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  1. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    As my father used to say young, dumb, and full of c...... I did a lot of stupid stuff but i guess not dumb enough where i wouldn't be talking about it later. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    Sounds about right. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Who needs Quebec

    There was a sow and cubs in Farmington the other day. Where I'm at South of Watkins I haven't seen one or had any on camera.
  4. Fawns

    I've got one on camera with mom but haven't seen it in a while. Hoping the yotes didn't get it. I'll have to see if I can get it up here. It was a young one that is for sure.
  5. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    Sweet deer but I'm not a huge non-typical fan. The bases on that thing are insane I can't believe the deer could actually walk around with it on his head.
  6. Pulling old traps?

    Beat me to it. haha
  7. Pulling old traps?

    Guessing it was next to the dump pile of old dead cows making it prime area for yote and fox.
  8. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    O okay it was tough to tell.
  9. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    Something I noticed that would help groups is to get a free float handguard. With that it will free float the barrel. I wouldn't be upset with that circled group at 100 yards. That last group looks real close to sub MOA, out of a 16" barrel and semi auto that is a nice group. Some bolt rifles don't shoot that nice.
  10. Knife Sharpening?

    I use the ceramic stick side every time before I cut something so it is just a few passes and it is like a razor. Anyone looking into the ceramic sticks make sure you get a quality set with the correct angle. I have a set for my filet knives and a set for my kitchen knives. If you try to sharpen a kitchen knife on the filet ceramic it won't do anything to the edge but if you were to sharpen the filet knife on the kitchen knife sharpener you would grind the edge flat dulling it severely.
  11. Moving In On Mark's Gobbler And Shot Taken......

    Kind of the same idea "it's my deer because it's on my property". Problem is too many assumptions to know what really happened. I don't know a single hunter that wouldn't rack another live round no matter what the scenario. Also could have been unloading the gun. My 870 I rack the next round then eject to pull out 2 rounds a pump, isn't all that uncommon. If that gobbler was close enough for the other hunter to shoot and your BIL to hear the racked shell then there is no way he could have safely gotten into the woods without alarming "his bird" and screwing himself anyway.

    Whoever gets there first. Enter the next variable, you both get there and someone is already on point ready to start calling. Now neither are eligible to call dibs.
  13. Having a bad day

    Pretty sure neither are walking away, the bike passenger might have gotten lucky but the bike rider died on impact. There is no way he didn't snap his neck hitting the car like that. This is the idea of driving faster than your headlights. I have seen many snowmobile accidents at night like this.
  14. Knife Sharpening?

    I have the lansky knife sharpener it isn't automatic but once it has a nice edge I hit it with the ceramic V sharpener a couple times before use and I rarely have to use the lansky. The only time I have to touch it up with the lansky is when the blade gets a nick. I highly recommend using a wooden or thermoplastic cutting board. My wife likes her glass boards and it dulls the crap out of the knife after cutting 1 thing on it. The problem with the electrics is they take off more material than needed, it isn't a big deal with cheap knives but the more expensive knives won't last as long. I have some de-boning knives that are 2 generations old and are thin from all the sharpening they have had over the years.
  15. How Does Your Garden Grow

    Happening right now with my young elderberry trees. I have fencing to put up just need the time to do it.