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  1. I wasint sure where to post this picture but this looks like a good spot
  2. That's like asking someone if they have any spare gold laying around
  3. Not sure what the little eyeballs are ? I thought the yellow could be chicken of the woods?
  4. I had a 170" buck at 15yd with a rife and missed him.. Beat that !! I still have nightmares!
  5. Wow I feel like I just found my church! I must go there to pay homage to the whitetail gods
  6. The round paw is my 50lb Griffon. Best I can tell it's a fisher based on the 5 toes and long nails? 8M wmu I did see a fisher here 2 yrs ago so it's possible
  7. That's pretty heavy stuff. RIP the deer that you kill will never attend your funeral but the friends and family will. Life is sort and the more time you can spend making memorys for other people is how a true sportsman is honored!
  8. X2 here right by my house and I have two dogs that chase them off. they don't stand a chance unprotected
  9. They need to make AR for kids like they shouldint able to shoot anything with more than 6pts.. I'm sick of kids killing bigger bucks then me every year!
  10. I would love to see you pass that 4.5yo up to shoot that 1.5yo 130lb 3pt standing next to it..
  11. I think the voluntary AR is working well seems in general most all hunters perfer big bucks over small bucks. i also think the state is doing the right thing by providing deer management education in the hand book.. I feel like they are laying it out there for hunters to decide here is your tags but it's up to you to manage the deer heard in you area. if you like big mature deer thay have to live to maturity... this is what a small 1.5 looks like and if you choose not to shoot him he could live 2 more years give you twice the meat and one massive rack ..you decide.. We have to remember that without management and restrictions we wouldint be arguing at all because the meat hunters would have exterminated the whitetail population long ago
  12. My neighbors wear head to toe orange and shoot at every thing that move like they are fighting for thier life's against the enemy.. it's as if it give them the right to be careless, they are a complete joke. they are the guys that run out of ammo and might tag one deer for every 20 shots.
  13. Yea you don't have to tell me.. just an example of how accident happen old gramps had been hunting his whole life maybe the cold got to him that day..