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  1. ncountry

    Pflueger president

    I agree a great reel for the $. Not sure on the rod but I've caught 100s of bass with my president and it still works like new..
  2. ncountry

    Dirt hole?

    I know foxes and a few other animals will use a hole. I think most often a fox will use an existing hole ,one dug by a woodchuck for example ,and enlarge it..
  3. I seem to have that problem a lot with black walnut trees
  4. Still leaning towards basswood..
  5. Looks like ash.. I'm betting it's not though.. Basswood maybe?. Need more
  6. Same here,not since birth but for the last 30+ years.. If the 49ers were not in it I would love to see the Chiefs win though.
  7. I live in 6a in St Lawrence county. Deer #s are hit and miss. The state hasn't issued a dmp for the area in years.. There is a ton of state land around though and some phenominal duck hunting.
  8. Now that is goofy!...... ..the bird too!.
  9. Sometimes they do the strangest things. Today while traveling down a seasonal rd., checking out a piece of state land, this guy lands on my tailgate. I'm driving 10-15mph and catch a glimpse of something in my rearview mirror. I look and this guy has his feet on the top of the gate and is flapping his wings like crazy trying to stay balanced. I stop and he balances out and stands long enough for a picture..
  10. ncountry


    I'm not an avid ice fisherman. They are nuts.. The diehards have been fishing on the ice since Thanksgiving around here. Drove by a spot last weekend on the St Lawrence and there were at least 20- 30 guys out there fishing . 1/2 on the ice the other 1/2 less than a 100yds out in boats. Yikes!
  11. That's what I'm talking about!
  12. So, did anybody have any luck over their decoys this year? I'm going to try it next year.. there are a few spots that have small old meadows with goldenrod and brush growing up in them. What do you think of putting it on a stand so its feet are 3' or so above the ground , so it can be seen from a 100yds across the opening? Otherwise the decoy wouldn't even be spotted until a deer was 10yds or closer.. My buddies think I'm nuts, but I'm thinking the deer wont know it's not standing on the ground until its within range..
  13. Lol.. . Not due to inexperience or skill...I find myself 20 -30 feet in the air often when hunting an open woods with little cover. If you are comfortable that high, your odds of being busted are much lower. I still would rather be 12' up in the middle of a cedar tree if I can find In my early years of hunting I killed most of my deer from the ground(usually sitting on a pail) On the average I'm not fond of a stand in the 6-10' range. Unless you are covered up real well or dead still you are right in the deer's line of sight or peripheral vision and might be better off on the ground.