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  1. I will be taking my family to Florida in mid March for the first time. We will be staying on the east side of Orlando. I would really like to take the kids fishing in the ocean. Maybe go on a charter. I really have no idea what is available. Could someone please give some suggestions or recommendations? Thanks
  2. With the exception of a long trigger pull I really really like my Centerpoint Sniper 370. I think I paid $240 for it in 2016 and it has killed a buck every year and several does. Today's Sniper 370 doesn't have all the extras that mine has but they are still great crossbows. If I ever decide to upgrade it will definitely be another Centerpoint.
  3. I use Google maps to find public land. Don't use the satellite function. Shows every square inch of state land. I use it to find neat hunting spots all the time.
  4. Want to look truly classy for your wedding? Do as I did, a pocket watch and chain. I would also add a nice watch fob with perhaps something to symbolize your special day.
  5. Or you can just shop for a Marlin with a JM stamp and be happy.
  6. Dude, go for it. Get the press involved.
  7. Yes Rick does a great job and thanks for all you do! But unfortunately until one certain Long Island politician is elected out of office, this will never get moved out of Encon Committee.
  8. I'm definitely getting one of these!
  9. They have been around us up north for about a week. I put the feeders a few days ago.
  10. I'm not an overly very computer savvy guy so bear with me. My latest version of Microsoft Office did not come with MS Publisher. The Microsoft web page wants $129 for Publisher and that a little steep for me. I've read into the reviews of some of the less expensive options where I can download their copy but they say they don't work properly or are full of virus'. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price but not sure where to buy it. Can anyone offer some help?
  11. Sounds like a pack of coyotes. Would definitely give me the chills if I were in battle.
  12. Hey thank you very much!! Appreciate your help.
  13. A friend of mine who lives near Sherburne went for a walk and found this over the weekend. It's probably 90% egg yolks. Has anyone ever seen anything like this because we would like to know who would do this. Who saves egg yolks? Will the yolks make wildlife sick?
  14. Has anyone ever tried the Black Rifle Coffee? I was going to buy it for a friend but changed my mind. I was curious how it was.