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  1. Been awhile here in Westchester and Rockland also
  2. So sorry here is the right number 845 329 2028
  3. Just under 40 acres in Wurtsboro Sullivan county small cabin elec, and water.....Listing for a friend. 845 2028 call after 4pm or leave him a message his name is Anthony...
  4. Have not been on in awhile whats going on?????
  5. Kimber has a couple of compact 45s really nice guns… A bit pricey but nice guns.
  6. Have a few shotguns I always grab the 870 from birds and small game to deer ....
  7. Can not wait to the pics ....Good luck...
  8. That’s a tank….. Good luck
  9. Nice deer ..........Hope you get a shot at him..
  10. No room for alcohol and firearms.....Not even a little bit..
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