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  1. Yup!. When I worked for a neighbor farmer .He had kicker wagons. With one big step and and a swing with the hook I could reach just about the whole wagon.. the guy in the now hated;). No need for a hay hook anymore, but still use a pulp hook handling firewood on occasion.
  2. Ha. Ha. Lol You too? Memories.. Dont forget when you get back to the farm . Unloading the wagon with a pitchfork. Our small farm had the old drive through barn . A haymow on either side. Unfortunately I was a big kid and was elected to unload the wagons starting at 13 years old..;)
  3. I dont like or agree with abortion at all, especially beyond a month or 2 .. I Do 100% believe though , that it's up to the woman..whether I like it or not..
  4. Yeap.. I have an area 15 minutes away in a wma that I have scouted for this year. I moved my camera last week and I found tons of fresh rubs . I keep on seeing this pair on my camera in 3 different spots a mile apart at the furthest.. Maybe the rubs will help me pin him down.
  5. Not sure if I would shoot the above buck or not. Depends on my mood at the time..
  6. I'm with the Pygmy..;) I've never noticed much difference.. I usually wait for an adult doe. Not that I haven't shot a 1/2 dozen or so fawns over the years by accident.... or
  7. I've sat in a few woods that are loaded with black walnuts. I've never seen a deer touch one either..
  8. I dont have any pictures of my 1st buck.. It was a drop time 9 point. SHOT HIM AT 15' with a .280.. The only drop tined buck I've ever My dog drug them off to God knows where and ate and or buried them..
  9. I will using Obsession fx16 bow TC Encore 300 win mag TC Encore .50 mzl I bought a John's Customs recurve last year but it's not likely to see the woods. I havn't put anywhere near enough time in to confidently shoot at a
  10. Those are weapons of a guy that doesnt mind giving the deer a fighting chance..;)
  11. Ha.ha.. I guess when I was in my 20s I should have started an outdoors gym instead of splitting 1000s of cords with a maul by
  12. True that.. That's why, I prefer a lighter for caliber bullet weight. The extra KE usually just equals a faster bullet when it exits the other side of a deer all things being equal. I shot dozens of deer with my 308 . 125 gr Sierra Spitzer (relatively soft)Reloaded with 48 gr imr 4064 . This pushed a bullet somewhere around 3000fps with my barrel length.. If you hit a shoulder it was a mess. Either way, even if gut shot(for me a moving it was laying there within 50yds..A shot anywhere in the neck was instant death.(one of my favorite targets). Anyways, back on topic. For whitetail 308. Imo. unless you are planning on hunting bigger game(taking advantage of the 30 06 capacity to shoot a heavier bullet faster) there is very little difference.
  13. I concur.. Kinda scares me that people even suggest it . Some in jest, others seriously.. I would turn against trump in an instant if he went down that rd..
  14. Don't forget. If you have any friends, family, coworkers,.....dead relatives, etc.. the deadline register to vote is October 9th for those who have never registered.
  15. Ha.ha. missed that this is in the crossbow section..;)