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  1. We have talked about it for 20 years, and at 50 we decided we were going last year. Wish we had started 20 years ago. At least built up some preference points.. We will see, but am hoping to go every year for a while..
  2. Lol. True. Even though at one of my favorite spots I found somebody else's long rope when I was struggling to get back out.
  3. From my experience, I would hunt it anyways. Chances are you won't run into them. Pretty much all of my favorite spots at Letchworth have treestands within sight. One guy even put his 10yds from mine.. I've rarely seen a person while hunting them though.
  4. Those are my thoughts as well. Even though I don't like the concept of abortions at all. I think if I was a woman I wouldn't even dream of it except possibly for under the worse conditions. Being that I'm not a woman I'll keep my opinion out of it.. I also don't think some of the scumbag/idiots who live down the rd should own guns either, but I guess since I'm not king I'll keep my nose out of that too..
  5. 1st job off our small farm was for a local farmer @ 13 years old. Picking stones in the spring and haying . I remember working 60 hrs @$3/ and feeling rich.. Had a paper route in the fall for a couple years as soon as I got my working papers. I would ride my bike the 8 miles to school so I could do it after school. 35+ yrs later I still remember the rte. lol... especially the one sorority house..
  6. Looks like everybody nailed the descriptions. I definitely would pur a camera or 2 up. Oxbow can be sweet setups. I know of a few that are prime buck bedding territory.. Carefull going in during the season, no matter what the river looks like they will cross it in a second. I've driven more nice bucks out of oxbows than I've ever shot. Live and learn. .lol
  7. 2nd draw opened Tuesday in Colorado. We applied for the same unit we didn't draw the 1st time.. Somehow there is around 60 tags available..I was surprised that that many people didn't pay for or chose not to take the tags they drew.
  8. I see alot of great advise! If your spot is limited in size bevespecially carefully not to over- hunt a great spot. A great funnel is a great funnel as long as the deer feel safe using it. Especially during the rut. It doesn't matter if it's right next to the rd. I find more than 1/2 the battle is is patterning the people on state land. Everybody else is reading the same books.lol
  9. Looks like a wolf spider. It's funny that you posted this. I just saw one in my upstairs bath sink this morning. Last week one fell on me while I was taking a shower downstairs. 1st time I've ever seen them inside , unfortunately neither survived. Lol I had a dock spider that was similar sized living in my old boat that I kept docked. Everytime I jumped in to go fishing he would scurry under the deck.
  10. Yesterday was tough fishing. Barely 60° and wind blowing backwards. It took 2 of us 4.5hrs to catch our 10 keeper bass for the evening fish fry. Only one 20"er we returned to the water. Catch and release day for a quick trip out this morning was a lot nicer. Sunny with a light wind(still backwards). Picked up a bunch of bass with one 22"er and drifted past Mrs. Loon. My arms aren't long enough to long arm her. lol. I had to hold her next to me to fit into the frame. Edit.. After a little reading , it turns out that it could be Mr. Loon . Apparently they share nesting duties.
  11. Yeap, if it's a big enough community to have mucipal water then there is or will be before long a Dollar General..
  12. While this may be true in the perfect world. This is an over simplified explanation "dumbed down".. The problem that I have seen is the cash flow.. A smaller operation with limited resources is extremely stressed by the increasing costs. Business buys $10,000 dollars of gas ,profits $500. Next tank fill up costs $14,000 profits up to $700. Only an extra $200 profit but they had to pull an extra $4000 from somewhere. Until prices even out or go the other way money is being pulled from somewhere to cover the extra cost of fuel.. After many concurrent months and or years of this, $ is gone.. This why many, if not most undercapitalised businesses fail . A large or well off business can roll through these times easier and at the end of the day make more money. But it kills the little guy.
  13. Never give up! They can be anywhere. One of the smaller local rivers isn't known for large smallmouth at all. Average catch is 10-12". Probably 25-30 years ago I caught an honest 28" small mouth. This was way before I paid any attention to trophies etc.. if I caught it, I ate it. Man, I would love to catch him now.lol. It would be on the wall !
  14. Lol. Nope no serious injuries . Hoping you are poking fun in a nice way or I'll have to go tell your mamma and or family..
  15. Yeap. I know quite a few of the Amish around. The 2 farms just around the corner just moved in a few years ago ,so other than buying some vegetables I've never really met them. The closest group of amish living around us are members of the strictest followers, leaving where they lived in Ohio or Pennsylvania to get away from the more progressive bunch. I worked side by side with a young amish man on a project when i needed an extra hand on a house I was building. I remember once handing him my cordless drill, and him looking around to make sure nobody was watching and used it for a minute..lol Most are really great people. I've been buying rough cut lumber and vegetables from them for 30+ years. My friend was their milk pick-up/ delivery guy for years. At times I would help him pick up and drop off all the cans and deliver them to the local cheese plant. Those cans of milk got heavy after a while.
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