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  1. Religious exemptions are not only for the Catholics. That is a bigoted statement.
  2. It violates the restaurant owner and my rights it simple. Your ok with medical segregation forced on private businesses by the government? What other segregation forced or not are you ok with? Allowing businesses to segregate is a slippery slope, allowing governments to force it is insane. But Covid has caused some people to be ok with insane policies out to fear. Ones fear does not out weigh someone else rights.
  3. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-vaccines-keytonyc.page Your right you travel you just can’t go see or do anything or eat at restaurants in some places. NYC for example why travel there if you can’t do anything.
  4. I am happy with my move to Ohio. I am happy with my move to Ohio. Still get all the seasons but not huge amounts of snow accumulation and hunting is good. And if you hunt your own land no need for license or tags if you are looking for low cost.
  5. She repeatedly called him controlled by Russia. What about the previous year with the smirk and clap after the state of the union was that dignified for the house floor? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/politics/watch-pelosi-rips-up-trumps-state-of-the-union-speech
  6. Still waiting on Adam Schiffs proof of collusion. There was lot of dangerous talk from democrats.
  7. On the floor Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trumps state of the union speech. You might also want to check on some of the thing Rashinda Tlaib and Maxine Waters said for starters and expand from there.
  8. I think it was wrong than and now but I am not going to complain about it now as I didn’t complain about it before.
  9. It was not just one person. F Trump was everywhere art galleries have had over 100 piece exhibits of artists f Trump art. Plenty of rap song that were anti Trump and even threats to kill him. Celebrities talking about bombing the White House and about killing Trump. This was not started for Biden it was started during Trumps presidency but now people have complaints about its simply hypocrisy. Never heard anyone saying f Trump was dangerous to are democracy but fjb and lgb is come on, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. https://www.billboard.com/music/rb-hip-hop/rappers-dis-trump-eminem-the-storm-freestyle-7997503/amp/ https://www.thewrap.com/hollywood-stars-donald-trump-violent-death-kathy-griffin-snoop-dogg/amp/
  10. Why do you believe the first three are the answer but the fourth is insane?
  11. Union Pacific letter to Los Angeles district attorney.
  12. A lot for southern Ohio. Should of plowed before leaving this morning but did not so now onto cv shaft replacement.
  13. Why do you feel dragging someone’s loved ones negatively into a conversation is in any way appropriate?
  14. He was not completely wrong at the time with the uv light stuff look up healight technology platform at the time they where testing uv light inside the body. The disinfectant talk was pretty far out there. https://www.biospace.com/article/releases/aytu-bioscience-announces-completion-of-healight-tm-safety-study-in-critically-ill-covid-19-patients/
  15. When democratic officials where calling for Trumps impeachment the day he took office we should all have seen it was going to be a $hit show. Actions like these widened the political gap before Trump even had a chance. The question is why was he being attacked before he had a chance to do anything? And would his presidency been different with any cooperation from the other side. Now we have a $hit show joe with run away inflation which is hurting everyone. I didn’t like Trumps personality but I voted with my wallet and feel I was right every time I get my wallet out at the store or gas station.
  16. To be honest I think he also asked for that one to be shut down. He asked and had the one in the political section shut down. Then it just moved over to the members thread instead of where it should have been left.
  17. Have you tried using wheel weight lead?
  18. Here are some of the medical definitions that have changed during Covid 19. https://undercurrents723949620.wordpress.com/2021/03/22/the-definition-of-pandemic-has-been-altered/
  19. You have a good point there. It not like the vaccine stops Covid so the vaccinated are still testing as regularly as the unvaccinated and maybe even more. Now that the government is paying for test with tax dollars and requiring insurance companies to cover 8 test per person covered under a policy per month so for my family of 5 that is 40 test l. So they are get money on one end or the other and now on both. Either way if it allowed for a fully staffed medical system in a time of need it would have been better answer overall.
  20. This would make the most sense but less dollars for big pharma.
  21. Testing negative for covid would be a better requirement as vaccinated still can get and give Covid to these said patients. The asymptomatic are still hazardous to others, you know the reason we all were told to wear mask in the first place. Now the vaccine has only created more asymptomatic people.
  22. I believe more so in rural areas.
  23. This link shows hospitals mostly from the north east states which have some of the highest vaccination rates already. Take Ohio for example npr stated yesterday we have a 40% vaccination rate. The major hospital networks tried last year to have a vaccine mandate And rescinded it quickly do to staffing not willing to comply. I believe it will have more effect in some regions than others. The one size fits all mandate by the federal government just shows me another reason I do not want government ran universal health care.
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