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  1. Ok pick a spot on my spot

    Anywhere that nasty thick stuff meets the woods with a cattle trail. Set up on it as the nasty thick stuff will end up being a bedding area. Using the map above: 1B (Dead calm or straight W wind in the afternoon only), 2B (S, SW and SSW winds), and 5B (N, NW, W winds) would all be my starting points and use them to play the wind. 6 would depend on the season and where the deer traffic is coming from.
  2. Reccomend ed species for charter.

    IT really depends on the charter, I know of a lot of charters that do that and others that will go the extra mile to get their clients on fish. You also have to fish the areas that are catching fish. If you want an early trip for salmon and browns the closer to niagra you want. If you want to go later in the season you want to be closer to the salmon river. I know of 2 charters that have always produced and didn't just run out for lakers. If you want names PM me.
  3. Reccomend ed species for charter.

    No love for some lake ontario silver? I fish lake ontario all summer and nothing beats the sound of the drag rippin from a 20lbs. king salmon. They fight and take some killer runs, god forbid you hook up with one on a dipsy diver out 400' just grab and hang on your arms will be ready to fall off with any fish over 15lbs. in most instances. Just thinking about it gets my blood pumping. For a full day charter you are looking at around $700 for 4 people 8hr. charter. Just something to think about if you get a few family members together that is less than $200/person. I can make some recommendations about charters that I have fished side by side in a couple tournaments and always do well. If I were doing a saltwater charter it would be a private charter and I would be driving as far south as I could to get into great fishing waters not to mention it would be something around $2k for something decent.
  4. Very much so. Some of the other related bills want to ban the purchase of accessories so you wouldn't be able to build one let alone buy one.
  5. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but if the kid took it he technically stole it being he wasn't legally able to possess the gun. No matter what the MSM and others have to be pissed it doesn't fit their anti-gun agenda.
  6. So I signed up for updates of particular bills pertaining to "Assault Weapons Ban" and it seems in the last month the Bill is making its way towards the House. If this bill is passed it would eliminate all purchases of magazine (non tubular style) fed semi-auto guns. Also the related bills are a bit scary in a sense that the left truly wants to disarm any law abiding citizens. I also attached the hearing about the parkland shooting, it is long but worth listening to.
  7. Funny how a good guy with a gun at a school stopped the bad guy with a gun at the school. I want to know what law stopped this kid from getting a gun. I know you need a permit to own a handgun in MD, and must be 21 to get the permit. So I'm guessing he didn't legally purchase the handgun so he must have acquired it other ways that aren't legal. Glad those gun laws are keeping guns out of the criminals hands.
  8. Gun cabinets

    Well what kind of guns were in there or anything good?
  9. Gun cabinets

    Other factors will play into the equation as to where you hit the stud and what not. Also it would be better mounted to the wall you could get more leverage on the top and sides. Most people don't mount their safe so the door opens into the room but into a wall. Another option is on an exterior wall your better off just cutting through the wall with a chainsaw and drop the safe into the back of a truck and screw with it somewhere else. There are tons of what ifs. Everyone better look into their homeowners if you think your insurance company is going to cover all your guns. Unless you asked for them to cover a specific amount they won't cover much. Our old plan covered $1000 worth of guns. That would replace 2 guns not including glass or anything else.
  10. Gun cabinets

    With the size of the crow bar they use they should be able to pry it off the wall just popping the lags out of the wall and floor. Short of bolting it into concrete or bolting it through a floor with a plate on the other side of the floor it could come down pretty easy. IF you add more holes to your safe and bolt it more you might be okay but all the safes I have seen only have 2 lags at the back and 2 for the floor.
  11. First day of spring!!

    Hello spring, how about some weather in the 30s?....
  12. If you had to choose

    Yup so it was an easy pick. Now if it meant it wasn't already illegal it would've been a lot harder choice.
  13. Gun cabinets

    Here is a quick video.
  14. Gun cabinets

    Even faster all you need to do is pull the pins through the front of the safe.