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  1. Ridiculous. I’ll shoot what I want on my land even if it passes on private
  2. Do they sell just the flat top that can be put over grill?
  3. Sorry to hear. Can you share how it happened so others don’t make the same mistake?
  4. Why are we still even talking about COVID, what a joke it is right now. Nobody dying and very mild symptoms. Everyone needs to just move and and live life
  5. I wouldn’t recommend the gel. My department had it and did away with it. Was not nearly as effective as the spray
  6. Just to be clear, most body armor does NOT stop a rifle round. Right through both sides like nothing
  7. Exactly, one box of 50 is plenty to do bad things.
  8. Sounds like you would be a good fit for the Biden administration. That’s you. Obviously you don’t shoot that much. I have bought 1k rounds on many occasions and burned them up. I remember when I used to get them for $80 a thousand.
  9. Wow, well since you actually believe metal detectors would stop these school shootings I’m going to just have to completely disagree and not waste any more time.
  10. I don’t think you are really thinking it through. Talk about feel good stuff. Metal detectors are just that. Do you really believe a metal detector would have stopped any of these kids? And ok make the doors metal, are you going to close off all the windows too? What are you worried about paying someone? I said the federal govt should since they throw money around at everything else.
  11. Agreed, that’s another problem. Nothing is going to be 100 percent. But having a trained officer with a rifle in every school would make by far the biggest difference. These pu$$ies just want to kill without the chance of someone doing the same back.
  12. Obviously that always needs to be the case. Do you honestly think that solves the problem?
  13. Yeah me too. Really don’t see it as a feel good measure at all. Something has to be done, what’s in place now isn’t working. A metal detector and locked door,? Most have that now. A lot of doors are glass, how hard is it to get through that with a rifle in your hand?
  14. Just the fact of these cowards knowing there is a trained officer with the same rifle in the school will deter most.
  15. Well a lot of that is ridiculous. Simple, if that Buffalo cop had the same rifle as the shooter, the shooter is dead. Rifle rounds go right through body armor
  16. Look, nothing is perfect but one well trained body is better than none. Agreed not ideal. As it stands LEO are training to respond and enter immediately, by yourself or not. Oh, and worked for the govt 26 yrs and counting.
  17. With all the money this country is giving away, make it a decent salary and guys will do it. Both new, retirees, military.
  18. Agreed no one wants that but something has to happen. The retired offer from Buffalo was going against rifle shooter with body armor with a handgun.
  19. Have a officer armed with a rifle in a central location of school monitoring cameras and specifically trained for active shooter with a rifle. No need to deal with the petty bs. Fights aren’t killing people. Is that real enough?
  20. Armed officers/guards would be there to handle a active shooter situation. Not all the other petty bs. Plenty of retirees would do it
  21. Armed officers need to be in every school in the country.
  22. Little quick to pull the race card don’t you think?
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