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  1. HSS Hunter Safety System. I have the elite. Link http://www.cabelas.com/product/hunter-safety-system-174-elite-series-safety-harness/1617538.uts?Ntk=AllProducts&searchPath=%2Fcatalog%2Fsearch.cmd%3Fform_state%3DsearchForm%26N%3D0%26fsch%3Dtrue%26Ntk%3DAllProducts%26Ntt%3Dhss%252Belite%26x%3D10%26y%3D6%26WTz_l%3DHeader%253BSearch-All%252BProducts&Ntt=hss+elite My second HSS harness, the other is 7-8 years old and will be my back up when I need to let the new one air out.
  2. 5 or likely 6 with a dink 1.5 year old.
  3. Bob Dingleberry basically gave Hurst a public service announcement.... that was not an interview.
  4. The special early ML will happen. Current changes (phase 2) for 2 years, then the early ML see p9 at the bottom http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/deerplan2012.pdf
  5. LOL http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/NYSDEC/bulletins/112184f
  6. Scroll down to hour four and listen.... http://www.wham1180.com/onair/bob-lonsberry-3440/show-recap-81015-13841151/
  7. I had an addition done and a room remodel. I believe it is between 34 -38 cents per linear foot, 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 inch thick for open cell. Closed cell is around double I believe. I went with open cell.
  8. A buddy has that green with oak crown and hardwood floor it does look good!
  9. Pine for sure! I like the sheetrock ceiling look with pine. Clear coated twice before putting up. I need to put some coats on the pine tv stand I built it doesn't look so hot in natural wood. The curtains are fixed, I had a lady in town split them and make them shorter cheaper than buying 4. Should have taken a new pic for this...
  10. I went in 2013 to Quebec 7 hours North of Montreal. Bugs are the real deal, buy the best bug suit you can, full suit you will need it you will still get bit. Dropped off at site 1pm picked up at 1030 PM.... chainsaws in your ears from the bugs. Hunted from the ground behind a brush blind. 3rd night I shot this Bear at 445PM, bear tagged and at my pick up point by 5pm. Still picked up at 10:30 PM, therma cells broke the guaranteed hunt. 9 in camp 5 got bears. Fishing was OK but water temp was still very cold. Not sure I would go to Quebec again, Western Canada with the bow for sure My mount was around $980 and I love it.
  11. Outdoor Boiler here... 3000 sq foot house. It is the version with the conveter on it, it runs very clean. Heats the house and our domestic hot water. I burn around 40 facecord a year. Can be more depending on how cold it is. Should be mentioned facecord is 4'x8' by 16" cord is 3 facecord. I load it every 12 hours when it is cold, every 16 when its above 35. I cut some, but I don't have the time to do it all. I can get it for around $60 a facecord, cut split, delivered. Wood is a lot of work. Boilers are expensive, but after your 3rd year you are saving money based on my house size, price of oil, and including buying your wood.
  12. It maybe a great bow, but I think retail is like $1800 that in of itself is enough to keep me away.
  13. I got the red headed step child Mountain Lion... lol
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