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  1. I expect more from people than a comment like that, I don’t care if they’re conservative, liberal or in between Sorry, I didn’t know this was a conservative safe space, sorry to intrude and point out a blatantly sexist comment. I’ve been a member of this forum since January, and most who have had some back and forth with me know where I stand politically. However, I’m an avid hunter, I appreciate the knowledge that is present on this board, and I respect political differences. I knew I’d get some banter for this post, I’m not naive. However, I won’t read bull crap like that comment and not call it out for what it is. On top of that, I know there are at least a few hunters on here that fall a little left of the fence. If that makes you uncomfortable, we’ll, that’s your own issue.
  2. You know what, that’s not okay. I was gonna let that roll off, but comments like that just prove the sexism that exists in our society. If a woman is successful, the rumors of how “she slept her way to the top” start flying around. You should be ashamed of spreading that misogynistic bull crap around. It took all of what 5 hours or less for your macho butt to start flinging around sexist comments, I’m sure you’re very proud.
  3. Classy...you kiss your mother with that mouth?
  4. Ooph, now that’s a major scandal. Thanks for sharing that, it completely stamped out my support for the whole ticket.
  5. Usually it's July/August. Here's a good list: https://www.thoughtco.com/when-are-presidential-running-mates-chosen-3367681
  6. Biden just announced that his 2020 running mate will be Kamala Harris. I for one am incredibly pleased with this. He kept his promise of selecting a woman, she is a well qualified woman of color, and has a strong moderate streak, just like Biden. I am looking forward to a fun POTUS race this year!
  7. Not sure what you're getting at with your analogy, but you're right, we probably won't agree on it. I'm cool with that though. The worst thing I can do is take any of this stuff too seriously, it's not worth it, to me at least.
  8. If that bothers you, boy do I have an audio clip of Trump for you....
  9. I wish you the best with the move.
  10. Actual footage of Rattler going to pick up his salt licks after being called out...
  11. I think he meant WW1, and it's widely agreed upon that the Spanish Flu did play a part. Again, I think he just misspoke, I've done it plenty. The "Yo-Semite" is actually really funny I don't hold it against him, it's not like he practices his speeches. Though funny, that pales in comparison to some of the other stuff he's said/done. I've always said that watching Trump deliver a prepared speech is like watching the school bully read a book report that he stole right before class
  12. Trust me man, I do plenty of my own thinking, that's why I'm wrong so often I did see the clip, also the one with Trump shuffling down the ramp like an invalid, and the water clip. They mean 0 to me. I'm not their doctor. Clinton said she was dehydrated, and I've been there, I collapsed from dehydration while digging a grain bin footer when I was in my twenties. It's all fodder, and it doesn't matter. All of the news pundits use it as a way to fire people up and keep them watching their "news". As for Biden, he has always had a stutter, which leads to some speech problems. He's also gaffe prone, which, honestly, we all are to an extent. Just last night Trump said that the 1917 pandemic ended the 2nd World War. I know what he meant, but CNN had a piece on it this morning, it never fails. None of it matters, it's just a way for people to push an agenda on you.
  13. I would really keep an eye out on Craigslist if you can wait until winter. People offload them in the winter just like motorcycles.
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