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  1. This is funny. I have buckets all over the place . I haven't sat a bucket much in years, but I probably shot more deer sitting on an old mud bucket than any other single seat including treestands. I've gotten spoiled with stands now. And it's always neat to stumble across one of my old spots and see how much it has changed over the years.
  2. And this is why I never even get a shot off...;)
  3. I'm firmly in the camp of dumping all the bullets energy in the deer. The 1st 20 years I used a 308 reloaded with 125gr speer bullet pushing 3000fps. Out of a dozens of deer I think I only had to actually track less than a handful. Most of my hunting and shots were taken where you couldn't see further than 50yds tops(lots of cedar swamps lol) I've been hunting with a 300win mag ,loaded with 150gr core loc, for a bit now . One of the 1st deer I shot was with factory 165gr in the 308. The buck was running, I gut shot him, it punched straight through, and i had track for a 1/4 mile. I've never had that problem since.. Funny how ones experiences shape their preferences.
  4. I believe your story has gotten better..
  5. Well that explains how you managed to get him.. . He was handicapped.. What a beauty! They always seem more impressive on the hoof..
  7. I forgot to add. It is all Moog's fault too. He kept on bragging about his shooting skills .. I had to try myself..;)
  8. That is exactly what I have found also.. Not a fan of their performance on the animal. Punches right straight through with minimal blood trail. The last few put on their shoulder and that worked well.. I have 2 left. This will be my last season with them as well.
  9. Sounds awesome! I bought myself a recurve this year, but never got the time to practice. Next year is the year for me too..
  10. Not sure what brand , but I have one. It's always hanging off my pack , in case I decide to hunt off the ground. I find it comfortable. It does have a tendency to cut into the back of your legs if you dont it set up just right or use a small tree. If I'm planning ahead on using it I will usualy use one of those 1" thick foam pads, then it is awesome.
  11. Been this way for decades for many different species. Not sure exactly when the Turkeys were introduced... Few local hunters and not enough non resident hunters and no predators. It's a hunters paradise.
  12. Never hunted MA. I lived in the NW corner of CT 30 years ago.. Right on the Border. Seems like there there ought to be some nice bucks.. I was fresh out of school and didnt deer hunt yet. I remember nobody hunting and deer everywhere.
  13. New Zealand is overrun with many different game species. I've talked to guys that talk about rabbit hunts with the #s in the 100s in a day for a couple people..
  14. I Looked back through recent years pics. 11/10,11/17, 11/16,11/9,11/3. Jury is still out this year.. Every one but the 11/9 was cruising through alone. Except for 1 shot feeding under an apple tree in the evening the others were all between 10am and noon.
  15. I always liked the sound of this.. never tried it .