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  1. You have no idea how much I miss my cabin with no electricity in the Adirondaks. You should be so lucky to have a place off the beaten path. Nothing like the sound of gas lights hissing while playing cards with your hunting pals. Get a generator for the small things like a vacuum cleaner after season is over. Go for it.
  2. Yes what he said. But please don't go to every store and bar in town. Come supplied and stay put.
  3. Mine usually are as well. Soak them in some ice water and they come clean.
  4. Wow! Check out them hemlocks. That's where I would be after the first good snow.
  5. Remember this is the finest cut of meat on a deer. It is the filet mignon cut if you want to get technical. In our house we call them "Innies" for inside loin. Last weekend I cooked a pair up for a friend. Wrapped them in maple bacon and grilled until about 120 in the middle. That was some fine eating. I personally like them sliced about 3/8" and lightly fried in butter. Oooo so good!
  6. Bill's Feed in Great bend had some but not a lot of ammo. Mostly oddball stuff like .32 WCF.
  7. I was in the Watertown Walmart two days ago. Don't even bother. A couple boxes of bird loads and that was it. After the last shortage I stocked up on my favorite 30-30 ammo. Glad I did now.
  8. Thank you!! That was easy. Must be the link I have at home is faulty. Much obliged everyone!
  9. Should make for an interesting day on the Salmon River
  10. Several years ago we had to send information about our pistols via the internet to the NYS Troopers. I did what it asked and I had forgotten about it. I came across the link on my computer and I believe it has to be updated every 5 years. I tried getting back into the page and it won't let me. Is this something that we still have to do?
  11. Great pics! Looks like you have one really dandy buck. The fox, coon and fishers haven't allowed a clutch of turkeys to survive at my place in 3 years.
  12. Sorry I don't and when I checked my cams yesterday, he hasn't come back.
  13. This pic showed up last week on my trail camera. Do you think his left side is broke off or is it abnormal growth?
  14. Wow!! Great story. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Remember unlike an albino or melanistic deer, the genetics of a piebald are inferior and you do not want them in your herd. Should be killed asap.