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  1. Hence the 5 local college kids with it.
  3. Yea. Seems ridiculous. But goats are a lot of fun to watch though.
  4. My brother has goats.. I'm thinking of bringing them in on this yoga thing. Has anyone ever spent any time watching baby goats? If you dont smile you have deep seated
  5. Ouch !! that's it! I take offense. I didnt know I was a woman or gay...;)
  6. Another thread starting to get personal... Anybody that believes everything put out by the left or the right is naive.Truth , as usual, is in the middle. I know it is difficult to have a peaceful conversation about politics. But....
  7. I bought an eberlestock x2 a few years ago and love it. Easily twice the money I ever spent before on a pack. If its deer season its usually on my back and it is worth every penny.
  8. Yeap, old fence, dams, fields , any edge. If you can find an edge there will be trails. Often buck rubs .
  9. I always find it interesting how much the country has changed . Pics of an old foundation and split rail fence way back in the woods.
  10. Any links to a video of this rope climbing? You are starting to make me think.
  11. I like fish the best fried. Not that bakes with butter and some lemon pepper isn't pretty good. To me the secret to fried bass is the ratio of meat to batter. If you slice up the bass to crappie or perch size pieces most people wouldnt be able to tell the difference. And how much beer do you drink while bass fishing. Lol. ;). I dont recall having a problem detecting strikes while drinking beers and fishing for bass . But then again, I was drinking.
  12. Ha.ha. I saw National electricians competition on ESPN this weekend too..
  13. Ha.ha.ha.;) That would be the story of my hunting life. You know how many times I would arial scout a spot. Pick out the "perfect" spot , walk a mile in with my stand and discover your