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  1. I agree, that is to focus the reticle. The eye relief changes depending on the zoom one changes. Some scopes have adjustable objective lens to remove parallax.
  2. i saw 34 turkeys in a flock, i guess something is better than nothing
  3. Huntstand free version or even google maps on your phone can measure the distance
  4. Price of living in NY..just make up restrictions as they go
  5. Going to be in 8T, no rain in the forecast so far. 20 degree temp drop. Hopefully get to see a deer. The bow season was nada
  6. Good Luck All for tomorrow. Hope we all fill a tag.
  7. Congrats.. With that shot most probably cut the aorta https://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/content/blogs/dan-schmidt-deer-blog-whitetail-wisdom/femoral-artery-the-blood-highway-in-deer
  8. It is also there favorite spot to bed in and never leave. Perfect sanctuary day n night so it can slow down the sightings or movement.
  9. I agree, even tthe daily forecast can be wrong. We were supposed to get rain, 51% chance. Not a single drop.lol
  10. Buck Tags are to be used by season, in regular season you can use gun/xbow or bow but use regular tag for buck. DMP are valid in any season.
  11. Hard quartering towards shot, where the arrow never entered the body but sliced open and exited behind the shoulder...my speculation
  12. Do you get buck fever and start shaking before the shot?
  13. I just removed one tonight, even with permethrin on clothes they some how make it under the clothing and latch on. These mild temps dont help and for sure deer are loaded up with them.
  14. Buddy just got one yesterday in Livonia area
  15. yeh, that looks like ready to explode. Dont load it up again
  16. I have the sniper 370 from CP, no issues from it so far.
  17. You just saved next yrs fawns, never a waste when you take out a coyote.
  18. Or is that why you were suggesting the divorce...what a man wouldnt do for 100 acres...lol
  19. He could have put gold nuggets for driveway but the value of 60 acres cant be $320k unless its prime development real estate
  20. Saw a buck & doe paired up in 8N Buck would bed down while she fed..too far at 100yard + away. Was hoping they make it my way. But sure looked like lock down for those 2.. Then a doe with 2 fawns came down wind and blew everything cleared out
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