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  1. Close...was on my boat instead of kayak but did hook into a nice northern. Catch and released after the pic
  2. Anybody out today hearing any gobbling? Dead quiet in the woods that I'm in this morning.
  3. I actually just got the same one off Amazon about 3 weeks ago but haven't put it out yet. I'll be getting it out there over the next week or two.
  4. So, this is pretty cool...On the hike yesterday when I found the sheds, I got pics of a buck still holding onto one side of his shed antlers. I think he might be the buck that dropped one of the sheds I found. His antler looks pretty similar to coloration and symetry to one of the ones that I found...and he was in the general area of the direction where the fresh tracks were going.
  5. Found yesterday on my hike. Plus seen a bigger buck with 1 side dropped.
  6. Me too! Only 282 days until Oct 1st...My count down has already begun.
  7. By location or encounters when created. My property: Creek Ladder Creek Mound Cousins Ladder The Blind Short Ladder Pine Rock Back of Pond Ladder Behind Pond Ladder At cousin's camp: Powerlines Stand Original Powerlines Stand Twin Ponds Crows Nest Pine Run #1 #2 Red Pines Blind Red Pines Stand Dog Leg Ladder Clear cut
  8. So sorry for your loss NYTracker. Hope you find the peace that you're looking for in the woods... and a deer.
  9. Packed in for another all day sit. 8 doe seen yesterday, 0 bucks. Passed on 6 of the 8. Today may be a doe patrol day instead of waiting for a buck. Good luck all.
  10. Just set up in the stand waiting on sunrise. Planned all day sits today and tomorrow to wrap up the last weekend of gun. Good luck to all still out there.
  11. I had one lay down next to its mother after I shot her,. Stood there until I climbed out of my tree and walked towards them. Then he walked back a couple of times before finally taking off after I threw a stick at him. Nothing against guys that do, but I won't shoot a doe with a fawn after that. I know the fawn can survive, but I just felt like crap inside.
  12. So sorry to hear. Happy travels over the Rainbow Bridge Remi. Feb 1 will be 3 yrs for my little buddy Colby and still miss him dearly. Got him as a puppy at 2 months old and he was 16 yrs and 3 months old when we had to put him down. It was such a hard decision but the right one for him. Never had the heart or ability to replace him...I just couldn't. They truly are family.
  13. Out of work and in stand by 1:30 for the last few hours. Feels deery out here with the rain passed. Good luck all out.
  14. Rain stopped in 8F, out today until about noon and not back to work until Monday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and good luck to all out.
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