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  1. That article was in the adirondack almanac.it was quoted by dec after an 85pound wolf was shot in otsego county.
  2. Stop reporting the wolf sightings or kills.just shoot shovel and shut the hell up.no wolves or cougars in ny if you know what i mean we do not need more predators in ny.we need to thin coyotes and fishers out
  3. B.o.a.t.=break out another thousand lol
  4. For your stupid liberal views.you dont like it so cancel it.
  5. Nice mounts. did you get the bear with the bow also?
  6. Or you can always scroll down. Dont engage cancel culture has to stop.people need to discuss whats goin on,what if we need to organize and inform people .
  7. What are you talking about? I think you should explain yourself.i said we are all grown ups here . Now who is name calling .do you even know what a liberal is? Go get some knowledge maybe eat a tide pod ,then come back
  8. Why do tou moderators have to get involved at all.we are all grown ups if someone dont like it leave or put on your big boy pants my god.freedom of speech keeps getting less and less because people are whiners.cancel culture has to stop.everyone has an opinion and different ways of expressing it.
  9. spoken like a Typical left piece of shit.why dont all the left go to california or the west coast and live the way you guys want to .and leave the normal people alone.do you think it was ok to riot over a 5time criminal loser being killed.what if the three guys he shot killed him would that be ok?funny 3shots he got a child rapist,awife beater and a career criminal.pretty good cross section of your loser party i think.
  10. I pick the chuckles thread.i dont agree with any left leaning politics
  11. Badges ,badges, we dont need no stinking badges .lol
  12. Trump visited fdny and the military and nypd yesterday then did the commentary.your jerkoff would have needed a nap after one of those.plus biden kept looking ar his watch at the 13 marines cerenony that he caused the death of.try and spin that one .you know all you left wing commies should should move to cuba or afghanistan and try it,you seem to hate it here so much.i dont understand the hatred you people have for trump and america.
  13. Fox is starting to lean left a little.now I watch Newsmax or oan.
  14. You are a typical liberal dummy.we had this shit under control then retard bidenama let illegals flood in with God knows what and buses them to cities all over, maybe Florida or New york ,completely unvetted and you worry about your neighbors wearing a mask or get a shot of poison.you sir are a prime example of what's wrong with this country.
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