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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-03-09/visa-mastercard-pause-work-on-code-aimed-at-gun-purchases
  2. https://www.self.inc/info/us-debt-by-president/
  3. Documents where discovered nov 2, this news was not released until after the midterms. The real question is why is this even coming out in the left bias news now?
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna889531 Trump inauguration rioter all changes dropped, seems fair right.
  5. So still no answers? It can’t be a true back and forth if only one side is willing to answer questions. But have a good time with your travels and be safe.
  6. Ok Trump wants McCarthy is everyone here that does not want him still Trump lackey? “Look at the dems” what they are willing to get behind someone they don’t believe in AOC for example, and they say people that voted Trump are a cult. Honestly everyday that the uniparty can’t sign a bill to waste my tax dollars is a good day. If you look at McCarthys voting record and still don’t see how everyday he is not voted in a speaker with out some constraints that the conservatives hold outs are asking for is a good day I don’t know what to say. If you would please take the time to go back and answer the question I asked if you Wednesday it would be appreciated.
  7. They were voted in by their constituents and are doing the will of their voters. Every team brought their own ball, your mad that you can’t control what the other team is doing with their ball. Just a heads up democracy moves slower if everyone is not in on the uniparty we have grown accustomed to.
  8. Why is it a embarrassment to stand up for what your constituent’s want? And actually try to represent the people that voted you in and not the uniparty or party line bs.What is truly sad is the 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill getting voted in quicker than a speaker and people think the thinking the speaker vote is embarrassing in comparison.
  9. Formatting a question that if one replies, implies they are someone’s lackey Is uncouth. So instead of replying with my opinion as not to assign myself as Trumps lackey, I will ask of you what in your opinion should be done about the interference of information at the federal governments agencies behest and false misinformation claims that may have swayed the election (election interference)? Also what should be done about the other freedom of speech violations which is what it is as it was done on the governments behest?
  10. Moran? Some times you talk very articulate and some times you sound like a small spoiled child. Why when you disagree with someone does that make them a moron. Do you think so highly of your positions that if anyone disagrees they must be a moron or you just a rude Richard making fun of his Asperger’s.
  11. So you came to a thread to talk shit on Elon and Trump but haven’t followed the release of the election interference by the government and twitter. Why? The gop is in free fall? Looks as if the Democratic Party is in free fall as members continue to leave it like Gabbard and Sinema.
  12. Morning sit in PA one small doe and a squirrel so far.
  13. Had a good looking buck cruise by at 3:50 at about 120yds, might have been the target practice going on today that got him moving. More guys shooting than opening day of gun last year. He didnt care about grunt call at all didn’t get a great look at him but looked good. At 430 a 4 point pushed two doe under me, followed by a fawn.
  14. Picked a open spot for the afternoon sit. Hopefully I at least see something after blowing them all out, going in on a different small piece this morning.
  15. Up in the pines sitting over three scrapes hoping a buck comes to freshen them up after last nights and this morning’s rain.
  16. Saw two doe at last light in the pines as the rain was starting.
  17. Out for the afternoon sit, after checking cameras at my cousins in pa.
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