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  1. $830 - I didn't get the camo version - I am fine with the black and nickel.
  2. Hi Everyone, I just purchased a TC Bone Collector with a Leuphold Scope as a package from www.muzzle-loaders.com . I had some bad expereince with my CVA Pro Optima so decided to try something new. After alot of research it looks like a great package with a Leuphold scope for the price. The sales rep their was very helpful as well. Great expereince all around!! Just wanted to pass on some positive feedback if you are interested in a muzzleloader - if you are their options and prices can't be beat.
  3. WNYBuckHunter - per our discussion attached is a better picture of the length of the beard. Tough to take those pictures to get the beard to line up on the tape ... maybe I need to take up photography instead of hunting ... nah!!
  4. Agree - just experiemnt with lighter and then darken it up - you can get them to macth up pretty good.
  5. Definitely a tough season for me this year but went after a bird today that I missed earlier in the year. Connected with him at 8:30 this morning. Weighed almost 20lbs, 8.5” beard and 1 inch spurs. Tough to judge beards this year ... must be loosing my touch or sight- HA!! With all of the snow there weren’t a whole lot of birds with long beards and the frigid temps didn’t help that we had by the lake. Tom population seemed to be down as well but the bonus today was two heaping handfuls of Morels!!! Not sure which I was more excited about = the turkey or the morels – no complaints though!! Actually it is probably getting to sleep in again.
  6. Weird season so far but shot this guy this morning at 5:40AM. In my book it was PERFECT turkey hunting weather, foggy, thunder roling in and no rain - the perfect mix for gobbles without getting wet. I thought he was a bit bigger and older but I am happy nonethless. It was a cool hunt and one of my shortest - I shot him at 5:40AM - although I have been out almost everyday so in that sense it has been a long season. 20lbs / 3/4" spurs and 9.5" beard.
  7. Congrats. That beard looks much longer but then again I have passed on ones I should have probably shot so I pretty much suck at sizing up birds. Congrats again on a nice bird.
  8. Nice bird - congrats!!
  9. Looks great - congrats!!
  10. Ha!! I was the same way - in fact college was rough in the beginning because during the fall I was out in the woods more than in class and it didn't work out well. Finally I made my mind up and sacrificed the next couple years, got great grades, which landed a great job, and then went crazy again. Think of it this way, a few years of sacrifice for the rest of your life to enjoy. Get the grades, get the job, work hard and then everything will follow. You are doing the right thing. I use to get the same advice from my elders - the good thing is you have many years to plan out and do it right - just let it be the fuel. I hunt in Ohio once an awhile. It is nice to get away if you tag out here - NY is getting better every year though. There are some good bucks right here in this state. That is why it would be hard for me to ever pay for a whitetail hunt. If I were to go on one it would probably be to chase the Saskatchewan monsters some day.
  11. Good luck guys, sounds like some interesting hunts planned. Yes Pygmy, but hey you only live once and the hunts are not getting any cheaper. It sounds like you have had some adventures yourself. I am always up for advice - I will PM you. BizROworld - Yes, I would prefer snow and did look into Alberta and BC but they have a hefty price tag. I am leaning towards Montana, Wyoming or Colorado which sem more reasonable and still have good size cats. Good luck on your hunt to Wyoming. Snake Boots and gear for Florida are packed. I was on the fence on Rio/Merriam turkey hunt in Nebraska - 3 days hunting and about $2000 for 2 birds which includes liscense, driving out there, lodging and guide but couldn't find anyone interested to share the drive - so will probably wait until next year.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wondering how many folks are planning out of state hunts this year and where you are headed? Also just wondering how many of you guys have some top hunts that your are trying to plan for? Great time to think about it considering our seasons are still quite far off still. I know my kids are getting a little older and I have been on a couple hunts out of state in the past but am looking to get back into to going on a trip or two every year. My last trip was to Wyoming for Mule Deer and Antelope w/ my father and we both had an awesome hunt. This winter I have been trying to layout a plan for the next few years based on the animals, and just as important, the areas/states I would like to hunt in my life. 1.) Rocky Mountain Elk & Mule Deer Combo 2.) Mountain Lion 3.) Mountain Goat & Black Bear Combo 4.) Turkey (Osceola/Merriam/Rio) 5.) Bison: State 6.) Mule Deer & Pronghorn Combo (again) 7.) Alaskan Brown Bear & Caribou 8.) Caribou/Wolf/Bear/Moose 9.) Canadian Moose Hunt & or Alaskan Moose 10.)Rocky Bighorn Sheep Next week I leave for Florida to try for my first Osceola Turkey - excited but not a huge fan of snakes so we will see how it goes. The hunts out west I would prefer to drive so always looking for other folks in the area that would be interested in splitting the costs to head out there. Even though there is a considerable amount of reearch on guides and outfitters for out west, which is the same as it always has been, the complexity of deciding on state and unit to apply for w/ nearly everything being a draw, preference epoints, bonus points and the pure cost of some of the liscenses or what you need to purchase to even try to apply can be overwhelming - especially for non-resident. It makes you think of a state to retire in so you can claim residency and have a decent shot at some of these hunts. This week I am trying to make a decision on whether to use Epic outdoors to help with the unit and applications for some upcoming hunts. Anyone have any insight or experiences on any of these hunts, application services or strategies good or bad?? It is good to understand other perspectives / options etc..
  13. I am looking to do the same but it seems the choices and research are daunting. Did you narrow down which state and what are you using for your budget if you don't me asking?
  14. Awesome buck for sure. There certainly is no justice in hunting or correlation that a "good" hunter ends up on top every time. I put in obscene amounts of time in hunting and many times it goes with no "typical" reward. I have learned to only put in what you are willing to without expecting anything in return - very similiar to a true friendship. I used to expect if I hunted every day I would be rewarded by the "hunting gods", this however is not the case. You both have the right attitude in appreciating the scouting, close encounters including your trail cam pictures and the measure of success is not always proven by what is hanging on the wall. These bucks are still legends that you will always remember.
  15. Awesome buck. Congrats to your uncle.
  16. Thanks - haven't found anyone to go but let's see how gun season goes here. I am still leaning towards going next year.
  17. Joe's does not take archery deer and when I was younger lived close to them and brought them a few deer - I was never overly impressed. Smith's does do a lot of deer. I have brought a couple there. I would say they are average but they do a lot of deer. By far I am a huge fan of Uncle Charlie's. Best hours in the business, great guy and staff and does an awesome job.
  18. I don't think the swhacker is a bad design at all Geno and they seem to have good results. Like I said though I have a lot of success w/ the Rage and don't see any reason to change.
  19. Honestly I have never shot the Grim Reaper but have used the Rages for quite some time and am very satisfied with them. As far as mechanicals go I can't see a reason to change but if I had to I would consider the Swhacker or possibly the Grim Reaper. For fixed, I have done a lot of research and would lean towards the slick tricks. I am planning to go for elk in the next 1-2 years and the slick Trick fixed head seems like a better choice than the mechanical - plus some of the stated don't allow mechanicals for elk.
  20. 2013 Bow season buck - Real heavy 8 point that green scored gross 146". He had over 34" of mass measurements.
  21. Yes - it's in December and yes it is always controversial but I was wondering if anyone has ever taken part in it. Do they hunt state land or do you need to have access to private land? It looks like a lottery draw for the tags and it looks like i missed it this year but next week i would love to give it a try. Any insight/advice to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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