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  1. One big negative to silos is getting them in the frozen ground. If I’m hunting cut corn I can just push in to the top but if not, it’s a problem
  2. Anybody recommend a good Newfoundland moose hunting outfitter? Now that Canada doesn’t require vaccination.
  3. All dependent on area and doe density. I had most activity last year in the low 12-14th.
  4. Desantis a nut job? Wow, the liberal deranged mind never ceases to amaze and disgust me.
  5. No, he’s the expert on tube steaks not cube steaks.
  6. Locally, spring turkey gobble. Out west, bull elk bugle
  7. It really is simple. If it’s warm I get meat off of the animal and put it in a big cooler with ice. Just follow the muscle groups. At my convenience, at least a week later to age, I clean it up and vacuum seal.
  8. Looks like black racer, Got bit by a 3-4 footer in my backyard years ago. They can be nasty if you mess with them. My fault though. Don’t understand why a lot of people feel the need to kill every snake they see.
  9. I think we can all agree that our guns should be secured from kids. As silly as that commercial is I only have a problem with the last line. Misleading, and sad that some believe those stats. Just pushing a agenda. Just like the anti Zeldin commercial. Saying that 5 police officers died/killed at Jan 6th(don’t remember exact wording but was very misleading) 4 committed suicide, weeks, months later and 1 had a medical issue. But they know people are gullible and believe everything they hear and don’t question anything. Just like those stats
  10. Yeah I see that commercial all the time. Saying that guns are the leading cause of death in kids is bullshit
  11. I have used aquaseal in the past with very good results. It’s about $7.00.
  12. They love poison ivy. My kids have fed them pretzels and chips but strangest thing is a bird.
  13. Yes, and they have a bad Indian accent. I’ve had them stop transmitting a couple times over the years and it has been needs updating. Take out micro sd and put update on it and put it back
  14. That first pic looks like could be sun reflection but that last pic sure doesn’t. Either way nice buck good luck
  15. Just what the forum needs, another liberal…
  16. As crazy as it sounds, some morons still will. Including a few on this forum
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