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  1. stillhunter

    What are you using opening day SZ?

    Marlin 1895g 45-70 topped with a monarch 3x9x40. Handload using 300 gr. Nosler partition.
  2. stillhunter

    Hunting without magnification

    Up until a few years ago I usually always used open sights including with my own 1895g. Then my eyes got old and I was forced to put on optics. As long as your your comfortable with open sights, I say go for it. I always thought it was quicker to get on target and easier to follow what was happening after the shot.
  3. stillhunter

    New Lever Gun

    Looks good. Didn't realize Mossberg was making lever actions.
  4. stillhunter

    Blackhorn 209 & Dirty Barrel

    Try making a index line across the top of the receiver and the barrel. If it keeps locking up the same with the lines lined up I don't see a problem.
  5. stillhunter

    Blackhorn 209 & Dirty Barrel

    I shoot 209 in my encore through a clean barrel. I find that I tighter grouping by weighing the charge. I shoot a 100g volumetric which weighs out at 70g. The conversions are on their web sight.
  6. stillhunter


    Commercial brand Permethrin is good but gets expensive. I get the 10% Permethrin animal dip online and mix it 19:1 with distilled water. Just as effective and a lot cheaper to use. The only difference is it has a slightly different odor. Been using it for several years without a single tick.
  7. stillhunter

    Bear for the book with flint arrowhead

    Nice going, great looking bear.
  8. stillhunter

    Hunting in Orange County

    Never hunted Pochuck, but you might want to try Sterling Forest. It has a lot more land to hunt.
  9. stillhunter

    2 Locked Bucks Found Dead Watkins Glen, NY

    Real shame. Nice bucks.
  10. stillhunter

    First Mature Buck Shows Up!

    Great lookin deer. Luck to ya.
  11. stillhunter

    Alien deer

    Looks like maybe some sort of deer and chupacabra hybrid.
  12. stillhunter


    nice deer, congrats
  13. stillhunter

    My Biggest Buck

    Way to go. Real nice. Congrats.
  14. stillhunter

    Practical Hunting Accuracy

    Sounds like you have it covered. Good luck.
  15. stillhunter

    2 1/2 or 3 1/2??

    Looks like a 2, narrow body.