day is filled up with all the good stuff!
  2. Congratulations on a great buck!!!! Good luck up in Maine!!!
  3. You don't represent me little mayor man......lol And you really don't represent anyone other than yourself. I will continue to post here whenever I please, just to toy with you. And contribute something meaningful, as I've always tried to do here. I'm still a member, same as you. Still some real good folks here, who I know YOU don't represent. So continue all your good work mayor.
  4. I have no idea what you're talking about little mayor man......lol Do you? I know you are always right. Right? And you get your wood from confrontation. Right? So you start going off on anyone who still posts here. Because you want members to stay here and make this a better place. Right? Makes perfect sense. Right? Maybe you should take the wood and rub it till it burns. Right?
  5. I can, and will, do whatever the hell I please! I don't, and never did, need you're approval for anything little man. Who voted you mayor over here?
  6. No reason for there to be competition between here and there. Everyone is free to come and go as they please. It's just that no new members can get on here anymore. I've been on here for years, and enjoyed it!!! But with no owner participation saw it just turn into a constant political bitch fest. Most everything posted turned political. That's not why I come to a hunting and outdoor forum. If I want to debate politics, there are more appropriate places to do so. As for cliques......I have made some friends for life from this place. Some are here, some are there, most go back and forth. Seems as if all of a sudden a member here is firing up his own clique??? Whatever..... It doesn't have to be that way at all.
  7. I've been visiting both places. For sure quieter here now. Still some good folks here.
  8. Congratulations to D! What an awesome buck!!! Looking forward to your pictures next phade!!
  9. Very hard to piece together the puzzle, from a couple pictures on a forum. And a somewhat confusing testimony. Also, many times what we "see" isn't exactly what is going on, with what the arrow did to the deer. Before we can try to help, some more information may be useful. What position was the deer standing at the shot? Quarter to slightly, or away? Complete broadside? You say the shot was quick. Was the deer alert to your grandson before he shot? Did you recover the arrow? What did it look like? Anything on it other than blood? Did you do a sniff test? Gut or liver will have a distinctive smell. Just looking at what you posted, and not being there. One can only make a guess. Though there is some blood, it's only about a pint total, that I can see. Deer have 7 or 8 pints in them, and you say he stopped bleeding. It does appear to have some small bubbles in the four pictures of the same pool. But again, hard to tell from a picture. He may have hit low and possibly clipped one lung? Deer can survive this, or die from it. I've seen both happen. After the rain tomorrow, definitely keep looking. For the deer. And hopefully more sign. Though with temps in the 60s and the deer was hit last night, the meat may be compromised? I truly hope your grandson can find his first buck. And really rooting for you to find him! Best of luck.
  10. He's probably still fairly close!! Hope he gets closer!!!
  11. I voted before coming to work. This is a very important election. Get out there and vote!!! We need the red wave to wash out the stink!!!
  12. I say dead deer Burt. The high hit with no exit wound will leave a sparse blood trail at first. But as the chest cavity fills up, he will start bleeding from his nose and mouth. Also from the arrow wound. Just to be sure give him at least four hours. You will likely find him where he crashed a hundred yards or less from where you last saw him.
  13. Congratulations to Culver! I hunted with him while out hunting with you. What an absolutely great guy!! So happy for him!! You are as unselfish as they come moog. And a top notch host my friend. Ok......you are up next! Best of luck to ya!
  14. Great point. That first shot at a deer will be with a cool barrel. I always want that first shot coming out exactly how I practiced it.
  15. Watching the sun rise on my deck in my underwear and a t shirt. Think today I will finish a project for Mrs grampy and get the ankle deep leaves out of my driveway and yard. Last two days haven't even seen a deer. But still showing up on the cams at night. Tomorrow looks like the wind swings around from the NNW. I'll be ready for that. Haven't used those stands yet all season!
  16. Way to go Paula! Determination gets results! Nice work!
  17. Wow!!!! Incredible Buck! Hope NonTypical can get back on to tell the story. I'll bet it's gotta be a good one! Congratulations NT !
  18. Playing the game with the bucks today. This morning I was on the other side of the farm when this young guy shows up ten yards from my natural ground blind on the oak ridge. So this afternoon I move over to that spot and see a couple doe's with fawns in tow. While a little spike harasses them. Then I get a picture of this shooter from where I was this morning! I guess that's why we call it hunting! But good thing is, they are out and about, even in these warm temps. I may just stumble into one at some point? Who knows?
  19. This just in. They are moving. Got a spot 10 yards from this camera. But I'm on the other side of the farm.
  20. On the way to work this morning, just ahead of me, a decent buck chased a doe and fawn into traffic. The fawn didn't make it. Tomorrow starts a four day weekend for me. Will be out as much as possible. This point in the season, anything can happen at anytime.
  21. Lee never left you Jay. He rides the wings of the spirit bird to greet you. Thankful, that you are his little brother. That you did what he wanted. Get out there and get that buck my friend. There was water in my eyes reading this. I have a very similar story too.
  22. 80 hunts and no deer? You need to reevaluate. Go back to the basics. Keep wind and thermals in YOUR favor. Always. SIT STILL!!! If you have to turn your head, or move at all, do it in super slow motion. If walking and stalking, and you think you are moving too slow? Move slower. Blend in with wherever you are hunting. Especially from the ground. Hunt where the deer are! Even on heavy pressure state land, there are certain spots where more deer will be than others. Find those spots! It may be harder to get there. But worth the extra effort. Be patient, and persistent. These are among the best traits of consistently successful hunters. Hang in there that extra hour or more. Even if you think you should go, because you haven't seen a deer. We all have to step back and reevaluate our hunting at times. And be willing to change what's not working for us. Be adaptable! The deer we hunt certainly are. These basics are for us all. I just want to help. Not saying I'm better than ANYONE. I am not. With that, I wish you good luck Rob. As I do feel luck plays a small part too. I'd be willing to meet up with you again, and set you in a known great spot. Where we were a few years ago. The the rest is up to you. Follow the basics, and you'll be grilling backstraps before Thanksgiving.
  23. Used lithium and alkaline in the cams last year. From August to January. Both types still had battery life left. Save a couple bucks and go with the alkaline.
  24. Wow!!! Congratulations! Well done with a self made bow!!! Way to go!
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