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  1. Lake George is pretty nice but too many citiots.
  2. Gonna have to disagree with that. I hear real hens yelping ALL the time
  3. I’ll be out. Still have one tag. Always hunt entire month if have tag.
  4. Trailboss but wouldn’t go 6.2 unless I really needed it. 5.3 is plenty in my GMC Sierra
  5. Been a lot of places. Hawaii hands down
  6. Shouldn’t smell like rot if done right but there is a product called Odorban sold at Home Depot that you could soak it in, it works well
  7. Hopefully they didn’t use bleach. What kind of smell? Been doing Euros for years
  8. Omg, you liberals amaze me. How about maybe just maybe that the other 90% are just criminals that no one made commit the crime and deserve to be there
  9. Sorry about your cousin. That is very very rare though.
  10. What’s not said enough is if fat people such as yourself were healthy and had a strong immune system, wouldn’t need the experimental vaccine. Since we are just speaking our minds here..
  11. Absolutely ridiculous, 100 percent good shoot. That cop saved that girls life. What are these savages protesting, he saved one of their peoples lives.
  12. Spoken like a true liberal
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