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  1. I found 3 last week. 2 freshies and one from last year. With that said, almost every other deer I have seen still is packing. With this cold snap and the fact that they all should be getting close, my bet is the next 2 weeks should get hot.
  2. Interesting thread from this perspective: With the advances in ML technology (they are not "primitive" weapons any more), I thought for sure there would be a lot of bragging about 300 and 400 yard shots (which I have heard from people). Reading through though, it appears quite the opposite. A lot of closer range shots. My longest kill was 185 yards on a Mule Deer. The beauty of the shot though, is in Utah, a ML is still considered a primitive weapon hunt so you are not allowed to use any optics. I made that shot with open sights! Hit him in the heart. I'm pretty proud of that shot. As noted, I thought at 185 yards I would be the "short" guy in the room.....
  3. AKA - NY wants to encourage MORE poaching like they already do now! They want guns that are quieter and can be used in urban areas. This will increase the shady populous that are looking for any advantage to take game illegally.
  4. Oh, I get crap to this day. Like I mentioned, anyone else in my camp would have shot that buck. So, the fact that I said not to, then did, ugh. They will never let me live that down. Lol
  5. 9J. Maybe the deer travels a lot! lol.
  6. lol. I don't have bear or elk here. I have another pic I was looking for that I can't seem to find of bigger trees tore up. Its about a 1/4 acre section of woods with HUGE pine trees tore up. Its crazy. I have a general idea of what buck probably did that......but that would be a secret lol.
  7. I have shot Whitetail, Mule Deer, Caribou and Elk with a .270. It is the flattest shooting (next to a .300 Ultra Mag) and most reliable gun out here in my opinion. My father also took it on an African Safari and shot 7 species (3 being large sized proportion to a Caribou). Its hard to argue against a .270.
  8. mines bigger than yours. Nah, nah, nah, nah, poo, poo. lol
  9. I'm going to go with "What is No" for $200 Alec. This is a rub:
  10. www.wunderground.com More accurate and detailed then even my local idiot weatherman. I like it a lot. I have an app for my iPhone as well.
  11. I pride myself on shooting only mature deer. I let tons of deer walk every year and I am ok if I don't fill my tag. I only say this, because this one deer......my biggest regret......has a story that fits this thread. I had a 2.5 year old 8 point on trail camera (most people would probably shoot, but I knew he was young and needed to grow). I showed the picture to everyone at hunting camp the night before opening day and said DO NOT shoot this buck if you see him. Queue up opening morning and here comes that deer. I recognized him immediately. He was hot for a doe and started chasing her around in front of me. 45 minutes later, he was still in front of me. I guess that was my threshold for not shooting a deer because for some reason I just couldn't stand him being in front of me any more. I shoot. I have never missed a deer. I have never shot at a deer more than once. And of ALL deer, one that I didn't even want to shoot, I spine this one. He drops in his tracks and is thrashing with his head as his legs don't work. I knew I spined him. I got out of my stand and walk over to him. I hunt with my muzzleloader, even during regular gun season. I use powerbelts and pre-formed pellets. I had 3 pre-loaded in a plastic "quick loads" that morning when I walked out. The first one got loaded in my gun in my tree stand. That left me 2 more. As I walk up to this deer, my regret seeps in deeply. In my mental lapse, as I attempt to load the second round in the muzzle, the pellets fall into the snow. Disgusted and frustrated, I pull out my last "quick load" and drop it in the muzzle. My mind not being focused, i never pushed the powerbelt down the barrel. When I pulled the trigger, the powder went off with a boom and my bullet popped out of the end of the gun like a cork gun with a "pop" and bounced off the deer. The deer, now in full panic mode, desperately tries to do anything to get its legs to work. I have no more shots left, so I am now digging the snow for the dropped pellets. LUCKY I find them, load the gun properly, and put one last shot in him to finish him off. Super embarrasing and ridiculous. The deer serves as a reminder every time I am in a tree stand to not pull the tigger. A small silver line if you will.
  12. This is private, heavily posted property. And not in the sticks either. This is in Clarence, NY (outside of Buffalo). Right next to the guys house. Just stupid. I would never put up a camera on public land that I didn't expect to lose.
