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  1. As I figured the doe harvest is down. Deer numbers are way down in my area of 7M. I couldn't get a doe in my crosshairs until the special Christmas season.
  2. I plan to go out Monday just to say that I participated in the first holiday hunt. It looks like my favorite county to hunt in plans to opt out next year. We'll see how it goes.
  3. We like to do deer drives in 7M. It's the way my dad hunted and now me. I find it to be a lot of fun and more exciting than just sitting in a tree.
  4. Thank you. I am shooting Traditions with Pyrodex RS
  5. I'm new to inline muzzleloaders. How do most of you clean the tiny breach plug hole? Right now I just spray cleaner into the hole and let it soak through. My old cap lock I would just soak the nipple in cleaning solution.
  6. But they love our President. I heard they were chanting his name at football games.
  7. I'm live from the office as well. Really chomping at the bit to drive down to Madison County tonight and be in the stand all weekend. Good luck everyone!
  8. The will be my 21st year hunting deer on my property. About the last 10 I have started using trail cameras (which I only check once a week). I've come to really understand the deer movement on my property. My land is a transition area. Early morning they pass by me coming from feeding in the fields all night then stop by my food plot on the way to their bedding area (off my property). Evenings they stage up at my food plot before heading to the fields to feed all night. I normally get a couple daylight hours in the morning and evening where I can see/shoot deer, or they show up on camera. But not this year. 98% of my pictures are at night. Almost zero pictures in the daylight. ALL of my buck pictures are in the middle of the night. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what has suddenly made them so nocturnal. Have any of you ever had something like this happen to you? I'm trying to figure out what to change.
  9. Not much moving in southern Jefferson County yesterday. This was my only visitor.
  10. Our Runnings had a soft opening today. Not much left after the friends and family party the night before. There is a good supply of shotgun shells.
  11. Hi, I could use some advise. One of my employees nudged a car in our parking lot. Nothing serious but they left tire smudges on the bumper of this Honda. What can I use to clean this off without ruining the paint? Thanks in advance!
  12. Sorry to hijack this thread. Nice bear by the way!
  13. When I was a kid, all the land on the right from the Sperryville rock to the bridge was my grandfathers. After the bridge washed out, it was never the same. Gramp sold the land and I haven't caught a brookie down there in ages.
  14. I used to hunt up there near Antwerp. Tons of bears coming off Fort Drum. It's like a sanctuary.
  15. That is why I bring paint ball guns with me when I go camping.
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