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  1. Sogaard


    My sons and I all struck out trying to get one in 3H. Now we all have 2 PPs.
  2. Last year I took my twins out gun hunting for the first time. One son shot a doe in the morning, we gutted it there and dragged it out. We had lunch, then went back in for an afternoon sit. My other son shot a buck that came in to sniff the gutpile of the doe later that afternoon. I always gut them where they drop, or the closest convenient spot.
  3. The picture of the first one isn't great, and the few leaves it has are damaged, so it makes identification a little harder. It doesn't look like ginseng to me because I only see 3 leaves coming off the branch. Ginseng has 5. Also Ginseng leaves have jagged edges and those leaves look smoother (albeit with the damage, it's hard to tell). A better picture with the other vegetation moved out of the way would help.
  4. I would suggested looking into getting a used bow. For that price range, you will be able to buy a much better quality bow if you find one that's a year or two old. Find out your draw length and take a peek at the classifieds on ArcheryTalk. You can get some really good deals there this time of year as people look to offload their older bows to pick up the latest models coming out this fall. Personally, I'm an Elite shooter. You should be able to pick up a used '13 Elite Hunter for around that price, and if you do, you won't be disappointed.
  5. For LI, bowhunting is your only option until the January shotgun/mz season, which is a lottery. Keep in mind, bowhunting is far more difficult that hunting with a gun. Go to an archery pro-shop and make sure you find out your proper draw length. I'd then suggest you shoot several bows in whatever your price range is, and go with whichever you find the most comfortable to shoot. Picking the fastest bow is not always the best choice. Once you have your bow, practice, practice, practice. The last thing you should want is to wound a deer and not be able to recover it because your arrow hit a non-vital area. Also, depending on where on LI you hunt, you may need to purchase a tree stand. If you do go that route, make sure you practice shooting from up in the stand also, it's a bit different from standing flat. And last, make sure you know what you're doing after the shot. Don't down a deer and then have no idea how to field dress it, or no plan to either butcher it yourself or know where to drop it off. Early bow season on LI can still be pretty warm. Without a plan, that meat can go to waste in a short time.
  6. I live on Staten Island. I hunt in 3H, just past Monticello (Mongaup Valley) and I also bowhunt on Long Island occasionally. My number one piece of advice to you is if you plan to hunt this fall, buy your weapon(s) of choice as soon as possible, and start practicing your aim.
  7. What exactly is the point of this post? Are you saying hunters from the city do not own vehicles that can transport a quartered moose? Are you saying hunters from the city don't process and/or eat what they shoot? Are you saying hunters from the city can't handle the challenges of moose hunting? Please clarify, I await your reasoning with bated breath.
  8. Adelson and the Koch brothers (Charles and David) basically control the Republican national agenda.
  9. This bill just allows the DEC to regulate a season if and when it chooses to do so. It doesn't mean there will be moose tags next season if it passes. It takes the decision out of the hands of politicians and puts it into the DECs. Not a bad thing in my opinion, given the two options.
  10. Didn't they make a movie about this fight recently? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grudge_Match_(film)
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