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  1. ncountry


    It was my 1st and only wild moose sighting...
  2. ncountry


    Beautiful ! I climbed as far as the top of tuckermans ravine . With my skis on my back.. That is as close to the top of Mt Washington as I've ever been.... I have a pic somewhere of me staring down a moose in the middle of the trail. If I lost the staring contest I was not going to stand my
  3. ncountry

    What is the farthest you ever kayaker/ paddled

    My brother and I did 30-40 miles I think. Bog river -Lows lake- 3.5 mile Portage to the headwaters of the Oswegotchie then paddle to Cranberry lake... We did it in under 3 days but it should have been at least a 5 day trip in order to relax and enjoy .. The 3.5 mile portage was terrible. Cheap heavy 17' Coleman canoe.. we ended up carrying the canoe a mile or so walk back and get our gear and repeat..Not fun on a 85* summer day.. That was my longest trip. We regularly canoed the local rivers ,trolling for walleye and musky.4- 10 miles total.. And there was a couple year stretch that we trapped beaver in the spring on the river(the best time I had trapping).
  4. I agree . No info about the shooters should be released to the public , period.. they need to disappear into history. Now your comment on torturing their family is a little ridiculous.
  5. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    I'm guessing mine is around the same length.. My driveway is still a work in progress..ha ha. It gets a couple loads of stone every year.. a couple more years and it will be finished.. . I think
  6. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    True, but there is nothing worse than a slow loader when doing loader work with stone,gravel,sand,snow,etc..
  7. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    The extra gallons per minute will typically equate into speed if there isn't a gain in capacity..
  8. ncountry

    RPR sunrise, Giant and Cascade

    That is cool.. I'm not sure if you follow skiing or not . I went to school and skied with the Gaffney brothers on occasion. They went west and started filming some ski movies. A few years later I drove to Colorado and skied the same area that they filmed.. I'm a pretty good skier , but some of the cliffs I said I'd jump when watching from my couch, didn't get jumped after I looked over the actual
  9. ncountry

    RPR sunrise, Giant and Cascade

    OK... I just watched some go pro footage of "hiking" the knife edge.. And that falls under the nfin way am I doing . Looks awesome though, but my heart was in my throat just watching the video..
  10. Cool pictures..I too seem to have a lot of activity in my yard.. the does are always eating in the yard when they have fawns. They seem to enjoy the safety.. they rarely bring the fawns with them though I am pretty sure they have little ones..
  11. ncountry

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    High fence hunting isn't my thing, but I can imagine it can be more difficult than one would imagine. 10 years ago or so we bought a 1200# beefer from a friend. He was a little on the wild side and during the process of getting him into the trailer the bull escaped , jumped the fence and went into the neighbors pasture.(I doubt there was 50 acres of brush and woods) We obtained permission from the neighbor and hunted that bull for 2days (with our deer rifles)before giving up. Except for a couple opportunities at him running at over 150yds we never laid eyes on him again. We like to think that we are decent hunters The neighbor finally shot him a week later when the bull came into the barnyard with his cows.
  12. The only round of golf I ever played was at the Inlet course..
  13. ncountry

    Good spot

    Nice.. probably have to set back a little. That's too close..;)
  14. ncountry

    New to us boat.

    Lol.. I have always heard that.. I bought my boat well used 3 years ago and have enjoyed at least 150 days on it.. with zero problems.. where is that wood to knock on... Hopefully Gen's luck is as good as mine when it comes to boats..;)
  15. A dollar might buy you something there while a dollar here doesnt go very far.. I have friends that work in the local social services and the local deadbeats (not legal or illegal immigrants )eat up most of our $$.. Maybe in my sparsely populated and poor county it may not be the norm. That is what it looks like from here.