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  1. Can’t beat a 30mm tube and 50 objective for light gathering
  2. This wasn’t during a scene. This was down time playing with a gun and pointed it at another person and pulled the trigger
  3. Are you attempting to defend your fellow liberal moron?
  4. Yes, unbelievable even for that pos. Liberals make me sick
  5. Like what was said. Savage 220, not even close
  6. Great stuff. Dark to dark is amazing for a 7 yr old. Good luck
  7. I’m sorry, I just can’t understand anything other than 100% this morons fault. You identify your target, buck or doe, then pick the exact spot to shoot and make sure it’s safe beyond. At 11:00 in the morning, no light light excuse either
  8. Don’t make excuses for it. Should never happen, period.
  9. Decades of experience shooting at moving bushes? Absolute moron. Should be put in prison
  10. Unbelievable, orange or not this should never happen. Morons shooting at movement. Probably a Citiot. Should be charged with Manslaughter
  11. Congrats, the neighbor who shot 14 times should never hunt again and take up another hobby
  12. Do not open attachment.
  13. Justice was served. Good for the kid. I can watch that guys bicep blow up all day
  14. Rifle 100%. A shotgun slug has lot of weight and energy but doesn’t compare to the speed and hydrostatic shock from a high powered rifle. No to mention range if needed.
  15. A high shoulder shot from a 7mm mag never requires tracking
  16. Have the therma cell insoles. Work pretty well. Biggest thing is you can’t wait until feet get cold to put on
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