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  1. Love these Dunstans...

    Take 2 pallets like you see there lash at the top on both ends and you should be fine.
  2. 31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    Yup, I wonder if the hunter pictured portrayed it as a wild deer to the media or he told them it was a high fence. I can't stand the A$$ hats that go and send their pictures to the newspaper that lie about the deer they shoot. Just last year I think there was a guy that supposedly shot a deer in NY up by Watertown that was supposed to be some state record and he lied about it and had to face legal action because he broke some law. Here it is.
  3. Actually it used to in the NZ on Sept. 27th. You could use the previous season tags, we used to hunt it as not many people had tags left and you got fist dibs on the state land deer. We used to whack something early every year. It was nice as we would have a little meat in the freezer and could wait it out before taking an early archery doe and leave them alone to bring in a mature buck. It was only for 3 days then you had to use your current season tags. The reg season tag became and either sex and your DMP's were still good if you had them for that area. I remember shooting 2 deer within 10 seconds of each other. I don't think I'll ever get the chance to double during archery season. Guys that we hunted with shot a couple bucks in velvet while you could hunt early season before 2 weekend in Oct. opener. Actually the year it went to Oct. 1st they did away with early 3 day season in the NZ.
  4. 22 LR for yotes at night

    I have to agree for what you're getting I think an ATN scope would be a better deal. I found the higher magnification scope for $579.99. Nice unit and really tempting at that price. My .222 only comes out when I decide to go out with my buddy for yotes so making a dedicated predator rig would be ok.
  5. Western NY towards near the middle of the state. Huge amounts of AG fields, I have friends that hunt in that area and some of those deer are similar to what you would see on ranches.
  6. Wanted, junior .410 shotgun

    If you go the .22 route get a bolt action. 2 reasons one being you can't just spray and prey making the kid line up the shot and will need to learn to be patient. The other reason is it gets them ready for a bigger rifle later on for larger game. If they learn one bolt action rifle pretty much all others are the same.
  7. Wanted, junior .410 shotgun

    Yes it does even with 3" slugs, my wife doesn't like a lot of recoil so when it was shotgun only in 8F I bought her the 1187 20 gauge slug gun. That thing is a breeze to shoot. Compared to my .270 it kicks less. I haven't put any birdshot through it but I would suspect it would kick about as much as a .243.
  8. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    In my area we have to watch our dogs, my weim got tangled up with one when we first moved to our house didn't escalate more than him chasing it off thank god. I have had them hanging around 50 yards out my backdoor. I managed to whack it during bow season big yote about the size of a german shepard should have tracked it down and had it mounted but didn't want to mess up my hunting. It was a pretty dog but with enough other predators out there I don't think there is a huge need for them except to keep the insurance companies happy.
  9. 22 LR for yotes at night

    I know we are talking about caliber what about lights vs night vision? I am thinking one of those nice ATN scopes would go nice up top my .222.
  10. 22 LR for yotes at night

    Now that is impressive. Those kids must sleep like logs!
  11. 22 LR for yotes at night

    They are tougher than most think, I have put arrows with gapping holes through them at 20 yards to have them go 200+ yards spewing blood everywhere. I am planning on setting up a bait pile behind my house with a wireless sensor to signal me when they are out there. I have a horrible problem at my property and they usually hunt in packs. I know many say they don't but I have camera photos and have seen it first hand with multiple coyotes working to corner prey. I have only seen it with 3 coyotes no more than that. Personally I would be using my .222 but the .22LR might come out if I can get her setup, only issue I might have with the .222 is the sound with my neighbors. Too bad NY doesn't allow suppressors that would make life a lot easier. Anyone tell me how the .22LR compares to the .22 Mag sound wise?
  12. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    Yeah happened this year too in NYC area, they are close and in low light I could see someone making the mistake.
  13. Wanted, junior .410 shotgun

    20 gauge will be cheaper to buy and shoot. 20 gauge with low brass field loads won't have much more kick than 3" .410 loads, and you can get 2 boxes of 20 gauge for the price of 1 box of .410. Don't ask me why but .410 is expensive to shoot. When I was 10 years old I got my 870 20 gauge, with 3" slugs it was uncomfortable to shoot at 12 years old but lots of rabbits, squirrels and a few grouse have fallen to that old gun. Great starter gun aside from a bolt action .22
  14. How to keep your feet warm

    Thermosoles. Mine work great for what they are.
  15. Be patient! That is still my downfall but getting older I have slowed down and take my time. Also would tell myself to not shoot the first thing that walked in front of you, you have 3 weeks to fill a tag or 2. I would have learned a lot more if I didn't just whack the first deer that walked in front of me.