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  1. Im pretty happy with it. The only thing I have discovered is that the decocker is hit or miss, but since I only plan to shoot targets with it, I’m not going to invest anything into fixing it and run the risk of messing something else up. It shoots and cycles as it should, and I’m fine with that. I’m all but sure it has the alloy frame not steel. I don’t think it’s that early, and the frame is pretty light.
  2. It shoots! I put a magazine through it at around 10 yards. My first shot was wide, but after that, it shot pretty well. I know a magazine isn't much of a test, but I really just wanted to make sure it would fire and cycle before my 30 day return period was up. I'm pretty pleased with it and just need some practice.
  3. They had 100rnds of Winchester FMJ, and 500rnds of Magtech, which I don't know much about, but seems to be okay stuff from what I've read.
  4. No, I found this one at "The Outdoorsman" in Cohoes. I think it used to be called American Trade Goods. Since I was kind of on a mission for what I wanted I didn't look at too many of their long guns, but it's not a bad shop, and seems pretty reasonable on their prices. I did score really well on 9mm last week at the auction, I bought all they had (600 rounds) for an average of $.21 a round. He didn't have a lot of great guns last month, just a few old rifles that sold pretty well. March was a killer line-up for guns, some really nice stuff that went sold pretty reasonable. I'd been holing away band money hoping that April would be the same, but nothing I was interested in.
  5. I went to pick up my Model 39 yesterday, and the guy at the counter said "Good news, the guy who sold us the gun brought in the original box and another magazine the day after you bought it". That was a very pleasant surprise.Last night I tore it apart, and it was fairly dirty, it really looked like whoever cleaned it only took the time to wipe down the visible areas, which is understandable. For me, it made it that much more rewarding to get it cleaned up and looking good.I decided to take a photo with my other Smith, a K-22 Masterpiece, that came from my Dad. A good looking pair if I do say so myself. Now I just need to find time to get out and shoot it.
  6. I love my A5 Brownings, and those old Remington 11's are great examples of that patent. Good luck with your recuperation from Covid and getting those old guns cleaned up. I'm looking forward to seeing photos!
  7. Happy Birthday Chris, I hope it’s a great day.
  8. While on the hunt for a 1911 the other day, I happened across this little gem of a pistol and couldn’t pass it up. It’s a S&W Model 39, and though it’s hard to date it without the S&W letter, I’m guessing it’s early to mid-60’s. I had a passing knowledge of these pistols before seeing it, knowing they were quality old guns, but a deep dive into the history of the 39 warms my “old gun loving” heart. Just waiting on my amendment to come through so I can take it out and shoot it. I picked up 600rnds of 9mm at the auction last night, so I’m more than set once I get it
  9. So, I'm looking to jump into the 1911 game. Not looking for anything really high-end/custom, more along the lines of Colt, Smith and Wesson, SA, etc. If anyone has one that's sitting and collecting dust, I'd be up for a discussion. Thanks!
  10. I cleaned up an old Remington this past summer with liberal amounts of CLP and some 000 Steel Wool. A lot of the rust was just surface stuff that came off very easily and it had a good amount of bluing underneath.
  11. Awesome, what model did you get. I'm in the 1911 market right now. Looking at buying lightly used. It will be the first semi-auto handgun I've had in probably 10 years.
  12. One of my favorites was " Anal Bum Cover" (An Album Cover).
  13. Another great one from Arrested Development
  14. Reminds me of Arrested Development. One of the characters was an Analyst and Therapist, so he combined the 2.
  15. I’ll be doing Tractor Safety with 21 4-H kids this week. Spring Break is a great way to get the kids during the week before they start working summer agricultural jobs.
  16. Very cool, never seen one before today.
  17. Those bayonet lugs are pretty cool. Did you make those or do they sell them for the Mossy?
  18. We have both for 4-H program guns. We have bought several 500's because they are inexpensive (though recently we've moved to Tri-Star). I don't remember the last time we bought an 870, primarily because we don't have to replace them. The 6-10 that we have are still running strong and never need to make a trip to the gun doctor. On the other hand, I just had an instructor let me know that one of the Mossberg's malfunctioned last night, and after getting it cleared, they weren't able to get it back together. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but the Mossberg's, though great on the budget, don't hold up as well. I'm sure other's have the opposite experience though.
  19. Another successful day with this group of kids. Our first day putting holes in paper, and the kids loved it. We also discussed plans for field trips to local historical sites. We even had a young lady and her father stay late to get some tips on setting up her 1st turkey gun (Remington 1100). I'm really enjoying running this program.
  20. I just might know of one that could be coming up at a charity auction soon…
  21. Plus, it would be great if folks didn’t need to hire professionals to figure out how much taxes they owe, which in itself is one more cost incurred by the average tax payer.
  22. Just that they thought a good way to express how independent and non conformist was to spend money to buy the same shirt as their other non conformist friends, and then coordinate so that all wore the same shirt at the same time. Maybe I’m the only one who sees irony in that? Additionally, I’ve always found the whole adults comparing themselves to animals (lions, alphas, etc.) to be a bit childish at best. But hey, who am I to judge what makes someone feel good about themselves?
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