Sighting in my Centerpoint Sniper 370

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Had it dialed in with field tips,, decided on 4 blade Muzzy broad heads,

used the practice tip at 20, 40 yards.

it seems to be a little low at 20 like 1/2” but on at 40

i lost one arrow / Broadhead 

not sure what happened but it’s in my field someplace 

So I have 3 brand new bolts all rigged with brand new broad heads, rail is lubed

ready for action


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It's common knowledge Muzzy's rarely shoot the same as field tips.  Either shoot with a broadhead you plan to use or find a broadhead that shoots like field tips.

Here's what happened to me and my 370.  I've shot 100 gr. Slick Trick mags from my compound for years, because they fly just like field tips.  However when I shot them out of my 370 the Tricks were inconsistent.  So I did some research and switched to 100 gr. NAP Spitfires and boy do I like them.  They never fail to open and fly like field tips.  

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Got my toes in my boots, ass in the stand

Not a care in the world, got my bow in my hand

Life is good today, life is good today!

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I too used the NAP Spitfires from my Centerterpoint 370 and they flew great!

This year I picked up some TenPoint Centerpunch heads. Supposed to be just like the Spitfires. They do look the same. Will give them a try hopefully this weekend. 

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