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  1. Was expecting coyotes but 50% of the photos are of a hawk, owl, and a fisher returning to the gut pile And a small mountain lion. Dont know how he is out in the woods as ive never seen him at the neighbors and this is very far into the woods
  2. I got a buck on opening morning of gun. Is my license for a buck for bow season still eligible? Additionally, I have a doe permit for either season so I assume that I can use a bow or a gun for this?
  3. 8pt down in 4r - only about 20 shots but traffic and cars gldriving in at dawn galore
  4. Was today an opening day for some gun season for small game? I saw a guy walking out of posted property in full hunting like he was set up for the whole day with no orange and with a high caliber rifle
  5. when would they normally start dropping? I saw a buck on sunday with a full rack - thought the bases started to weaken in Feb-Early March
  6. I lasted 6am-8:45am and decided to get out of my stand because it was "technically 9:45am" and i was frigid with snow blowing off the trees and onto me I forgot my release and went back to my stand at 9:30am from the house and noticed beyond fresh tracks of a single deer in the snow that came within 10 yards of my stand so I took my trail camera card and looked at the 10 photos of the 8 point big bodied buck that came by at 9am.....15 minutes after i left
  7. sorry for the delay - there is just wild grass in the field right now thats a semi-swamp ive dug a trench to divert the water and that works but there is a good 6 inches of grass/moss/root carpet
  8. I have a 2 acre unused field that I am planning on making into a food plot but I dont know how to get rid of the 4-5 inches of THICK matted grassy material that has grown on top. I am afraid of planting anything without getting rid of this. Do I disc it or do I bulldozer it?
  9. oh good...a 100% emotionally driven guy shooting people over animals and going against any defense laws .... might as well start microwaving the popcorn - this will look great in the papers
  10. It mightve been jumping the gun but I planted about 12 apple and pear trees the 2nd week of April. I was planning on ordering from fastgrowingtrees.com but drove past home depot and saw the exact same trees i wanted but for $19 or 29 in buckets and about 1-1.25 inches thick in diameter (6-8ft tall) I knew not to trust home depot but for that price it was worth it so i purchased 5ft tall welded wire fence and then planted Do not buy the self-coiling tree protectors for $14 each - i just bought 6inch corrugated pipe and cut it in 18in lengths with a slit down the long side - if the rabbits or mice want to get in through the tie-wire i put around that pipe - they are going to have to be a super strong rodent I did alot of research and planted similar to professional orchards but wasnt as anal - so every 100ft i planted a crabapple which stays in bloom the longest to pollinate everything and then planted apple / pear/ apple / pear/ apple / grafted apple together based on pollination type im not expecting much but this is just a test to see what will happen - and every species i got drops from late september to november - it lines up perfectly with bow season for some strange reason
  11. Thats a main reason I wouldnt - it would appear to be a conflict of interest w/ no arm length transaction and look more like bribery
  12. where do you get your trees from? I've been looking all over and nothing ships before April 1st
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