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  1. Sitting in the airport waiting for my flight....wish I was sitting up against a tree listening to the woods wake up. Good luck to all out this last weekend of the season.
  2. Finally back out today after a crazy work week and commitments keeping me out of the woods yesterday. Since I leave for vacation in FL next Saturday, this will most likely be my last outing for the season, unless I can sneak in a quick morning hunt before work this week. Today can only be out until about 10 for a wedding this afternoon. The woods have been void of turkey gobbles or turkey chatter so far this morning but we'll see. Good luck all.
  3. Glad the work week is done. Been dying to get back out there after them and it'll be a 3 day weekend! Good luck all.
  4. Well yesterday was a bust, no turkeys seen or heard but the deer were active walking around me at least, to help pass the time. Even had this buck come by starting this year's new antlers. So far, this morning is starting off like yesterday with no gobbles heard from the roost. Good luck all, beautiful morning to be in the woods!
  5. Other than a couple gobbles from the roost way, far away from me, today was one of those days that feels like turkeys don't exist. The weather was finally pleasant and I was expecting the turkeys to be on fire today ... but they didn't get the memo in my area. Nothing seen or heard, working it right to the noontime whistle. Still awesome to be out there. Hopefully they'll be more cooperative tomorrow. Good Luck all. Should be a good weekend! Yesterday, I did get a nice pic of a deer that got to about 6 yds from me before it realized something wasn't right...LOL
  6. Quiet morning, nothing heard or seen until I fired up this jake at 10:36. He came in hot to some cutting and I decided to take him home with me.
  7. Peroxide paste after boil and light pressure washing
  8. Did 3 seperate boils and powerwash after each. Was never a true boil, more like a good simmer, for about 3-4 hours each, with some Dawn dish soap in each boil to pull oils out of skull/bone, to lessen chances of those oily spots bleeding through whitener.
  9. Finally had time to get to it. Was planning outside but it was a super windy day and figured what the hell...the Mrs did not have the same, no big deal attitude...LOL
  10. Just rinsed off the peroxide paste, finished doing my own Euro mount of my buck...from field on 11/20 to mount on 12/11. I think it came out pretty good!
  11. Was a tough opening weekend with some crazy winds in 8F, but it finally came together with an 8Pt yesterday at 2:55. Watched him make a scrape and then he came over looking for the doe that cruised by about 5 minutes earlier. The 30-06 did it's job at about 70yds, dropping him right there.
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