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  1. So sorry to hear. Prayers sent for Mark and the family. May he rest in peace and be together in your heart in the deer woods this fall.

    Chautauqua Lake

    We'll see how it goes. Caught my 1st musky last year and hoping for a few more this year.

    Chautauqua Lake

    LOL...keeping fingers crossed. I'll let you know.

    Chautauqua Lake

    Thank you for the info. I was looking at the one at Bemus too. I've never fished Chautauqua and looking forward to it. Would love to hit up a nice musky over there.

    Chautauqua Lake

    For members in western NY, a couple buddies and I were looking to try fishing some new water and decided to give Chautauqua Lake a try this weekend. In looking at the map and the DEC site to find a boat launch, we were thinking about the launch at Lucille Ball Memorial Pk. Is that boat launch in pretty decent shape? Thank you for any info
  6. Well, season's a wrap. Had some close encounters and still cant believe I missed that 1 a couple weeks ago. It was a tough but fun season. No luck with the turkeys this year but just got a call and found out that I won a rifle in last nights drawing! Good luck to all out for the last couple hours! Now for some fishing.
  7. Well, off the roost and a few scattered gobbles from him going in the other direction, that got fainter and fainter as he got further away. I can't try to circle around him because he's onto neighboring property now. We'll see if he circles back around remembering this hen he heard over here but not thinking so, can only stay until about 9:00 and meeting a couple buddies for fishing on my boat...so season's prob a wrap for me. Haha...he just gobbled again way out there now, barely audible.
  8. Just did a couple fly down cackles and he gobbled to both of them, whereas yesterday he didnt even respond to them. Now some clucks and purrs and wait to see what happens.
  9. Well, he's gobbling again today. This time I'm set up a little closer. Hopefully he doesn't ghost me like he did yesterday. Good luck to all out on this last morning
  10. Well, that's promising...crows just flew over my area and shocked out a gobble. A good distance away but workable! Good to hear one, considering i haven't heard a gobble in over a week.
  11. Set up and waiting for the morning to start. All quiet so far except for some song birds and some crows. Good luck to all out still.
  12. Congratulations! I became a Grandpa for the first time this past April...you're going to love it. Nothing compares to that feeling!
  13. Out with my little cousin, trying to get him his 1st before the thunderstorms roll in. Would love to pull one in front of him!
  14. Since some are seeing hens with poults already would that indicate that the turkey mating season is done? Are gobblers done mating and not looking for hens anymore or would Toms still be on the prowl looking for any receptive hens?
  15. 69 and muggy in 8F, good thing turkeys dont have a sense of smell, literally dripping with sweat by the time I was set up in my spot.