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  1. Still waiting for it to drop to what I thought was a reasonable price..Just like I have been since it was well under $200.00 Lol.. I missed the boat on that one..
  2. The bears are slowly building out a population out of the foothills of the ADKs. It hasnt been that many years since they opened a season down here in the valley. Unfortunately this guy is too close to town and causing lots of damage, so wont make until the season. Seems like a pretty big bear.
  3. They are a lot of fun though. Makes you feel like some sorta medieval sniper.
  4. Lol. I hate to jump on these endless crossbow vs compound debates..but.. I don't agree. I can hit a coffee cup size target all day long with a crossbow at 70yds.(not that one should shoot deer at that distance) I would have to limit myself to 20yds if I wanted to be as consistent with a compound. There are many more variables that will affect your accuracy when shooting a compound and even more with traditional. And they often will show up in a hunting situation vs standing in the back yd. And yes, I hunt with both quite successfully.
  5. Not really hungover, not very chipper yet though. Inhaled too much camp fire smoke , drank a little and stayed up way past my bed time.
  6. I had intents of cashing out before the holiday weekend to be safe. I became too invested in my fishing trip and didnt make it back to shore in time. Ha ha. Hopefully nothing too dramatic happens over the weekend.. This has been my best pick of the week so far...(really wish I sold this before the weekend)
  7. Nice! They are big animals. There are, beginning to be, a lot of moose in the ADKs . I have a few friends with trail cams out in the northern parts and they get more moose than deer pictures.
  8. Same exact deal up here too, at a local meat shop . He just got in another 3000#s and it will probably be gone in a day.
  9. This is fun. Caught this one today. Bought yesterday afternoon. Sold at $22.60 on the way up today.. too bad I didnt have the time to follow it. It went to around $40 before falling back.
  10. Yes.. but not much else after today..;)
  11. Missed this.. I think not very fast.. there wasn't cable where he lived so it had to be Verizon or maybe satellite.
  12. Good for you! I should have . I waffled on Norwegian when it was $7.something , but wasn't confident enough.. Now it's almost $29.00. Only been playing at this for a little bit.. This is what a 1/3rd of my picks look like for today... If only I had invested 1000s not