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    Welcome, and thank you for your service!
  2. Anyone want a 5r, I’m not going to use it. I’ll just need walked through the transfer, I’ve never done one.
  3. I’ve spooked plenty of deer, happens to everyone. The biggest concern I have isn’t that it’s a head on shot, but that it’s dark and you can barely see. Remember that seeing your target is only part of it, you have to be able to see what is in front of and beyond it. Keep at it, it sounds like your doing well for your 2nd year in.
  4. Came in this afternoon. I didn’t take the bait, just wanted others to know in case they received the same thing.
  5. I just got a PM from a new member nelsonnmatt asking if I want to buy a double barrel black powder shotgun. I messaged him back asking why he pm’d me. I could be wrong, but seems a little fishy. Did anyone else get a message?
  6. We used to hunt a property in Illinois that had a steep bluff, and we'd kill a lot of deer below the bluff. We would take my uncles 6 wheeler out, wedge it behind a tree and drop the winch cable with some ropes attached. It worked like a charm.
  7. With the arrival of our 2nd daughter in October, I knew my time in the woods would be hard to come by this year. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to bow hunt, as I wanted to spend as much time with my 2 year old as possible before her sister arrived. We have had family in and out for the past several weeks, leading right up to the start of gun season. It was great, but we never really developed a routine with our parents here. I finally figured that if I left to go hunting when our 2 year old started eating lunch, after which she goes down for a nap, then I would only be strapping my wife with both of them for an hour or two before I got home. I tried this method out last Wednesday, and it went really well. I let a spike buck walk, and made it home in plenty of time to take up the yoke. Today I played the same game. I left the house at around 11:45, and was up in my tree by 12:30. I had left my climber out on Wednesday, which meant the seat was plenty wet. However, I purchased a Muddy “Complete Seat” to put on top, and let me tell you, that thing is legit for keeping a butt toasty warm. It was a beautiful afternoon, with gentle snow showers throughout. At around 2:30 I heard something crashing around behind me, but since the woods was so thick behind me, I never saw what it was. I figured something had winded me. Then, at 3:30, this guy stepped into the swampy area that I was overlooking. Getting a clear shot at 100 yards, I took it and dropped him. The entry was in the right shoulder and exit through the neck. Then the real work began. I drug him the 100 yds across the semi-frozen swamp, tied a strap on him, and after crashing my own way through a creek, I pulled him across. Then I field dressed him and drug him another 200 yards to the hay field edge. At this point the land owner arrived and helped me drag him across 2 hay fields (his 4 wheeler was down and it’s wet enough that we didn’t want to drive on the fields) and I got him loaded in the back of the Subaru. The processor I use in Charlton was able to take him tonight as well, which my wife was really happy about This one was special to me, as I took this deer with a rifle that was gifted to me by a family friend. I documented my resurrection of the old Remington 760 in a previous thread. It really felt nice to take a deer with a rifle that’s approaching it’s 70th birthday, not to mention period optics to boot. My mom showed the picture I sent her to the old man that gifted me the rifle, and he was over the moon. I can’t wait to tell him the story the next time we go back to Illinois. Additionally, this is my first rifle deer and my first NY buck. He’s by no means my biggest buck, an 8 pointer, but it’s meat in the freezer and I checked a lot of “firsts” off this afternoon. If you read this far, good for you. I didn’t mean to write a book here, but it was a special hunt for me. Now I get to enjoy the holiday season with my family and we can have some grilled tenderloin for Christmas!
  8. Thanks. Hardest I’ve ever worked getting a deer out. I had to drag across a swamp, pull him across a creek, and then out of the woods. I’m bushed, but he is now safely in the hands of the processor
  9. Anyone in the Galway/Charlton area want to help drag one out? He was further in than I thought
  10. We’ll probably get our tree up next week. However, I’ve got both of our 4-H Mitten Trees up in the Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa libraries. Each year our 4-H members and members of the community donate cold weather items that people who need them can take.
  11. I was thinking about going out this afternoon, but seeing as I left my climber out in the rain, the prospect of a wet frozen butt doesn’t seem very appealing…
  12. I was thinking the same thing yesterday for some reason…
  13. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Thanks Chris, I’m hopeful I can get in a few sits over the long weekend. I left my climber out tonight, so I at least have to make one more trip
  15. Not disrespectful at all Chris. I hope you know I have the same feelings about you, and they are valid questions and points. Just as a point of reference, I switched from being a lifelong Democrat to being an Independent shortly before the 2020 election. This decision came because I got tired of being expected to defend positions I didn’t necessarily hold because my voter card put me under their umbrella. I think I’ve said on here before, but I’ve been disappointed in Biden. I was hopeful that he would be able to deliver on his promised “unity”, but that hasn’t been the case thus far. Add on all of the current events, and of course I’m disappointed. I’m hopeful that things turn around, partially because it’s what best, but if I’m being honest, a lot of that hope comes from not wanting to be wrong. The same as I’m sure that if a lot were honest , they hope for him to fail for the same reason. I guess that’s just human nature. However, I don’t regret casting my vote for what I thought was the right decision, I’d much rather that than cast my vote for something I didn’t feel was right only because others told me that my feelings were wrong. I’d much rather think for myself and be wrong than let others dictate my wrong and right. I also don’t regret not voting for Donald Trump. I guess that’s just how deep my dislike of the man runs, and if I’m wrong in that, then I’ll happily wear it on my sleeve. Ultimately, my life has improved since Biden took office, but the same way it improved during Trump, I think it’s neither because of or in spite of. I know a lot of other people can’t say the same, but that’s just where I’m at personally. Little of what Biden has done or hasn’t done has impacted the quality of my life, same as it did during Trump. I hope that answers your questions. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving man, hopefully we can get together sometime. Just one final thing, and not for you Chris. I’m already regretting posting in this forum, I really don’t want to get sucked into more discussions or get brow beat because someone doesn’t agree with me. So, I’m going to bow out now before anyone decides they want to argue, I’m not interested. If someone wants to pick apart my perspective, go ahead, but I’ll quote Bobby Bare, “I quit, I lose, you’re the winner”
  16. I left with the only deer seen being the spike I let walk. I do like this stand location, and hope to hunt it again soon. Really, it was nice to be out.
  17. Got a little spike about 50yds off. He gets a pass today.
  18. Got a little spike about 50yds off. He gets a pass today.
  19. I think there are more folks in the middle that one might think, myself being one. It’s just that the extremes of both sides are getting all of the oxygen right now and are therefore the noisiest and most visible. I’d wager that most non politicals float somewhere in the center.
  20. I’m in a tree! I made more noise than I wanted to trekking in, but with half frozen wet ground and not knowing exactly where I wanted to be, it’s what it is. I’m set right over a creek looking over a swampy wet area. Here’s hoping…
  21. I think you know that I respect you and your opinions. We don't always agree, but you changed my mind on things a couple of times, and given me a new perspective to consider many times. You've accomplished this by being respectful and considerate of my point of view. I know I can't speak for everyone, but I respond well to that. However, there are a lot of folks who like to shove their perspective down throats and insult others who don't see things they way that they do. I peruse the Politics section, but seldom engage anymore. I enjoy reading differences in perspective. One thing I've discovered by "observing" rather than participating is that arrogance and "know it all's" are very ineffective at connecting with anyone other than those who already agree with them. I appreciate those who share their opinions, respect other points of view, and can offer an alternative without insulting or "vilifying" someone who doesn't share their perspective. Thanks for the respectful discussion @Northcountryman
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