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  1. Or worse hitlery vets elected and tries to appoint Obama as she said she would
  2. It is a bit of a travel to St Lawrence county, but get a hold of weildcat junkie. He was looking for a hunting partner a little while back
  3. Four seasons whitetail. Isn't this guy in your neighborhood?
  4. Huh. I want to hu t your property and turn you in
  5. Those banking on the scotus to overturn the safe act well good luck with that now.
  6. Reports today he was found dead at a hunting ranch in Texas. Report said reported natural causes. This is not good at all.
  7. I simply meant you would not have the balls in real life you have in the internet.
  8. Remember Cruz talked about a NY attitude? His es exactly what he was talking about.
  9. The way the govt killed a person to squelch any uprising, we all should be heading out to stop a tyrranical govt. Either you go along with it, or stand up against it all. We know where you stand. But to have the internet balls to call those who do stand up names and degrade them really takes the cake. Sad part is in real life, you do not have those balls. You know it, we know it. So play your little internet games from Mommy's basement. I am sure she is proud of you
  10. And you still complain about it over and over. Nothing changes. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different response is the definition of insanity. So keep it up.
  11. I bought two tasco 50 buck Walmart specials. Great pics and much better that the wild game innovation junk I bought.
  12. 19 pages of liberrtals drawing us into defending our beliefs with stupid comments. Sounds like Washington. Good play boys
  13. Just because a simple majority vote passes a bill in the Senate, does not make it law now does it. Checks and balances. Look it up.
  14. I purchased a Lyman dps a few years ago. Best move I ever made. It is as accurate as any beam scale ever made. It has allowed me to get better accuracy. But as stated it is not necessary especially when getting started. I had a Lee single stage press for years, along with a kee powder scale. As time has went by, I have upgraded to the Lee 4 hole turret press and as stated the DPS. My next purchase is going to be a progressive loader. Get all the information and read it all before starting
  15. Green Johnson wool pants and an ll bean green and black plaid coat. If it is very cold, I wear them. I can sit for hours and stay warm. It cuts the wind, and is quiet. I put my stsanda up in evergreen trees, and I am lost. My cousin has the red and black. My camp is called old school
  16. Yes I reload. I have for many years. Only down side or original start up costs. But you can really fine tune a firearm and have a tack driver. Paula. There are loading manuals that lust all bullet weights per caliber as well as powder variations. Start small and work your way up in calibers
  17. OK so they did it and you feel violated. What are you going to do about it? Either stand up or take it
  18. Oh uptown, you are so wrong. You need to speak rationally to start with. Your topic for this thread told exactly how you feel. You have a typical liberal attitude. You know what we all need and when we do not agree, we are to use your word moron. Where is the rational in that?
  19. So how many have actually submitted their opinions? Just curious
  20. Such a bitter man. So sad you feel the need to lash out all the time.
  21. . And tell us your opinion is the only one that matters. Meant for downtown basement dweller
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