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  1. If you’re even remotely healthy, you’ll be fine
  2. Waterfowler


    Never seen one die in that position before. Hope the backstraps are good. Btw, don’t need any kind of saw or clippers, just twist and pop.
  3. He’s called fish and wildlife unlimited. He has quite a few bad reviews and was busted years ago for selling customers venison. There was a guy out of smith point archery that was good.
  4. Nice, been loading a bunch myself. Ever have over expansion issues with those BT’s?
  5. Dam, have a house in Delaware County but still too far
  6. I disagree, so you get a pic of a buck during daylight and just walk up to it and kill it?? Maybe a tame fenced in deer...
  7. Have 1000 CCI large rifle primers, looking for small pistol or small rifle primers. Preferably CCI
  8. I agree with Grampy on most of that. Don’t blame you, honest legal living even f I don’t agree. You make a lot of “guarantees “ though. I personally would absolutely still have a problem with it even only flatheads were shot. Also you guaranteed that these high fence haters never shot any record bucks, again wrong, I’ve harvested multiple p/y and one b/c. A free range spike is most certainly more of a “trophy” than a canned giant. Just my opinion. You are taking advantage of a market for instant gratification, good for you, just a not for everybody
  9. I think it depends on the size and amount of animals. My dad took me on a canned hog hunt in Ny 20 yrs ago, was small and not challenging. I have also been on a 115,000 acre ranch in Texas hog hunting and that was a hunt. Bottom line for me is of some loser wants to mount his farm deer and spend thousands that’s up to him, I don’t agree but don’t lose sleep over it. My biggest complaint is, it’s a negative look on all real hunters
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