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  1. Thanks, i tried even today but no luck Will be out wednesday evening again till the season ends
  2. Congrats, looks like some critter found it and started munching on it. Trim around it and rest of the meat will be fine and safe
  3. Now that you know where they are moving, Put a trail camera out to see whats moving out there .
  4. Hands down the savage 220, put a better scope and its an easy 200yrd gun
  5. Agree with your experience, I have had 3 such shots where an arrow was covered in green and one would think it was just guts but in reality the deer dropped dead under 40-60yrds and had the esophagus cut along with the dbl lungs and top of the heart.
  6. Like you said , its all relative. We choose certain memories to be more precious than others
  7. No deer in Bristol/Richmond area either.. keep going west or south
  8. I know you guys had fun but there were so many things wrong in that video
  9. Its on now.. that is a fawn doe coming into heat.
  10. Still feel its a losing battle. I have 15 acres of ash trees dead in 3 yrs
  11. If the property hasnt been hunted, dont be surprised if you bump deer just walking in.
  12. $500 per tree every 2 yrs if the tree just got infected. Sadly all of east coast too far gone to save any ash tree
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