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  1. Found this Saturday morning while turkey hunting
  2. Was thinking the same thing. Unreal
  3. I don’t understand how people giving money helps.
  4. You just can’t believe everything you read on the internet. That animal was NOT released on bail. Held on 5 million dollar bail. There bs on both sides
  5. Heard hardly anything about it
  6. Not sure if you saw the video but first person he shot when he got out of the car was a white woman
  7. The video games of today don’t help. No need for them.
  8. I have found just dropped fawns a couple of times while turkey hunting. Albeit closer to the end of month though
  9. Same here. I used to love to shoot them at long range. Now, very few around and the few I do see get a pass. Especially in the spring.
  10. Nice, those cats look really good. A lot don’t
  11. The lib Joe voters here are silent...
  12. LCPs are know for being ammo finicky. That being said, sometimes it’s the shooter not locking the wrist and stealing energy the pistol needs to cycle correctly. Really important to lock the wrist with those little micro pistols
  13. Yes, pretty normal. Especially with different weight bullets. Like was said make sure you shoot off a rest to rule out the shooter. Buy practice bullets the same weight as your carry ammo, difference won’t be much
  14. Yup, thanks for the vote Chef, versatile hunter and the couple other liberals on this site.
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