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  1. I won one in 30-06 and it is a tack driver. My 13 year old son claimed it!!
  2. When will the 2017-2018 New York hunting licenses be available to purchase? Thanks Blackpowder28
  3. LOL...Me too. I appreciate the update. Blackpowder28
  4. Can anyone tell me the amount of snow in the woods around Danby? Looking to come up and hunt the last weekend but don't want to hunt if the snow is deep in the woods. Thanks in advance Blackpowder28
  5. Bought an Ameristep that my son and I fit in fine. It was $59 at Dick's. Blackpowder28
  6. The Federal Fusion 150 grain shoot sub moa in my Browning. Blackpowder28
  7. I have a few T/C Encores/Prohunters and everyone shoots sub MOA. I have a .257 Roberts, 209x50 barrel, 17 Remington, and .338 Federal. I hated the idea of changing barrels so I bought frames for each barrel. All of my T/C's were bought before S&W bought and gutted the T/C line. Cannot vouch for the quality and accuracy now BUT I would not part with any of my T/C's, well possibly the 17 Remington?? Blackpowder28
  8. I clean all of my blackpowder rifles with rubbing alcohol. Blackpowder28
  9. I am on my second Liberty safe......I grew out of my 24 gun safe the day it was delivered. I now have a 28 gun safe and bought a cheap Stack-on that I keep my muzzleloaders and shotguns in. I also purchased a locking metal cabinet at Sam's Club that I put all my ammo and powder in, this frees room up in your safe. I agree with Turkeyfeathers....Buy bigger than you need. Blackpowder28
  10. Wool is King of the Cold......I only wear my Woolrich when it is sub zero otherwise I use Cabela's Wooltimate jacket. Blackpowder28
  11. Savage 220 20 gauge with a leupold 2-7x Shotgun/Muzzleloader scope. Blackpowder28