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  1. Most air filled life forms seem to be females ,ime.. Lol
  2. Some nice deer there ! I would consider quitting my job for a season if I saw them on my trail cams..lol.
  3. I just returned from an auction. Lots of guns, and mounts from all over the world. The bidders #s went to around 200 and I saw 2 masks in the whole place.. It was nice to see.
  4. ..lol. Yeap . I have seen waterlines under driveways freeze @ 5'
  5. Splain Lucy? Ha.ha. What did you do after rolling it over? I'm curious about the process.
  6. It may be ? I have only caught them May through maybe the 1st weekend of June. May be a difference there too ? They have all been channel cats too.
  7. Depending on the size of the fish, you have to leave 1/8" of flesh/fat on the skin when you fillet them. Afterwards cut the brown stripe that runs the length of the fillet completely out.
  8. Ha.ha.ha. that's what we thought for years. Tasted terrible! They were so fun to catch we were determined to find a good recipe. We canned , smoked , brined, marinated in milk, grilled, etc... nothing was good unless you liked that pure fishy taste... Finally an old time showed us how to clean them. They are great ! Especially cubed up , breaded and deep fried.. yummy morsels..
  9. We did a fair amount of catfishing in the spring. Usually starting a couple weeks ago through the 1st few weeks of June. Our favorite go to spots were below dams. I always got a kick out of a newby. They wouldn't take you seriously when you tell them to not leave their pole unattended. When they bite your pole just heads for the water. Lol We never weighed them but caught many 30"-36" Have you mastered the proper cleaning technique?
  10. Dam! That describes me today.. if I knew I was going to wake up feeling like this, this morning, I would have got drunk last night..
  11. I dislike snakes. But that is neat that they are constrictors.
  12. Yup. And bananas. When I ski alot , this seems to work for me. If not I will pay.
  13. I'll one up that..lol Even worse when your in the middle of sex and you get a cramp in hamstring and jump off and run around room like a mad man.. Not that I would know anything about that..lmao.
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