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  1. Kids are coddled far too long. 26yr olds on parents health care plans now Back in 80's 14yr olds knew better and used to earn money for things they wanted not being handed a $1000 phone because their classmates have it. Times have changed since I was a kid.
  2. The vegetable is not coming back to life, a fetus being terminated could grow up to be the next researcher who cures cancer for all one knows.
  3. Do you even understand what you are saying? Its still murder in my opinion if there is a heartbeat..
  4. So you are ok killing a healthy viable human is what I am hearing here
  5. Rape/incest or a certain medical situations are not by choice so in that situation I would agree with the women's right but on the other hand i am pro life all day every day why not accept it as another miracle.
  6. Start a different thread on Roe and we debate it there
  7. Not questioning the miracle but then if we are are all different than why mandate the masks, let us take our chances
  8. i agree with your sentiments for trusting the tests.. specially if its so contagious how can some one in the same household with full exposure not get it ?
  9. I just use those havahart ones.. 3-4 traps around the place and it keeps the lot safe from ankle busters
  10. Nothing beats a trap near a hole with pineapple or honeydew as bait.
  11. Best part you got R1 tires and not the useless R4
  12. Prayers for your brothers full and fast recovery.
  13. As if EHD, CWD werent enough to hurt the deer population..now we got another
  14. Sure are great for human consumption but trust me , the deer wont even stop to smell them.
  15. When its half way in shedding mode it looks more thicker.
  16. Nice problem to have i guess..
  17. Let me know if you want more seed nuts.. I am sure I can spare a couple hundred if not more this year
  18. Deer love peaches and destroy them..but keep in mind thats in august/sept time frame. Mast producers will be ready in 10+ yrs to be of any value and will need protection. Do you want to invest that much time and effort? And I repeat walnut is not a tree to be planted for deer. Worst choice ever..
  19. Dont do it, they are useless for deer. Nothing grows under them and the nuts leave a mess behind as you know. Unless you plan to plant these for your grand kids to harvest, i would never plant black walnut trees.
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