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  1. I like those spots! I can picture a few of them in the park..
  2. A few pics.. Mama and 3 cubs @ 20 yds. Unique rock formation near the river bottom. Anybody watch Lost? I assume it's an old spring cover in the middle of the woods. But maybe it's the smoke monster
  3. Thanks guys for the recomendations. I ended up shooting a small fawn(seemed bigger at the . Took her to Grizzlys. Mixed review. They assured me it would be done in 10 days, before we left. I showed up the morning we headed out and she wasn't done. They were very apologetic and 30-45 minutes later. She was cut up , and packaged. They gave me a significant discount for the troubles. I would give them a try again..
  4. I just play the wind and hunt from 25' -30' up when bow hunting. 30 years ago, I had a firewood business and cut and split wood all day. I was not near as knowledgeable of a hunter back then. I would put my saw down and grab my hoodie off the woodpile and go hunting. Pretty sure they liked that smell. I rarely got busted. Not sure if it was the gas, oil, sweat, or woodchips? Maybe the perfect ratio could get
  5. 15 years ago before I started hunting letchworth sp I always would move on when encountering a stand.. It didnt take that many years to get over there are stands everywhere. Even those spots that after looking at a map and thinking to yourself "no one hunts there" (too remote t,oo difficult..etc..). If it looks like its being used recently. I will avoid the spot. No sense chancing ruining their hunt or my own . Otherwise I will climb a tree right next to it.. I may have a few "permanent" spots where I may forgot my stand year to year. A couple of them are shared by other hunters stands less than 10 yds away. In 10 years I've yet to meet the other I always have wanted to . By this time we ought to just share and have twice as many spots..And if I arrive at "my " spot and someone else is already in the area, I would move on. Not climb up next to them.
  6. That's what I'm counting on! While this weather has been nice for getting tan in the stand. Not so much for deer movement... I way overdressed for this mornings hunt. The rain scared me into wearing base layer and rain gear. I am just starting to dry out from most likely sweat not Apriximately 10326 geese, 421 ducks, 2 hunters ,1 fox, no deer so far. And I rarely see hunters here.
  7. Oops. Somehow I was in the middle of a text about grout with guy at work .. it was live from the stand ha.ha..
  8. Any recommendations on a meat cutter near Letchworth? We dont need one yet, just thinking ahead. It does not look like deer hanging weather this week.
  9. And sometimes, you just don't feel like walking way down to the bottom ..
  10. I did enjoy mzl season more when we were limited to sidelocks. Don't get me wrong, when they changed the rules I had an encore with a scope the following year.. But I do miss the ol patch and ball. .. sometimes. They are fun.
  11. I have at different times thought that I might want a sidelock again , just for fun.. If nothing else all my stories of pops and fizzes and. Etc. Are starting to get old. May be time to make some new memories .
  12. 2nd sit in Letchworth. Guessing it's in the low 40s. Wind around 20mph.. Had these guys walk under me...
  13. What everyone has said so far is right on the money. All you can do is ask for a favour. Nicely. An attitude would really rub me the wrong way if I was your neighbor.