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Loaded Up Some 270 Rounds for 21


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Was a good day to get down on the bench, to load up 270 bullets for this season. Half for me. Half for my hunting partner. 

-Once fired cases from his Rem 700 and my Sako

-140 g. Nosler BT

-59 grains H 4831



This recipe has been great for both of our rifles. And really bad medicine for deer.

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9 minutes ago, SportsmanNH said:

The ammo plants should hire you as a subcontractor . You are popping  out cartridges faster than they are ! 

I'm just happy to have stocked up well, long before the shortages hit. Should be good to reload anything I have for a few years.

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1 hour ago, Waterfowler said:

Nice, been loading a bunch myself. Ever have over expansion issues with those BT’s?

No, never. And most times get an exit hole too. I don't over push them either. Chrono about 2900fps with these loads. Shot quite a few deer with BT's . Most drop where they stood, or only go a few steps. Tried most everything over the years. I prefer the BT's now. If I do my part, they do theirs.

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