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  1. Wish I had a muley tag! Compared to Whitetails they seem dumb.. Opening day of our trip my hunting partner found this elk.
  2. Nice! My buddy had one of those. I don't remember the year. That was the best riding truck by far that I had ever been in. We could go 20mpg down a logging access rd that I had to drive about 5mph in anything else to keep our fillings. lol
  3. Dang! 3 more than what I got today on camera.. how much for 3 oz.
  4. Dang! 3 more than what I got today on camera.. how much for 3 oz.
  5. Yeah. I did a couple mock scrapes with cameras on them last year and 6 on one and 9 on the other different bucks used them..
  6. Ha ha. Ha ...Thanks for that. I got squirreled this rainy afternoon into watching 1 1/2 hrs of Mr Dawkins debating with a Bishop on the origins of humanity..lol.. It's stopped raining now , I'm going to catch a few bass..
  7. You would be safe at those distances for sure. I've seen a lot of deer killed with a .243 and the only negative I can see is a poor blood trail. Shot through the heart/lungs the deer will be on the ground in under 50yds . Watch very closely where the deer is standing at the shot and where it went.. My experience with the 100 grains of pellets and saboted hornadys are similar. No great blood trails but the deer is often closer and easier to find..
  8. A lot of variables. Loads, bullet types ect.. I personally would feel confident with the muzzleloader to 150-175 yds. I would start getting uncomfortable with the .243 at 275 yds.
  9. Sounds fun. I'll give it a try . That means I better start posting all my deer now..lol
  10. Woo .hoo! . Thanks . I had not seen that they changed it this year in my unit..
  11. Sorry Rooster Gobbler . I'm fairly certain not many, if any on here would miss you when your gone from here... Hopefully sooner than later..
  12. Or put lipstick on and hold your face different..jk;)
  13. I think most of the core hunting forum guys would be happiest if political section was completely gone. I can understand from a forum business standpoint that post count is king, so it would not be good for business to end the political section completely. Kept in its own space and dealing with rude or insulting talk strictly would make it a much more pleasant place and not kill the post count too much..
  14. Will do. I have high hopes. But , if I can hear 1 bull bugle it will be a success in my book...
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