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  1. Peroxide paste after boil and light pressure washing
  2. Did 3 seperate boils and powerwash after each. Was never a true boil, more like a good simmer, for about 3-4 hours each, with some Dawn dish soap in each boil to pull oils out of skull/bone, to lessen chances of those oily spots bleeding through whitener.
  3. Finally had time to get to it. Was planning outside but it was a super windy day and figured what the hell...the Mrs did not have the same, no big deal attitude...LOL
  4. Just rinsed off the peroxide paste, finished doing my own Euro mount of my buck...from field on 11/20 to mount on 12/11. I think it came out pretty good!
  5. Was a tough opening weekend with some crazy winds in 8F, but it finally came together with an 8Pt yesterday at 2:55. Watched him make a scrape and then he came over looking for the doe that cruised by about 5 minutes earlier. The 30-06 did it's job at about 70yds, dropping him right there.
  6. Ya, I'm on deercation from work 11/2-11/9 and not too thrilled about those warm temps. Packed in for 2nd all day sit today. Some good chasing by my stand yesterday in the dark before light and passed on a 2.5 yr old 7pt chasing and trailing some does by my stand at 10:15. He stood still at 10yds watching the does for over 5 minutes, then off chasing again. Long sit till dark after that with no more deer seen the rest of the sit. We'll see what happens today. Good luck all.
  7. Packed in for my first all day sit of the season. In the stand, nice and early, at about 6:00. Had what sounded like chasing come by my stand in the dark, at about 6:15. Later 4 doe walked by in front of me at 7:25. Then had a fisher walk by me at 8:05. Best time of year to be out in the deer woods. Good luck all.
  8. Nice to be out here at it again. Good luck all. Hunt safe, hard, ethically, and have fun. Looking forward to hearing all your stories and seeing all your pics this season.
  9. Thank you everyone! It was a good day overall.
  10. Fun catching them on the kayak. Ended up with 3 pike, 6 largemouth, and 1 bowfin...All Catch & Release
  11. Thanks for the input. I'll check into these.
  12. So, now it finally seems that 30-06 ammo is finally a little bit more available but so far, everytime I find what I'm looking for (Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 165Gr), the business does not sell ammo to NY residents. Does anybody know of any ammo businesses that will actually ship to NY?
  13. Friday was like a ghost town in the turkey woods, no birds seen or heard. Dedicated Sat and Sun to fishing and now back out in the woods this morning. All quiet in the roost sight so far. Hopefully some gobblers will end up in the area at some point. Good luck to any out there today.
  14. I'm set up in 8F. All's quiet so far from the roost area. Very thankful for my thermocell this morning!
  15. First day back out here since last Monday and after dedicating this past Fri, Sat, & Sun to some fishing time. All's quiet at the usual roost site only hearing spring peepers, song birds, and some distant crows so far but still feels good to be back out here. Hopefully the turkey action picks up though.
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