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  1. Not my pic, but my buddy at his camp has a grouse that joins them out in the woods for the past 2 years now...they've even named him Marvin. Walks with them, goes onto their wheelers, flys up and sits in treestands with them, and flys up into their arms so they can hold him and pet him...the grouse shows up pretty much most of the time they're out there.
  2. My biggest buck in 37 years of deer hunting. Taken 11/9/18 @ 10:25. Missed an opportunity at him the last day of muzzleloader in 2017 when he busted me turning in the stand for a shot, hearing noise from build up of snow and ice on the stand. Then bow season 2018, drew bow back on him on 11/7/18 when he followed a doe in but he never presented a shot. He was stopped at about 38 yards...safely behind a tree blocking his vitals. Holding on him for what seemed like an eternity. But then the doe that was now only about 22yds from my tree bolted and he bolted after her. No shot...and feeling helpless hearing them run away through the woods out of sight and out of hearing, hoping and praying they would circle back. Then about half an hour later a nice 8Pt came in sniffing the ground everywhere that doe walked. I passed on him at about 20yds, knowing the big 10Pt was in the area, hoping that he'd come back. Nothing more that day. Then two days later, 11/9/18 while looking at a doe about 10yds right of my tree, I heard a twig snap and see the big 10Pt walking, angling away from me about 40yds away in front of my stand, oblivious to me or the doe in the area. So, I reach for my grunt tube but the doe busted me, running away to my right. The buck heard her running away, snapped his head around looking in her direction, and then turned around slowly walking in her direction now...passing about 25yds in front of me. Buck fever started kicking in real bad, so it took me 3 tries to pull my bow back...LOL...But eventually got it pulled back and made a solid good shot on him. He turned running about 140yds before piling up with a solid double lung hit. Gross score 144-0/8, Net score 136-5/8.
  3. Nice...Love hearing the dogs working it!
  4. Will get out for some rabbits and grouse a few times plus planning a weekend trip up north for snowshoe hares. A few years ago started hobby of wildlife photography, mostly deer and turkey, so will do a bunch of hikes with camera in hand waiting for spring time fishing and turkey season.
  5. Out of work and set up in stand by 12:30 for a last effort. I'm in the stand that I got the broken up 8Pt out of last year on the last day of ML at 4:20. Would be nice to have history repeat itself today. Good luck to all out there on this last day.
  6. Hopefully out of work to be in treestand by 1 for this last day. Good luck to all those heading out.
  7. Sat 10:15 till dark. Good activity today but no bucks. At 2:05 group of 4, 2 doe with 2 fawns, at about 65yds. They meandered off. Then at about 4:10 group of 4 came back down, most likely same 4 as earlier and they were followed by a group of 5 does with fawns. Was hoping one of the trailers would have been a buck but no luck.
  8. Out of work and set up in stand by 10:15. Let's see if any want to play.
  9. Been at work since 2:30 so, as long as everything goes as planned at work, hoping to be in a stand by 11 until sunset. Good luck to all that are out today!
  10. It's not just about the general information that's on Google but I like seeing localized area activity such as real time rut activity in certain areas, real time deer movement in certain areas. Plus there's a lot of guys (and girls) on here that are a wealth of "how to" information in just about every category or topic you can think of. Their personal touch of how they do something with pics adds a dimension of realism and understanding to it all. And yes, I know you can prob get that on YouTube as well, but the difference here, is when you become familiar with members here and their posts, you can get a sense of legitimacy on their knowledge base from their post history.
  11. Out of work and just got settled into the stand with my muzzleloader. Feels good to be back out here, haven't been out since I shot my buck on 12/1