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    Rac, The books were at my house waiting for me when I got home from work today. Thank you very much. I see that you threw in the Pronghorn book as well...thanks again. I've got some reading to do during this weekends forecasted snowstorm.

    Lost a hunting partner today

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers sent.

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    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Hopefully it's not too bad. My daughter is getting married on Saturday.


    I'll buy the elk one if it's still available. Actually have been saving Colorado preference points and prob heading up either this Sept or next.

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    Suddenly, I'm not missing the Live From the Woods thread as much anymore

    New world record non typical

    WOW! That is HUGE!

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    Nope, after those I forgot what this thread was originally about!

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Db, DEC didn't age him at 10.5 yrs old. I said he's a 10Point and the DEC aged him at 5.5 yrs old.
  10. JALA RUT

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    No, not at all...I didn't take any comments from anyone as negative.
  11. JALA RUT

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Couldn't agree more that the thrill and trophy of the hunt or harvest lays in the eyes of the hunter and memories created/shared with friends and family. The number of antler inches isn't what makes the deer or any game animal the trophy but the totality of the hunt from preseason prep and scouting, time I the woods, hunting, friends and family, the celebratory beers with friends after during butchering, and so much more. The thrill is in everything about the hunt as a whole. As I said in my original post, every legal harvest is a trophy regardless of size...it's what's in the hunter's heart when he decides to pass on a certain animal or to as we love to say, send it. Over the years I have taken my fair share of does, some younger, smaller bucks, and I have taken some more mature bucks. Each and every one is a trophy to me and I guarantee that I was proud, thrilled, and smiling from ear to ear with each harvest regardless of the number of inches it was or wasn't sporting on its head. So, I don't feel a score of inches is needed to make it or any deer a trophy. For me it's just attaining a goal that I set for myself in my younger years...I have just always wanted to tag a P&Y. I will have him scored and the jury is still out on whether or not I'll actually submit the paperwork to P&Y if he in fact meets the minimum score.
  12. JALA RUT

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Treeguy, a full body mount of a Booner would be amazing
  13. JALA RUT

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Thanks Rob, I'll have to try that
  14. JALA RUT

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Rob, I don't know why but for some reason all of a sudden I'm not able to add pictures to my posts. Use to add pics in my posts all the time from phone and computer but now I keep just getting msg that my pics are over size limit when they're not...unless I'm looking at them wrong.
  15. I dropped off my Muzzleloader Buck Hide at the taxidermist to have it preserved and he told me that the DEC aged my Bow 10Pt Buck at 5.5 years old. He also asked if I was planning to have him scored for P&Y or NYSBBC, saying that he'd guesstimate it's score to be about 140 - 145. Trust me, I'm not a numbers guy and hate when other hunters bash someone for their harvest because of size, age, or whatever else. I'm a firm believer that every legally taken deer is a trophy and if a hunter is happy with a doe, a spike, or a monster buck he or she should gladly take and be proud of the harvest. So, with that said, I do choose to hold out for a mature buck, even though I don't particularly try to wait for a P&Y buck. Although, I have always wanted to tag at least one P&Y buck in my time. The closest that I've come so far, before this year's bow buck was a buck that scored 123 1/8, just missing the P&Y minimum score of 125. So, I'm going to get this years buck scored when I get him back from the taxidermist. He'll probably be done at the taxidermist shop around February...and I'll update with a score when it's done and he'll hopefully be my first P&Y Buck!