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  1. Morning sit in PA one small doe and a squirrel so far.
  2. Had a good looking buck cruise by at 3:50 at about 120yds, might have been the target practice going on today that got him moving. More guys shooting than opening day of gun last year. He didnt care about grunt call at all didn’t get a great look at him but looked good. At 430 a 4 point pushed two doe under me, followed by a fawn.
  3. Picked a open spot for the afternoon sit. Hopefully I at least see something after blowing them all out, going in on a different small piece this morning.
  4. Up in the pines sitting over three scrapes hoping a buck comes to freshen them up after last nights and this morning’s rain.
  5. Saw two doe at last light in the pines as the rain was starting.
  6. Out for the afternoon sit, after checking cameras at my cousins in pa.
  7. Had one unidentifiable come through in the dark. At 830 had a buck down in the thick about 120yrds out. If he heard my grunts and bleats in this wind he didn’t care.
  8. Should we just chalk this presidential historian on msnbc up as just a member of blue anon?
  9. Fear mongers on all channels. But to msnbc politics scare tactic.
  10. In fact, much of what we thought we knew about Pavlov has been based on bad translations and basic misconceptions. That begins with the popular image of a dog slavering at the ringing of a bell. Pavlov “never trained a dog to salivate to the sound of a bell,” Todes writes. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/11/24/drool
  11. The picture of your hand made gear over the honey comb is awesome.
  12. I see it all over and I figured being that Ohio is a straight wall cartridge that maybe why. But when I was in Walmart in PA buying a hunting license the shelf’s where stacked with 350L. Twice as much 350L than .308 and no .243 which seems limited if I see a box on occasion. Might still be a geographic thing though.
  13. Have you thought about 350 legend it’s ammo also seems more available than .243 currently.
  14. Pelosi also does not want the Jan. 6 security footage released. Not sure why not but if it was truly damning to Trump you would think these instances would have footage released. Until the footage is released all these instances are just blue anon conspiracy theories.
  15. Same for me with a .270, core lokt were the worst. I switched to the rem accu tip and that is leaving a larger hole.
  16. Last two mornings in Ohio have been slow with only a button and a small 6 seen. Trail cameras are showing a lot of night time activity with the small bucks but not anything I want to use my buck tag on this early. Going to head up to PA tonight and hunt my cousins 20 acres tomorrow.
  17. Not sure how it does with plants, but the old barns made from larch seems to have been a good choice. When my cousin and I picked up the larch for my great grandpa’s barn my cousin now owes I got a true appreciation of just how sappy larch really is. Bright red color that faded to a nice grey.
  18. The sale of vaccine doses is what some wanted fortified. Just look up time magazine “fortified” and that should give everyone a easy explanation.
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