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  1. Congratulations, and I’m really happy you found him. With a shot like that, the guts plug up the exit hole and the entrance hole is high, so blood pools in the body rather than exiting. Still, an awesome looking buck, and one to remember. Congrats.
  2. You really do amazing work. Thanks for sharing all of it!
  3. Sheep is pretty accurate, I think this guy sums up most of the political discussions on the forum
  4. But the radio guy I listen to said that only independent minded people like me listen to him, and he’s always right!
  5. I’m thinking possum. I think I see a rat tail sticking up behind.
  6. I was a Junior in High School. I’ll never forget how quickly this country rallied together. Truly the worst brought out the best. I lived in Illinois at the time, and it still felt so close, I cannot imagine how it felt to be this close.
  7. The DEC FAQ addresses this. It’s been handy for figuring out how it’s affecting youth shooting sports programs as well. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/gunfaq2022.pdf
  8. I was able to get this boat out with the family yesterday on Moreau Lake. A beautiful day with my beautiful family.
  9. It’s my first flintlock, but fortunately, I have some great teachers at my disposal. I appreciate the advice and resources. I actually found this in “The Muzzleloading Forum”, a great place to learn from experienced folks. TOW is my go to for anything Muzzleloading, they have been great to work with.
  10. This morning I took one of my 4-H kids out hunting for the first time. We got on several squirrels, and he had a few shots. What a smile when he knocked out his first one, on both of our parts. Our hunt was short since he had to be at work by 9, but he left one happy kiddo. I think one of the most rewarding parts of this is that this kid would have never have even thought about becoming a hunter if I hadn’t offered. We spent a few days preparing, and he did a fantastic job. He can’t wait to go again. I’ll fry it up for him tomorrow and leave it for him.
  11. Can you get the silver piece to slide back into the firing position? I believe that’s the firing pin. You might have to give it some love to slide back, but it should go back and you can move the bolt handle around to the open position.
  12. I was perusing another forum this afternoon, and just happened upon a fantastic deal. I’ve been casually looking at flintlocks for a while now, not really too seriously. I wanted a full stock rifle by a good maker, and unfortunately most of those guns were to pricey for me right now. When this one popped up and said “Albany, NY”, I jumped all over it. It’s a .45 Pedersoli Flintlock Kentucky Rifle, never been fired. I’ve got to pick up a new set of accoutrements to fit both the caliber and action, but I’m hopeful I can get shooting with it in a few weeks.
  13. I’m glad you guys made it home, and it was great meeting you and your wife. I hope it serves you well I’m going to break the Covino open tomorrow with the in-laws while we’re grilling steaks
  14. Sorry, no track tickets included. We try to stay out of town as much as possible this time of year. Stapleton should be a fun concert, we’ve seen him several times, a few at SPAC, and outside of the huge crowd of drunk people, it’s great. He’s one of my favorites. If you’re interested in looking at it while your out here, let me know. You did me a solid this winter, I’d be happy to have a chance to return the favor. I’m actually in Ballston Spa, but less than 10 minutes from SPAC.
  15. I took a small doe with my Smith and Wesson 29 (44mag) years ago. It had the 8 3/8" barrel, and had a red dot scope on it. I shot the doe from about 15 feet up at about 15 yards and put her down hard. That winter, I decided the red dot looked stupid, and swapped it out for adjustable open sights. I never really put the time into practicing with it, just a few bench shots before the next season. I took it out on a hunt, and had 6 deer come through at about 20 yards. I gave them all 6 chambers, and never hit a darn thing. After that, I never took it hunting again. It was stolen in a home burglary a few years after that, returned, and I regrettably sold it in 2014. I don't plan on handgun hunting again unless I just really want a challenge and have the time to practice.
  16. Up for sale is my Field and Stream fishing kayak. It's been a great boat for my needs, but I just purchased a canoe so I can start paddling with my kids. It's not the fastest thing in the water, but it's solid and steady, and has a ton of convenience and storage. Being a Sit on Top, you can store a lot of stuff in the hull without it getting wet, and there's plenty of places to keep things on top and within easy reach. I'll include a set of paddles, anchor, rod holder, and it has an aftermarket seat. I'm located in Ballston Spa, and would prefer for someone to come look at it and pick it up. I have it advertised elsewhere for $425, but would sell to a forum member for $375. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  17. A few weeks ago I decided to put my fishing kayak up for sale and look at getting a canoe so I can take my girls out paddling and fishing in the coming years. Last night while perusing FB marketplace, I came across an Old Town Pathfinder for a steal. I went and picked it up today, and I think it's going to fit my needs very well. It's 14' 10", which is about right for keeping kids wrangled inside, as well as keeping the weight under 60#, so it's easy to load/unload by myself. It's used and is going to need a good clean-up, but should make a nice boat for me and the family. The older couple that I bought it from were extremely nice, and generously threw in a couple of paddles, wet bag, a portage cart and some life jackets. I emailed Old Town with the SN, and they shot right back with the build date (1990) and specs. I'm really looking forward to getting it cleaned up and out in the water with my daughter. I'll post in the classifieds, but if anyone is looking for a great fishing kayak and are in the Saratoga area, I'll cut a deal on my yak for members
  18. https://www.outono.net/elentir/2022/08/16/british-pamphlets-encouraging-children-to-trust-pedophiles-its-russian-disinformation/
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