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  1. RangerClay


    I'm fortunate to live near the Canadian border. Timmy's double double!!!!
  2. RangerClay


    Good luck!! It's a great crossbow! Use the stock arrows to get on the target then fine tune with something better. Don't forget to join the NY Crossbow Coalition.
  3. RangerClay


    Great....just great I get an email yesterday that my NRA gun insurance has been cancelled for one reason and one reason only. I live in New York. I feel so damn helpless. Vote him out people will say. But it's not that easy. You have a Governor who lost 47 of the 62 counties in the last election and kept his job. I know of you will say leave but upstate NY is really nice with excellent hunting and fishing opportunities that most states don't have. Sigh. Thanks for listening to my rant. Have a good Friday.
  4. RangerClay

    Sign of Spring

    Saw two woodchucks and three robins yesterday.
  5. RangerClay

    Coyote app??

    I'm thinking about dipping my toe into coyote hunting before I dive in and buy a FoxPro. Has anyone here ever tried using a coyote call app with a Bluetooth speaker? There seem to be several apps available.
  6. RangerClay


    I don't hang out here enough to know most of you but if @dbHunterNY were to attend I might have to go and shake his hand and finally meet him.
  7. RangerClay


    There is a sportsman's show at Turning Stone every year. You should coordinate with that in the future.
  8. RangerClay

    lighted knocks for bolts

    Unless they have changed the way they make them, Nockturnals cannot be washed when they get bloody. Had one ruined when I rinsed one off. Never worked again. Nockturnal wouldn't even respond to my emails when I asked why. Take a look at Lumenocks. 20 times the battery life of a Nockurnal and can be completely submerged.
  9. RangerClay


    How about this at 1/3 the cost? Still illegal in NY, https://www.crosman.com/archery/centerpoint-crossbows/cp400
  10. RangerClay

    A sad day....

    Harbor Freight!
  11. RangerClay

    First one of the year

    Grape jelly too
  12. RangerClay

    DEC Looking For Input

    I too would like to know when the survey is released. DEC should pick a random sport show and set up a table. Probably would get a better and more accurate response. Not to mention cheaper.
  13. I have a Sniper 370. It really does the trick with 5 deer dead in the last three years. Unless something goes wrong with it I plan to use it for a long time. Some bow hunters like to trade up their bow every 1-2 years, that's just their thing.
  14. RangerClay

    Gift card question

    I know that Cabela's and Bass Pro are now one in the same company. Does anyone know if we can redeem a Cabela's gift card at a Bass Pro store?
  15. Thanks Dan for the kind words and for pointing me here. Yes I make a wine holidays every year. Hulbert's Holiday White and was sipping it with Christmas dinner. I have won several awards over the years. @turkeyfeathers that coffee wine looks really good! Was that a local NYS wine? I would like to try to find it. Myself I do make a coffee port that Is very popular. I see my wine bottle picture is sideways. How do I fix that?