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  1. This is a fantastic idea Al, I've already shared it with a couple of my 4-H club leaders, and their going to make a target stand for them this week. Thanks for sharing this!
  2. The color of those antlers are awesome. Nice buck man!
  3. The only time I’ve struggled with my climber is having the bottom drop off while climbing. My tether came loose that held the 2 pieces together, and I was left dangling from the top with my platform about 8ft below me. That was literally a leap of faith, hoping it held when I landed on it, fortunately, it did.
  4. Nope, not ready, I'll be giving it a wing and a prayer. Going to hang my climber on last year's tree tomorrow so I can find it in the dark Saturday morning. I have my .54 ML sighted in, and am going to put a few rounds through my 760 Remington tomorrow, I'm not sure which I'm taking on Saturday. Good luck to all who are going out!
  5. Whew, glad to hear your okay. That hasn't happened to me since I was 16. I don't think I'd fair as well 2 decades later.
  6. That’s too bad. Still, good on you for trying Al.
  7. No joke, I'm going to fake a limp and find my way to Al's driveway Good thread Al, I appreciate you sharing the progress. Really shows the difference between a killer and a sportsman.
  8. The new sites politics section SUCKS! Not nearly as good as this one’s
  9. Man, I just flat out enjoy @OldBrian’s videos. I still think the grunting for worms is my favorite, I have delighted many nieces and nephews with that trick.
  10. Wilton, Saratoga area. I think it was like $65 a box.
  11. Goodness gracious Cynthia! I hope you heal up quickly.
  12. I think the last I saw there was $65 per box. I was able to buy some a while back for $26 box at a gun shop in Illinois and bought all they had, so fortunately I don't need any for a while
  13. Dicks in Wilton had a lot of 300 Savage recently, not cheap though.
  14. I really hate getting sucked into these things, it's like a toilet bowl, but by my own fault, here I am, another turd floating around in the forum's sewer My question was, what did Trump/Republicans do, not what did Biden do. More specifically, and this is just a question that I would have for anyone asking for my vote, what WILL they Do, and do they have a plan on how to do it? It's easy to say "look how bad this other guy is doing", but what will they do better? Feel free to answer, I'll read and digest it, but I'm going to climb out of the pot now
  15. What were those policies though, and how did they differ from Biden? I'm talking actually enacted policy, not promises and rhetoric. It's easy to say that Trump had better energy policies because gas prices were lower, but how does that prove causality? Now, it may be true, but I really struggle to find any unbiased information that states that energy prices are/were affected by Trump/Biden. Most of the unbiased information I see mostly attributes the price differences to outside factors like Covid, the fracking boom, the war in Ukraine, exporter supply, etc. This leads me to believe that the whole "we'll get you lower gas prices" is a bunch of hot air, and in 2 years if prices haven't come down, they'll blame it on "dems blocking our policies" and if they come down it will be "look how good our policies worked", even if they did jack squat. Politicians are quick to take credit and slow to accept blame. It's easy to show a photo of gas prices in 2020 during the pandemic when demand was at an extreme low, and another from this past summer when demand was at an extreme high, and say "look at this!". If you can show me direct causality between gas/energy prices and policies enacted by Trump or Republicans, I will appreciate it. Until then, I'll take it as political sales pitches that hold little water. I'll be voting for more Republicans this year, not because I believe they hold some magical policy book that will solve all of the country's problems, shoot, I can hardly find a hard policy document, let alone try to figure out if it will solve anything. I'm voting for them because I feel like most democrats have their priority hierarchy wrong, and at this point, some of the right's priorities fit more with where I'm at in life. Can they make positive gains on those priorities? I have no clue, but at least their going to try something. To say I have faith that they'll make things better would be a gross overstatement, but I will say that I'm crossing my fingers. I agree with your last statement about trying to do things too quickly. I firmly believe most of what is accomplished at this point in time is more about politics and less about solid and sustainable policy.
  16. I'm not going to refute anything, it's his opinion of what that party stands for, which is fine. However, it seems like you're trying to equate that this guy's opinion means that the Democratic party sees anyone who doesn't vote for them as an enemy. That may or may not be true, but this quote hardly proves it. Opinions do not equal facts. Facts may influence opinion, but no matter how much you want them to, they are not one in the same. And just to nip it in the bud, because I know you can argue a brick wall to the ground, I'm not interested in a pissing match with you, so you can just consider this my opinion of your post, and we'll leave it at that. Granted, I'm the idiot who engaged, so I guess I need to be careful about what I reply to
  17. There's no shortage of finding information about Republican's positions on things, that's not the issue, but what are they going to do? Sure, I guess repealing things is "policy", but for instance, they hang inflation and gas prices on Biden and the Dems, but I can find no one who has a specific plan that will fix it. Sure, they may have generalities "become energy independent", but they don't offer how they will do that. That's what I'm looking for. I can take a position on a ton of things, but if I don't have any realistic plans on how to fix things, all I'm doing is proselytizing. Again, this isn't just a Republican issue, the Dems do it as well. My favorite is the "Tired of High Gas Prices? Vote Republican" signs. It's maddening, of course I'm tired of high gas prices, but no one has offered me any information about how voting Republican is going to fix it. Again, it's grievance and identity politics. My votes for Republicans this year will be based on my opposition to radical policy's being supported by democrats, in the hopes that a political shift will slow them down or stop them.
  18. I absolutely love your videos Brian, I appreciate you doing them. On another note, I really like that hat, what is it?
  19. How in the world is the political commentary of a rightwing pundit the final word of the democratic party? I'll be voting for more Republicans this fall than I ever have in my life, but my main issue with the GOP is that they are running on a platform of "Democrats are bad" while offering little in they way of what they will do to be better. Don't get me wrong, the democrats do the same when they aren't in power. My votes for republicans have more to with opposition with certain democratic policies and less in support of republican policies, mainly because there isn't much information out there as to what their policies are. IMO, the party system in the US has become about identity politics, and is the reason I no longer associate myself with either of them, I got tired of having enemies and being considered an enemy. It's toxic and honestly, rather silly when you consider it in the larger scheme of things. But for those who enjoy it, more power to you, I wish you and your team the best.
  20. I was overoptimistic about my ability to get in the woods this year. I had plans to squirrel hunt a lot more, and then put some time into scouting a few new spots. However, I have had zero chance to get out other than one squirrel hunt. I'll be setting my climber in the tree I killed my buck out of last year and hoping for the best. Good luck with scouting, be safe!
  21. Me too, trying to stay out of anything political in general. I just felt like stirring a little bit this morning I guess
  22. Doesn’t @Rattlerhave some illegal bait stations he should be filling, I’m sure his deer are getting hungry.
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