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  1. After two unexpected snowfalls destroyed the poles in my pop-up blind I decided to build this instead. It's 6x6x6, and it only cost me about $200 (pre covid lumber prices). Everything touching the ground including 2 ft. of plywood is treated. This pic was taken before we camo painted it. If you are looking to settle in one place and never worry about your blind being stolen, this is your game plan.
  2. The bolts that came with your 370 are junk. Save them for sighting in. Use them to get within a paper plate then fine tune with whatever you choose. I have been using with my Sniper 370, Black Eagle Executioners with Lumenocks & NAP Spitfires. I've taken 11 deer in 5 years with that combo and I don't plan to change.
  3. I've starting them around. Unfortunately I see them as one more predator to eat turkey eggs.
  4. Wow! I haven't worn one of them in years. Not since the early 80's. I do wear a Stormy on really cold days now.
  5. Very nice! So does it have the JM stamp?
  6. My first opening day in 1981, I was 16 and was totally amazed at the traffic. Bumper to bumper down rte. 12. It was an image I will never forget.
  7. May the Force be with you!
  8. I want some simple green or gray wool hunting pants (no camo). I used to go to Herb Phillipsons in Rome or DeJulio's in Syracuse. Is there any place in Syracuse, Utica or Rome that sells wool hunting pants like Johnson?
  9. Back in the era of slug hunting, I would travel to a special gun shop to get 16 ga. Peters slugs. When they became unavailable I switched to Brennekes.
  10. I really like this. It's made in Cooperstown.
  11. I have the Gander Mountain version of this grinder. It has lasted me 10 years. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1HP-800W-Electric-Meat-Grinder-Sausage-Maker-Stainless-Steel-Cutting-Blade-Plate/184267938331?hash=item2ae7399a1b:g:B3MAAOSwD39ejTeN