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  1. ncountry

    Nice day for a walk to clear the head

    Sorry for your lost. Glad your boy and you were able to get outside together.
  2. In recent years I seem to have transitioned to enjoying Terry Brooks and Tolkien type books the best. . I started out young reading all the black stallion series, moved on to every book written by Louis l'amour. Then to james Michener, Asimov, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Frank Herbert, Dean Koontz ..too many to list if I like an author I will usually read everything they wrote.. It's funny , one of my least favorite books is the Game of Thrones series.. i didnt even finish it.. Amazingly it's an awesome show.. one of the rare cases where the movie is better than the book/s
  3. Ok.. I just checked. I struggled to get to 20 in a row.
  4. My record is 108 in 60 seconds.... Umm , well.. 30 years
  5. ncountry

    Which day pack do you use.

    That pop up 28 looks like a nice pack..Until last year I had used cheap packs. I splurged and bought an Eberlestock x2 . I love it and cannot believe I that I hadn't invested in a good pack before. I rarely go out without it . I often put a lot of distance on my feet so I carry my warm outer wear and all the other gear in the pack until I'm to where I'm going so I don't overheat. It breaths really well and I don't arrive with a sweaty back like I did with every other pack I ever used..
  6. ncountry

    Another Reason To Hate Coyotes

    An interesting article..
  7. Yeah, like I said."imho".. I have pretty jaded view. I'm sure you are right. Trump had never really came across my radar until election season.
  8. Eating lunch by myself. So I'm Did the researchers take into account the fact that the habitual users of marijuana are probably losers anyways and more prone to violence because of their lack of focus and direction in life..
  9. Imho. .. My read on Trump is he is as much a crooked businessman ,now a politician like the rest of Washington. He is being led by his ego more than his pocket book.I doubt he truly cares that much for the issues he supports. He could have run on the opposing ticket in a different time. I more or less support him because he is pushing many more things that I agree with. His biggest plus is probably going to be the conservative judge/s.. All that being said. I've never met the man personally..
  10. ncountry

    Deer normal

  11. ncountry

    True Story..........

    I shot the biggest buck I had ever taken (at that time ) the morning my wife went into labor... I was just pulling back into the yard with deer when she called..
  12. ncountry

    Power Lines

    Yes , you can do just about everything over a gas line it is deep enough to farm (plowing ,harrowing, etc..) I have a friend that has food plots and shooting shacks looking down the rightaways
  13. ncountry

    Arrows and Tightspot quiver

    I would take the quiver.
  14. I'm curious.. I'm betting that the number of nonworking voters is grossly overestimated. The welfare class isn't very politically active.
  15. ncountry

    2027 mount finally picked up

    Nice buck!. Especially for one from the future ; )