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  1. They love poison ivy. My kids have fed them pretzels and chips but strangest thing is a bird.
  2. Yes, and they have a bad Indian accent. I’ve had them stop transmitting a couple times over the years and it has been needs updating. Take out micro sd and put update on it and put it back
  3. Chef, picky eater? I think not….
  4. That first pic looks like could be sun reflection but that last pic sure doesn’t. Either way nice buck good luck
  5. Just what the forum needs, another liberal…
  6. As crazy as it sounds, some morons still will. Including a few on this forum
  7. Amanda Nunez. Hits like a man. But like Valentina Shevchenko
  8. Nothing like waterfowl hunting with a well trained retriever. Assuming he’s not steady yet by seeing leash. Tough to do sometimes but until my dogs were rock solid I would not shoot and just watch and correct the dog while others shot.
  9. Waterfowler

    Big one

    Dam what a beauty. Susquehanna?
  10. Yup, teachers on Long Island making that including my wife
  11. It is definitely convenient, especially when I used to do deer drives.
  12. Yep, love my .460 performance center. Hogs, deer and alligators don’t.
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