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  1. The true issue is the displeasure with the federal government acting properly under its authority. This could have been codified under law by the Democratic Party in the last 50 years. It was not and as such it is not federal law it is a state issue. Welcome to the uniparty where most laws and regulations where not properly set as law as they play us against each other.
  2. Are medical procedures or medical treatment that you are not sure you need a problem?
  3. Unless it’s like a AR with features than one would not be able to obtain one out of state as it is not legal in their residing state. Than said companies would be a accessory to a crime. It will be interesting to see the rulings on West Virginia vs EPA as it could set a precedent to roll back all none congressional regulations made by any government agency.
  4. If the Democratic Party would have help the American first administration we would have had a lot more in the reserves. A missed opportunity do to political nonsense. The Democratic Party and climate change activist called it a bail out for big oil not the wise investment opportunity it really was. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-25/trump-s-thwarted-oil-buy-would-ve-given-biden-6-billion-bonanza
  5. The fuel delivery driver that brings fuel to the company I work for told me fuel prices at the refinery he picks up at changes 4 times a day. And the price is set when entering the refinery. If it goes up or down the price is set at the gate not the new price figured every 6 hours. And the price at the pump is often changed multiple times a day to accommodate for the price increase at the refinery. Is this correct?
  6. I am not much of a fisherman but everyone I know that does better fishing pike with live bait and bobber setup lets them take the bait longer. I get too excited and seem to pull it out of their mouth.
  7. Is the government/tax payers really subsidizing the oil and gas industry or is it mostly the money given to these companies for things like heating fuel for people in need of help?
  8. The grid and battery technology are the biggest issues. Never mind renewable energy a power plant can burn fossil fuels at a much higher efficiency then a ICE. But the battery technology and infrastructure are the biggest restriction for the middle class buyers that can afford them. If the price verse efficiency was viable more middle class would be purchasing them. In my opinion it’s just not there yet and the best technology that is truly reliable and efficient for most is hybrid technology.
  9. A lot of live fire gun training course require body armor Also the riots last year was a pretty good examples of the police not keeping citizens safe. I was thinking of getting the lite weight armor for my kids backpacks. Why restrict my ability to help keep my kids safe. Do you think criminals are going to stop at the body armor law and say, you know what I will break all the other laws but not this one. https://www.spartanarmorsystems.com/backpack-armor-spartan-armor-systems-flex-fused-core-iiia-soft-armor-panel-11-x-14/
  10. Some may care if it was true but this is a fake quote. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2018/dec/18/blog-posting/no-donald-trump-did-not-call-republican-voters-dum/
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