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Rimfire Challenge Handgun Build

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Well I have again got the bug to shoot semi competitively but mostly for fun, I have shot and tried the laidback Rimfire Challenge format matches held at my local club and found them to be enjoyable. I have a couple of rifles I can make due with but on the handgun side I have nothing that would be suitable which gave me the excuse to buy another gun. Back in the days when I shot Bullseye I was pretty serious and went whole hog on my firearm, I competed with a Smith and Wesson model 41 customized and decked out to the hilt for that game. After 10 years I lost interest and quit, so I traded the dedicated target 41 off for something I could use.

Thought seriously about another 41 but prices o those these days are pretty steep, So looking at what is available with more moderate pricing the Ruger MKs were serious contenders but I ended up going with a Browning Buckmark for several reasons. First of all I just like the look and feel of the Buckmark, I already have a Buckmark rifle that is one of my favorite firearms along with a pile of magazines that can be used in both.

So I found a great deal on Guns International, a Doug Turnbull edition Buckmark dressed up in his famous bone charcoal color case hardened barrel and slide. First thing I did was remove the factory sight and put on a Tactical Solution rail and rear sight combo so I can mount an optic. I have tested and sighted in the Buckmark using three different types of ammo, not one single malfunction and the accuracy was very good. The trigger a bit heavy for my taste so I have a TandemKross Trigger and Trigger spring rolling in this week that should fix that problem once installed. Best part the cost will come in about half of what a new S&W 41 would have set me back. 

I will have a couple of weeks before the next match giving me plenty of time to get the Buckmark where I want it, can't wait.




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TandemKross gearbox trigger spring and Victory trigger came in the mail today. Went to the TandemKross video installations site on the computer and set up the tools for the job. Great step by step instructions made the installations a snap and they made a big improvement on the trigger in setting the weight down by almost 2 lbs and having the adjustment for over travel. Not as pretty as the stock Browning gold trigger but much better for target shooting.




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Pretty much done with this project, ended up mounting the same optic as I have on the Kingston Garand, a Sig Romeo red dot, an advantage I think will be having the same sight picture on the targets with both rifle and pistol.

Got her sighted in with some Federal bulk ammo and the accuracy at 35 yards is more than adequate. Just have to get some practice in to get ready for the next match.



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