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  1. Up in the stand. More uncalled for rain in 8F but here we go. Good luck to all out there this morning.
  2. Somebody flipped on the rut switch. Already seen 3 bucks this morning. A nice 2.5 yr old 6pt as wide as his ears and tall Then a group of 3 doe being chased by a shooter 8. Chasing back and forth and grunting trailing 2 of them into the pines. Then after that a little 6pt along the creek nose to the ground circling back and forth all over. Plus a doe by herself earlier. Glad I packed in for my first all day sit of the season. Good luck all. Great time to be in the woods.
  3. Up and in the stand...knew they were calling for a breezy morning but wasn't expecting the rain in 8F....stopped now so we'll see if it stays dry rest of the day. Good luck all
  4. I'm right with you, except for only 3 squirrels seen here...LOL
  5. I have a spot that I dont really hit until the rut is kicking in, so ususlly not until Oct 31 and then I usually have the first week of Nov off work....so today I'm sitting this stand for the morning then going to juice up my mock scrape dripper, check trail cams back here, and get out of the area. After that, won't be back here until 10/31. Good luck all
  6. Just had group of 4 doe come by...2 doe and 2 fawns, about 18 yds. Holding out for a buck during bow. Hopefully my #1 or my #2; come by offering a perfect quartering away shot at 18 yds like the lead doe did.
  7. Been settled in the stand for about 25 minutes and just had a couple deer walk right by the stand. Too dark still to see what they were but guessing the doe & fawn duo ive been seeing a lot. Hopefully it's a good sign of more activity to come after sunrise.
  8. Finally saw my 1st buck of the season. This little guy got a pass at about 10yds.
  9. Out again finally! Havent been out since last Sunday and the way this last week of work was....feels great and so need this! Doe with 2 fawns were bedded less than 10 yds from my trail walking in...they're eyes lit up in the flashlight. Almost made it completely past them on my way before they bolted out of there. Good luck to all out there today.
  10. Sod, so sorry for your loss. Prayers sent for you and your family.
  11. 2 deer shadows walked by about 10yds from the stand at about 6:45, couldn't tell what they were in the low predawn light, but thinking they were the doe & fawn duo I've been seeing. Nothing since
  12. Man it was hell sitting at work this morning, waiting to get out and get in the woods. Made it on stand by 1:45...feels great to be back out here! Good luck all!
  13. My buddy had prostate cancer about a year and a half ago. He had his prostate removed, is doing well, and currently cancer free. Prayers sent and good luck
  14. I've never used a ground blind before, prefering hunting out of tree stands, but seems every year I debate trying one out and this year I finally decided to give it a go. Set it up today outside of a pretty decent bedding area and tried brushing it in so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. I'll gladly take any advice on getting used to hunting out of a blind or brushing it in. How does this set up seem to look?
  15. Scary stuff, glad you're OK!