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  1. Fun catching them on the kayak. Ended up with 3 pike, 6 largemouth, and 1 bowfin...All Catch & Release
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll check into these.
  3. So, now it finally seems that 30-06 ammo is finally a little bit more available but so far, everytime I find what I'm looking for (Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 165Gr), the business does not sell ammo to NY residents. Does anybody know of any ammo businesses that will actually ship to NY?
  4. Friday was like a ghost town in the turkey woods, no birds seen or heard. Dedicated Sat and Sun to fishing and now back out in the woods this morning. All quiet in the roost sight so far. Hopefully some gobblers will end up in the area at some point. Good luck to any out there today.
  5. I'm set up in 8F. All's quiet so far from the roost area. Very thankful for my thermocell this morning!
  6. First day back out here since last Monday and after dedicating this past Fri, Sat, & Sun to some fishing time. All's quiet at the usual roost site only hearing spring peepers, song birds, and some distant crows so far but still feels good to be back out here. Hopefully the turkey action picks up though.
  7. A little luck this morning in the turkey woods. No goobling heard from roost or early morning. At about 8:45, I fired one up with some excited clucking&cutting. He sounded off so distant, I wasn't actually sure he responded to me or just a coincidental gobble way off. I then did some yelps and got no response. So to test if he had responded to me, I tried clucking and cutting again. He gobbled and sounded like he was a little closer, but still a ways off, so I gave a few reassurance clucks and purrs, then put down the pot call and waited for him to hopefully show up. After about 10 minutes and not hearing or seeing anything, I got nervous when some crows sounded off in the area and he didn't shock gobble at them. So, I decided to cut again to see if he was still in the area. I gave a series of clucks and cutting and he hammered right back with 2 gobbles and was now really close. After a few minutes I could hear him walking in the leaves and he let out a massive gobble right behind me...Love that sound, close up! I could hear him thumping going in and out of strut behind me and then he finally came into view, but walking on the wrong side of me. He walked by my right side at about 7 yds and I knew there was no way I could turn on him for a shot. I figured to let him go by me and turn for a shot if I got a chance when his head went behind a tree. But then, he caught sight of my decoys (jake with 2 hens) to my left and he crossed in front of me at about 10 yards, heading to the decoys. He strutted around the decoys for about 30 seconds and I was able to get the gun in position when his head was blocked by his fan. When I shot him he was standing right next to my jake decoy at about 15 yards. What an exciting hunt! About 1" spurs and about a 9.25" beard.
  8. Set up on stand waiting for daylight. Funny how days differ with activity. Yesterday all day sit and only saw 1 doe the whole day...makes for a long day on stand. Day before that, saw 4 different small bucks and some does. Today's sit will only be until noon and then packing it in to go to a wake. Feels very deery out here. Good luck all!
  9. Packed in for 3rd all day sit in a row. Small bucks are chasing again at least, so hopefully some big boys will be in on the action soon. Yesterday passed on a small 6pt chasing and grunting behind a doe and later a small basket racked 8pt that meandered by on the does trail. Seen 4 different small - medium sized bucks yesterday. Today already had a deer cruise by in the dark while sitting on stand waiting for daylight. Feels like its going to be a good day. Good luck all!
  10. Packed in for another all day sit. Hopefully there'll be more action than yesterday. Only saw 3 doe yesterday. Good luck all.
  11. Packed in for first all day sit of the season. Been on stand since about an hour before sunrise and nothing seen yet. But it can change in an instant and today starts my huntcation, not back to work until 11/9. Good luck all!
  12. Bow is my favorite by far but still enjoy slinging my rifle and my muzzleloader duing those seasons too.
  13. Finally, first sit of the season. Feels great to be on stand again! Good luck all
  14. Close...was on my boat instead of kayak but did hook into a nice northern. Catch and released after the pic
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