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  1. Nice...Love hearing the dogs working it!
  2. Will get out for some rabbits and grouse a few times plus planning a weekend trip up north for snowshoe hares. A few years ago started hobby of wildlife photography, mostly deer and turkey, so will do a bunch of hikes with camera in hand waiting for spring time fishing and turkey season.
  3. Out of work and set up in stand by 12:30 for a last effort. I'm in the stand that I got the broken up 8Pt out of last year on the last day of ML at 4:20. Would be nice to have history repeat itself today. Good luck to all out there on this last day.
  4. Hopefully out of work to be in treestand by 1 for this last day. Good luck to all those heading out.
  5. Sat 10:15 till dark. Good activity today but no bucks. At 2:05 group of 4, 2 doe with 2 fawns, at about 65yds. They meandered off. Then at about 4:10 group of 4 came back down, most likely same 4 as earlier and they were followed by a group of 5 does with fawns. Was hoping one of the trailers would have been a buck but no luck.
  6. Out of work and set up in stand by 10:15. Let's see if any want to play.
  7. Been at work since 2:30 so, as long as everything goes as planned at work, hoping to be in a stand by 11 until sunset. Good luck to all that are out today!
  8. It's not just about the general information that's on Google but I like seeing localized area activity such as real time rut activity in certain areas, real time deer movement in certain areas. Plus there's a lot of guys (and girls) on here that are a wealth of "how to" information in just about every category or topic you can think of. Their personal touch of how they do something with pics adds a dimension of realism and understanding to it all. And yes, I know you can prob get that on YouTube as well, but the difference here, is when you become familiar with members here and their posts, you can get a sense of legitimacy on their knowledge base from their post history.
  9. Out of work and just got settled into the stand with my muzzleloader. Feels good to be back out here, haven't been out since I shot my buck on 12/1
  10. Working an early shift today with hopes of getting out of work on time to be in a stand with muzzleloader by 1:00.
  11. BM7600, this is a great thread. Thank you
  12. I keep a log of hunting times and sightings. So far counting bow and gun season combined, I have logged in 35 hunts consisting of 210.5 hours of stand time not counting time of sitting in the dark waiting for sunrise. This includes the 1.25 hours on stand 12/1/19 up until the time I shot my buck on 12/1. I have not been back out after 12/1; waiting for Muzzleloader to start. The 35 hunts comprise of 9 AM Hunts, 14 PM Hunts, and 12 All Day Sits on stand dark to dark with a combined total of 111 deer sightings. Granted many of the sightings are the same deer day after day and even most likely sometimes in the same day on all day sits with AM and PM movement. TOTALS – As of 12/1/19 Total # Hunts: 35 Total # Hours Hunted: 210.5 Time Frames Hunted: AM-9 / PM-14 / All Day Sits-12 Deer Sightings: Total Deer – 111 Deer Breakdown – Buck-21 (1 Shooter 8Pt-Bow[Drew Back-15Yds But No Shot, 1 Shooter 8 Pt-Gun[Harvested; Previously Passed 2x]) Doe (Antlerless)-82 Unknown-8 Bow Season: Total Deer – 55 Deer in 123.25 Hours / 22 Hunts – 6 AM / 11 PM / 5 All Day Deer Breakdown – Buck-12 / Doe (Antlerless)-39 / Unknown-4 Gun Season: Total Deer – 56 Deer in 86.25 Hours / 13 Hunts – 3 AM / 3 PM / 7 All Day (As of 12/1) Deer Breakdown – Buck-9 / Doe (Antlerless)-43 / Unknown-4