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  1. Congrats!! spikes taste better than wall hangers
  2. You made the right choice by backing out. Daylight will tell what happened. As for a guess she must be alert and looking at you and they can spin faster than the arrow gets there.
  3. I feel bad for you; Some how you always find these scammers.
  4. I wont be able to sleep if i got this picture 2 nights before the opener. Good Luck
  5. Most usually have a phone already, if you are still holding on to an older phone than sure. A decent camcorder can be bought for a $$$$ or $$$ https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/g40166657/best-camcorders/
  6. The new phones with optical zooms can record 4k hdr..no need for camcorder unless you plan to go professional
  7. If you send me the locations, I will tag one or 2 by the end of the yr and get you an accurate deer age j/k #1 & #2 = 3yr #3 = 4yr #4 = over 5 or 6yrs #5 =2yr
  8. Same here, found it in the basement, dont know how it got in. Must be with all these recent rains found a hole somewhere
  9. There was a big debate on some grim reaper mechanicals design that didnt open because of tight springs . This was on archery talk. So much so that GReaper ended up sending new spring and cups to anyone who called them. My suggestion would be shoot one in a foam target to make sure it opens for you.
  10. If you were only abit closer, i would be all over that offer and be there every weekend
  11. 3.5-5.5 at best Shoot and find out
  12. Time & Quality cost money With your level of quality work and fast turn around , I am sure we all will be happy to spend money.
  13. ok, its enough time to post pic already, you said pickup at 6pm..lol Cant leave us all hanging
  14. So a chicken is still cheaper after conversion..maybe we should importing it and selling it here Jokes aside, i know what you are saying
  15. Squirrels are great to keep the young ones entertained. If you have enough cash than pheasants on the preserve hunt are sure shot. Goose hunts are super exciting though..
  16. I am sorry, wishing you and your Mrs. a fast recovery.
  17. You can always make it a condition in your offer for current owner to make it functional. The market has cooled off a bit to start haggling.
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