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    I get that and a couple of years ago I was the same way and actually preferred it. But we have a hobby beef farm now so I actually have to much in the freezer now and just really love hunting.
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    It’s a long season I have until February 7th this year in Ohio and it’s a one buck state so I am more willing to take the gamble. I have gotten a lot of nice bucks on trail cam over the last three years but they are really nocturnal down here my brother shot a big bodied 7 point the first year and I got a big bodied 6 point last year off my 20 acres. If it was the two weeks I get to stay at our house up in 9j I would shoot him for sure. I was convincing myself he was older to justify shooting him but I think we will try for the fatter 8 or see if something comes along that is better.
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    Not the good part stark co
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    No but have been pretty lucky in 9j and trying to set my limits higher on my 20 acres in Ohio
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    Think I will try for this one
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    Should probably pass him was convincing myself he was older, that why I asked for the non bias opinions.
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    Damn man mid 30’s but a mechanic so pretty good estimate.
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    Hate to ask this question, but I am mixed up on this one from Ohio face looks long but Legs look really long. Picture with no antlers to not cloud anyone’s judgement.
  9. Who is tradewinds ll by so I can try and find it. I have really been getting more into the sours this year
  10. Bacon wrapped marinaded in brown sugar and soy, it’s the way the wife likes it mashed potatoes and corn.
  11. Ohio is full inclusion, archery season this year is September 26 - February 7. But we only have 9 days of gun season 7 one week and 2 bonus weekend days, 2 weeks later. Ohio has a lot of different laws it takes time to get use to, like if you hunt your own land you don’t need a license or tags
  12. Out with xbow in Ohio at sportsman club all that I saw was turkeys Didn’t know The scouts where having a camp out should have gone in deeper as it got loud but sounded like they where having fun so that’s all that matters.
  13. I always distance myself form guys like these they are leftist anti trump anarchist not sure that makes them a militia. But if these guys are milita members they are part of the blm antifa militia, I don’t think 99% HNY member want anything to do with these clowns. Listen to them on twitter these are the lefts people. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/victoria-taft/2020/10/08/at-least-two-of-gretchen-whitmers-kidnapping-conspirators-appear-to-be-anti-trump-anarchists-n1024917/amp?__twitter_impression=true