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  1. 6c. No Cabin. An older barn. I started a thread a few days back.
  2. Lol.. True.. I was just throwing out a cheap plug for my $89,000 106 acres..lol
  3. A person just needs to drive another 3 hrs north to find cheap land.;)
  4. Hey guys. Putting this out there for anybody in the market for property in the north country. Dekalb,NY. 1/2hr from Canada 106 acres ,95% wooded, for sale. $89,000 There is maybe 5- 10 acres of wetland. My guess is that it was last selectively logged 30 years ago. Roughly 1800' of rd frontage on a maintained dirt rd. There is an old barn on site. Roughly 24x50 maybe(I've never measured). Previous owners used one end as a camp. It's kinda rough. Currently there are no utilities on property. The last power pole is maybe 100-200' from property. Nice hunting property, Sugarbu
  5. Most uncomfortable sleep in a truck I had was a few years back. 25 maybe 1983( I think) Toyota extended cab. 2 of us slept for 6 ish hours. We woke up around 5 am:. We hiked to the top of Tuckerman's ravine off Mt Washington in NH.(just so we could say we skied Tuckerman's in June) Skied 3 times down and hiked back out. I am pretty sure I couldn't even make it to the top in one day now..;) We drove home to northern NY that night so we wouldn't have to crash in the truck again. Lol..
  6. I have 105 wooded acres we are looking to sell for $850/acre. A long commute to Rochester from St Lawrence county though.
  7. I'm curious if you are correct. In my discussions with liberal or nuetral friends, they rarely could list many actual actions of Trump that they hated.. They just hated the person and couldn't get past it.. I actually had to plug my nose and vote for him..I cannot stand the person. I think if Twitter would have banned him earlier we probably would have easily won the election .lol . In his case actions didn't necessarily speak louder than his words..
  8. I probably missed it but why the ice house? With all this talk of maple syrup , I'm ready... I will be getting close to a hundred buckets hung in my woods this year..
  9. One reason I love my cell cams.. I put them out I haven't moved one of them in 6 months..
  10. I just started using 2 cameras this year.. They have saved me a lot of unproductive hunting . The area I hunt has a fairly low deer population.. I did a mock scrape with one and saw quite a # of different bucks. Nothing that was consistent to actually set-up on . Enough to show me it was a waste of time to hunt that spot during daylight. Another couple spots I would have spent at least a couple sits due to the good deer sign. Not a single deer visited these spots during the daylight.. My best set-up had the least amount of deer sign but the most daylight pictures by far.. This piece
  11. One like this would maybe work?
  12. I will have to admit I've caught more musky fishing the smaller local rivers while targeting walleye.
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