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  1. growalot have you checked out any farm seed catalogs ? I was looking on www.johnnyseeds,com and the prices for just plain purple top turnips werent that high. Maybe you can make your own blend.
  2. I was xtra heavy on the turnip seed and now im wondering how big they will get.
  3. Fishon

    Damn trespassers

    I know how ya feel. I bought a piece of property 3 years ago and have guys sneak on it to hunt. If ya look at the fines for trespassing its a joke. I hope ya catch them.
  4. Fishon

    Savage 220 20 Gauge Slug

    I have the 220 also and i shoot lightfields out of it . They group really well.
  5. Fishon


    A friend of mine stopped by and showed me his new toy. It was a DJI Phantom drone. The thing was fast. He said with the extender he had it would go 4.5 miles. The camera was awesome. He flew it out back by my pond and saw some turkeys. They didnt spook but he had it up pretty high. Saw lake Ontario (few miles from my house). It had a follow me mode. It was amazing what the thing to do. Oh boy, now i want one.Lol
  6. Fishon


    Rage 2 blade. The deer usually dont go to far.
  7. Fishon

    Lightfield ML bullets

    I got mine from Sportsmans guide. I looked and they still carry them.
  8. Fishon

    Lightfield ML bullets

    Ive been using them for years and i love them. They load easy and are accurate. You do have to use the adapter on the ramrod. Buy extras . Every time hunting season comes around they are hard to find.
  9. Fishon

    Considering a move

    I was looking around Ellijay Ga last year and all i can say is i hope ya like heat and humidity . I saw alot of deer down there . There were alot of places to trout fish down there. The place i stayed had a sign that said if you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom make sure you look for scorpions. they like the cool tile floor. Lol. They had to an exterminator come every month for all the bugs. Looks like ill be in NY for a while.
  10. Fishon


    Finally getting some rain today. So far we have had 5 storms 10 to 15 minute bursts. Im hoping food plots and the farmers corn perks up . I was going to till and plant a small plot up this am but didnt think we were going to get any rain. Dang,missed that one. Keep doing the rain dance.
  11. Fishon


    Missed us again. The farmers corn is about 6 inches long. Hay is going to bring top dollar .
  12. Fishon

    Any Plumbers In The House?

    Is there a clean out t outside of your place or down stream of your place ? You can take the cap off and let it run on top of the ground and watch how fast they fix it. If you dont have a clean out outside of your place you can dig down and cut one in.
  13. Fishon

    Any Plumbers In The House?

    I wonder if its a crushed line or back pitched? Good luck Rob.
  14. Fishon

    secure camera questions

    I use the moultrie cams with the password protection on it. if they get the cam they cant use it. I use the moultrie lockbox and i stand on the back of my 4 wheeler to get the camera out of reach.
  15. Fishon

    Any Plumbers In The House?

    After i snaked drains i would tell the people to fill the tub with hot water and dump it once in a while to flush out the drain. You can run the snake down the tub overflow to just take the 2 screws out and remove.