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  1. I taught my daughter how to ski when she was 10. 8 years later I think I'm going to lose her to the dark side.lol. she is taking up snowboarding. After she had the basics down I thought maybe I would try snowboarding so I could learn at the same time and have more fun on the easy slopes.. all I can say is skiing skills do NOT tranfer over to snowboarding skills.. I was too old to be hitting the ground so often.lol. I tried telemark gear and liked it. A little more skill tranfer..;)
  2. Listening too that ,and a few other songs really brings back some good high-school memories. My hs gf was a big fan and we would spend alot of time together with his music playing..:)
  3. Did you read Squallywood and play GNAR while you were in Tahoe?
  4. I'm lucky to have a camp on a small clean lake with poor public access , so it is loaded with fish. I will keep 15lbs or so of bass/year that fall in my personal slot limit of 12-15" .
  5. I guess I will have to agree with wolc on one thing . I will take a 14" large mouth caught out of one of "my" small lakes over a 22" walleye out of the St Lawrence any day.
  6. Meanwhile we are erecting statues of George Floyd.
  7. Ooo.i like the deep powder. One of my funnest day of skiing was when they opened under the upper lift at Gore. I had never seen it open before and had poached it on occasion.lol
  8. Yup, has house in Norwood now and is working on buying all extra property there. Lol
  9. I concur. As of 2018 the DEC estimated 600-800 in the ADKs. I'm betting there is much more than that as well. Based on the # of trees in a certain swamp near me that get stripped every year .We have at least 1 that spends a lot of time locally and we are well out of the hills and in the farmland.
  10. We can't be that many years from a moose hunting season. I know guys with camps in the northern adirondacks that have far more moose on their trail cams than deer. It is nice to see them thriving. I live ~25 miles north of the blue line and we have them in the neighborhood every year. One unfortunate young bull got hit by a truck when it stepped out of my driveway into the rd..
  11. Just looked it up. NY Black crappie record is 4lb1 ounce @ 18 1/2" White crappie is 4lb 7ounces @ 19"
  12. Yeap. Stores been closed for a bunch of years now. The old lady would have a couple 55 gallon drums she would fill up. Just inside her garage behind the overhead doors. I think she paid us $20/an ounce. I am not aware of anybody that does it anymore.
  13. Cool. I am fairly sure , I AM lake trout repellent. I belong to a club with a remote camp on a lake in Quebec, and still can't catch one.. Ha. Ha.ha
  14. Can't remember? On the right just before the bridge heading south
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