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  1. mpavlus

    Turkey loads

    After reading all the comments I checked my ammo box. I have 18 Winchester XR's in 12ga. 3 1/2" #4's. Same gun, same choke and same shells I've shot for past three seasons. No need to do any more patterning. Just go hunt. Very lucky this year that I did all that previously. Good luck all.
  2. Killed my first turkey with a Browning A-5 12ga. 2 3/4" #2's. Original barrel. Probably 35 or so years ago. That was before turkey guns and turkey loads. Was the way to go.
  3. Awesome hunt. Congratulations. Enjoy your venison this winter.
  4. Saw some nice rubs in this area. Hunted this spot hard and it paid off.
  5. Good hunt and a good bird. Congratulations
  6. I stuck them up on some old corn stalks. It worked. They saw them and came my way.
  7. Awesome hunt. Congratulations on a great bird.
  8. mpavlus


    Thanks. Sitting in the woods last weekend black flies had the advantage. Good luck in Canada
  9. Has anyone used a Thermacell insect repellent? Just wondering how well it works. Thanks.
  10. Congratulations on a successful hunt. Way to go.
  11. Congratulations. Excellent hunt. I've seen that guy before.