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  1. ncountry

    Good spot

    Nice.. probably have to set back a little. That's too close..;)
  2. ncountry

    New to us boat.

    Lol.. I have always heard that.. I bought my boat well used 3 years ago and have enjoyed at least 150 days on it.. with zero problems.. where is that wood to knock on... Hopefully Gen's luck is as good as mine when it comes to boats..;)
  3. A dollar might buy you something there while a dollar here doesnt go very far.. I have friends that work in the local social services and the local deadbeats (not legal or illegal immigrants )eat up most of our $$.. Maybe in my sparsely populated and poor county it may not be the norm. That is what it looks like from here.
  4. Our local farms are loaded with immigrants. Pretty sure most are illegal.. Everybody looks the other way. An occasional token raid to make it look like we are trying. Its not because of the lack of resources either. There are more border patrol vehicles parked besidez the rd than regular law enforcement.Close to 100% of these farmers are republican. Until we(Americans) start doing our own dirty work again they are going to keep on coming. Im sure our welfare system is a contributing factor as well, but from what I actually observe in my neck of the woods, they are here to work. It's not greed , just human nature to want something better for yourself and family.
  5. ncountry

    OH..Canada !!

    Nice. I'm also headed for Canada Thursday morning. Roughly 180 miles north of Picton as the crow flies for some lake trout fishing in the boonies at camp... Have a good time!
  6. ncountry

    OH..Canada !!

    Good luck! What part of Ontario?
  7. ncountry

    Look at what you made me do !

    Which method seems to work the best for you?
  8. ncountry

    Look at what you made me do !

    I'm 3/4 of the way through this.. Long but informative for a novice like myself.
  9. MOOG! My compound has a competitor now... Came right from the bow miester himself. John's Custom Archery...It kind of snuck up on me. I wasnt prepared..I need to get some arrows , and finger tabs or gloves asap.. lol
  10. I believe, that is probably what he was charged with.. not what he ended up with .
  11. A friend of mine had all his pistols taken when he got a DUI.. Sheriffs department came one evening and confiscated them.. when all was said and done they were returned. Months later..
  12. ncountry

    Slayed the dragon..

    Favorite one! That would look great at the end of my dock..;)..
  13. ncountry

    Nice day for a walk to clear the head

    Sorry for your lost. Glad your boy and you were able to get outside together.
  14. ncountry

    Reading Books In Our Off Time-- Becoming A Lost Art?

    In recent years I seem to have transitioned to enjoying Terry Brooks and Tolkien type books the best. . I started out young reading all the black stallion series, moved on to every book written by Louis l'amour. Then to james Michener, Asimov, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Frank Herbert, Dean Koontz ..too many to list if I like an author I will usually read everything they wrote.. It's funny , one of my least favorite books is the Game of Thrones series.. i didnt even finish it.. Amazingly it's an awesome show.. one of the rare cases where the movie is better than the book/s
  15. ncountry

    Which day pack do you use.

    That pop up 28 looks like a nice pack..Until last year I had used cheap packs. I splurged and bought an Eberlestock x2 . I love it and cannot believe I that I hadn't invested in a good pack before. I rarely go out without it . I often put a lot of distance on my feet so I carry my warm outer wear and all the other gear in the pack until I'm to where I'm going so I don't overheat. It breaths really well and I don't arrive with a sweaty back like I did with every other pack I ever used..