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  1. In stand nice and early with the muzzle waiting for daylight. Packed in for an all day sit. Last weekend I saw 22 deer from this stand on the last day of gun season including a shooter 8Pt with 6 does at 70 yds... he just never presented a shot in the brush &trees bird dogging the does before they took off. Then had a little 6Pt bedded 17 yds from my stand for over 2hrs...Hopefully Mr 8Pt wanders through again today. Good luck to all out this last weekend of muzzle/bow. So far my hunting log shows 242 hrs of stand time this year...hopefully today it pays off
  2. Worked last 2 days in PA so managed to get out of work early to put in some stand time. Haven't even been in the stand a half hour and I just had a little 6Pt chase 3 doe by me...passed on the 6Pt at about 70yds...and now a little BB came by following the trail they were on...Hopefully one of the big boys follows suit.
  3. Hey Belo, I've been in the market for a new pair of binos, what power are the Vortex binos you got?
  4. Im with you Crappyice. Even though I got my best buck to date this bow season, gun has not been working out for me as far as any of the big boys showing up. Passed on some smaller bucks including a small 6Pt less than 15 yds from me yesterday, but haven't laid eyes on one of the big boys during gun season. My log shows I'm up to 195 hours of stand time this year, not counting time sitting in the dark waiting for daylight...122 bow season and 73 gun season. But today feels like the day and I'm packed in for an all day sit today. Good luck to you and all the rest out there today. Biz you are due for one...hope your 8Pt shows up in front of you
  5. I have a funny story just about that. Two season's ago during bow season, the last Sunday before gun season opened, one of the local churches was doing a law enforcement appreciation mass and breakfast, so I skipped bowhunting that day to attend mass and the breakfast with two other guys from the PD. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of kids from the congregation enjoyed checking out the police car afterwards. Well, the next day, Monday I worked a half day to do a PM hunt and when I checked my trail cam, one of the 10 Pointers I was after that year came in and bedded down about 20 yards from my tree stand and was bedded there for over 3 hours.

    First buck

    My first buck was on 10/28/86; a little 6Pt that I got bowhunting on the ground. I was sitting on the ground up against a wide pine tree and my girlfriend at the time, wanted to come to watch, was sitting on the ground to my left about 6yds from me up against another pine tree. We were up on a little ridge that had a good deer trail about 10 feet below littered with rubs all along it. About half an hour before quitting time I heard something coming along the trail below the ridge but instead of following along the trail, it came up to the ridge and popped out about 10 yards to the left of my girlfriend. I could see that it had antlers and looked like a little fork horn. As it came to the top of the ridge it started rubbing a tree. All I can think of was, finally a buck in bow range and my girlfriend's between me and him, so I'm not going to even get a shot. I figured he'd see her any minute and bolt out of there but instead after he rubbed the tree for about a minute he turned and headed back down the ridge presenting me with a shot...talk about getting lucky.
  7. Interesting, I'm gonna have to try that tomorrow. I would have thought the opposite, thinking that your feet would get sweaty in the plastic zip lock bag and then causing them to get cold.

    I buried my dog Maximilien today

    So sorry for your loss, pets are truly members of the family. Prayers sent. Had to put my buddy Colby down Feb 1st...a 17yr & 3month old Cocker Spaniel that we got when he was about 2 months old.
  9. Robhuntandfish, AWESOME Buck! Congrats!
  10. Sounds like a beautiful piece of property!
  11. JALA RUT

    What do you do to control your Buck Fever?

    Apex, like you, I love that adrenaline rush of when I see a shooter buck that I know I'm going to be shooting...I hope to never lose that feeling and I doubt that I ever will, being that I still get that excited after 35 years of bowhunting. In fact, when my shooter buck came in Friday, buck fever started kicking in and it took me 3 tries to even get my bow pulled back...Thank God he didn't look over and see me shaking like a bundle of nerves trying to pull back a bow that I've literally pulled back hundreds of times with no problems at all...LOL...and in the end, it all worked out with a harvest that I'm so happy with! Anyways, what helps me focus on the job at hand and not getting all messed up with Buck Fever is steps that I repeat to myself in my mind over and over....Draw, Aim, Breath, Release, Follow Through. I do this when I'm just target shooting as well so it's ingrained in me so in the heat of the moment of the real deal with a shooter buck, muscle memory takes over and it seems to help keep me focused on what I should be doing to send an arrow down range rather than being over run by adrenaline. Seems to work for me (Once I manage to actually get the bow drawn back...LOL). Good Luck, hope you get another whack at him, he sounds like a beauty!
  12. CabinFever, I'm right there with you and the Buck Fever, before I got my shot off at my buck Friday morning, it took me 3 tries to get my bow pulled back...thought I wasn't going to even get it back in time for a shot! But I love that, after 35 yrs I still get that adrenaline rush...LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! You'll get another chance...Good Luck!
  13. Finally able to upload pic of the buck I got on 11/9. Main frame 10Pt with a 1" kicker off one of his bases making him actually an 11Pt! This is the buck that I've called my #1 from trail cam videos and posted a trail cam pic of him in velvet from August. I almost had a shot at him on 11/7, drew back bow on him on 11/7 @ 30 yards but couldn't get a clear shot before he bolted away after a doe...he was walking directly at me at about 40 yards and then was broadside at 30 yards behind a tree, of course with his head sticking out of 1 side and his back end sticking out of the other side while the doe was about 25 yards from me. Then she bounded away taking him with her ... tried grunting and some doe bleats but to no avail, so no shot that day. Then he came through cruising alone on 11/9 and offered a clear shot @ 28 yards!
  14. Had some success! Got that 10Pt that's been on my trail cams and that I drew back @ 30 yds on Wednesday but couldn't get a clear shot before he bolted after a doe. Turns out he's actually an 11Pt with a 1" kicker off of one of his bases. When I tried to upload a pic, the site won't allow me too. I keep getting this message saying, you're only allowed 337kb. Any idea why the site won't allow me to upload one pic.
  15. I had a group of 3 coyote come by right at dusk, and I could just make out their outline. One was checking out my mock scrape and they moved on. About 15 minutes ago, I had a d oe with a yearling come by being trailed by a spike. All three crossed the path that the coyotes left.