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  1. Badges ,badges, we dont need no stinking badges .lol
  2. Trump visited fdny and the military and nypd yesterday then did the commentary.your jerkoff would have needed a nap after one of those.plus biden kept looking ar his watch at the 13 marines cerenony that he caused the death of.try and spin that one .you know all you left wing commies should should move to cuba or afghanistan and try it,you seem to hate it here so much.i dont understand the hatred you people have for trump and america.
  3. Fox is starting to lean left a little.now I watch Newsmax or oan.
  4. You are a typical liberal dummy.we had this shit under control then retard bidenama let illegals flood in with God knows what and buses them to cities all over, maybe Florida or New york ,completely unvetted and you worry about your neighbors wearing a mask or get a shot of poison.you sir are a prime example of what's wrong with this country.
  5. I heard the outbreak in massachusetts were 74% vaccinated people. so tell me again why i should get it.the cdc is corrupted .i dont believe a word they say.why did they downplay hydrochloriquines effectiveness?
  6. Masks won't help you.i agree let natural selection take its toll.when all you sheep who believe the bullshit and put foreign shit in your body,finally die from it the smart ones will be left.many dr.s won't get it or tell patients to get it.it has a 98.3% survival rate.it really isn't a vaccine look up the meaning of vaccine it doesn't meet it.research bill gates and eugenics.he is all about deportation and he is part owner of Moderna along with wait for it ........faucci.so shoot up dems,liberals .they won't tell you all the bad sid effects and deaths so far.
  7. Why are they so concerned about the vaccine.if you want it get it if you dont.iif the vaccine is so good you have nothing to worry about.i know alot of people that got it and had a headache and loss of taste for 2days thats it.i also had a feiend die of it.i had it in january it was rough but i made it and should have natural immunity.i was exposed to it in june and was sick 3 days.so im not getting the vaccine.how is that anyones buissness.
  8. They need to come up with something to distract people from what's really going on,such as the election audits,Arizona and Georgia have been found to be fraudulent and Trump won them.also alot of people are getting sick from the vaccine.its all about control by fear.why don't the government give free insulin or chemotherapy if they care so much.
  9. I applaud the people that entered the capitol building atleast they had the balls to do it.show the leaders we are sick of it.all you Trump haters are stupid .he did a good job who cares about his personal bullshit. He exposed the 535 assholes representing us as the crooks that they are.thats why they hate him.they said a bunch of shit about him and all you dems just eat it up instead of making your own mind up.you liberals should hate the dems they were the kkk and wanted segregation.
  10. This country is so divided.i swear I thought any gun owner would be pro 2nd amendment and have right leaning views .I Am amazed at this.but when a guys avatar is left field I should have known.why don't all you left leaning socialists go to cuba for awhile and try it out,see why they are fleeing the country.oh and Biden won't let them in cause he knows they would be against the left narratives.why don't we give you commie dems California Oregon and Washington state. You can be your own communist LGBT woke country and the rest of the normal people will keep the other states.we obviously have more people look at election audits Arizona and Georgia flipped back to Trump. Pennsylvania and Michigan is next .there is gonna be a great awakening .the dem party has been taken over by corrupt socialists.
  11. I have not heard of too many blm or antifa being arrested though.the capital rioters are still in prison ,soliitary confinement for what tresspassing?blm leaders said on tv to burn ities down maxine waters incites riots.nobody does nothing
  12. What about the capitol police that shot a woman climbing in a window?where is the outrage?oh she wasnt black and a 5time criminal so no press.the left wing news spin a story and the idiots all believe it.
  13. The police opened the dam doors.really the most secure building in the country was breeched by a group of people with signs.come on wake up.how about hold blm and antifa accountable?you must be a democrat.
  14. Im so sick of liberals and uninformed democrats trying to change america.if you dont like it here get the #$%& out.the dem party is no longer your dads party they are corrupt money grabbing communists.why do you think borders are open in texas and arizona but not for cubans fleeing communism?because they would never vote democrat.why dont the left just all move to west coast we will give you california ,washington and oregon .i never owned slaves and will not apoligize for being too white.it is being proven the election was stolen.arizona flipped georgia flipped to trump also and now so far pennsylvania is looking to be changing also.there is a large silent majority just waiting for something to change .
  15. Hi give northeast water systems a call.they will set you right up.very reasonable and knowledgeable.585 953 2219.
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