  13. I thought about that. I have actually in the past put 2 cameras facing each other when they are in an area I am nervous about. I should have this time. The camears were right next to the landowners house, like 200 yards tops. He allows a tree trimming company to use this little corner for their equipment. The day I put them up, a bunch of their workers were there. They saw me walk out of the woods (they did not see what I was doing though). My gut is that one of those piles of garbage walked in after I left to see what I was doing and stole them. There is no other explanation. I am giving it a day for my blood pressure to come down a bit and then I am headed over there......
  14. Uh, no? Someone stole them.
  15. I just had 2 camera's stolen off posted (heavily), private property. I JUST put them up on thursday and they are gone already, 5 days later. Worst yet, I believe I know who took them. My blood is boiling. Thankfully my 7 year old son was with me to get the cameras or I would have went on a rampage with the people who took them. It gave me time for my blood pressure to come down a tiny bit. Now the question is, is there a point in confronting them. Its not like they are going to admit to stealing and tresspassing! What the hell do you do. SO MAD!!!
  16. The real dilemma here is not whether it works or not, it is whether or not you use it properly to work. I know some people argue it is a scam and then wonder how it could be sold as a "scent killer." Some background (not be be a bore). A colleague of mine in my industry is a wicked smart chemist. I don't understand most of what comes out of his mouth. He invented both the original "armor all" cleaner that was then sold to Armor All and also a scent eliminator product that was eventually bought and used as Febreeze (in a more commerical form). I have some of his original "scent killer" in a generic bottle he gave me for use in my house. Having 2 young kids at the time, as some of you will relate, vomit is a smell that does NOT come out of carpet easily. His product magically removed it.....and quite easily. The key was an utter dousing and then repeat. Lastly, not to come in contact with that particular "odor" again. Flash forward to scent killer deer spray. The companies who make it probably test it in a lab by dousing an article in the liquid until completely saturated. They then repeat that multiple times. I am sure it removes odors.....temprorarily until it comes in contact with scent again. A hunter on the other hand, whips out that bottle, does a half ass surface spray once they are already in their hunting clothes (touching everythign they own) barely getting the outer layer. First mistake. Then, gauranteed the average hunter then touches his clothes, back pack, bow, etc with bare skin at some point, reapplying scent. Second mistake. Neither of these things would be done in a lab setting. So, not to be technical, but basically it would be impossible in a hunting scenario to apply enough product to eliminate the scent and THEN be sure not to have new odor reattach. As noted though, I use the product anyway. I figure if it helps a little....great.
  17. No, I was simply differentiating between scent killer and cover scent. Some people lump those 2 things into one category as if using a cover scent, eliminates their scent. Scent killer I belive was the original conversation thread that was started. People have varying opinions on that subject matter. I use it. I figure even if it helps 10%, I'm better off than not using it. Ever watch the Mythbusters episode where they tested all the scent killer products? And it made zero difference? Rather funny, ironically. Cover scent is 10000% useless for hunting if you are trying to mask your human odor. A deer breaks down that scent and smells it seperately from your other scents. They are not fooled at all. Using it as "bait" as some people have posted....well....that is a conversation that I am not starting!
  18. A deers nose is nothing like a human nose. Deer, Bear, Dogs, etc can breakdown scent and smell each layer. You may just smell acorn because that is the strongest, but a deer smells acorn, your clothes, what you ate, etc. it is said that their noses are complex enough to pick up 10 different scents at the same time. So, yeah, "cover scent" only fools humans. Anyone who uses scent wafers, pee, acorn / apples, etc was taken.
  19. Ha, that was the first thing I was going to say "you hung those over a crib!" Good job on the clarification...lol. Looking back, I have 3 or 4 deer I wish I euromounted.
  20. I thought it was 30 minutes before you can see until 30 minutes after you can't see any more? Man, so much misinformation. I am going to have to look that one up. I might just have to sell my headlamp.
  21. Its all good. I was just trying to protect you JUST in case from some folks in here. Congrats on the deer.
  22. Nothing is common sense in this state. You would be surprised at how many people don't range find anything and claim to be able to know the exact yardage a deer is at. Others watch too many damn TV shows and think they have all the time in the world while a 170" is standing broadside at 25 yards apparently oblibious to the world.
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