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  1. How do you guys and gals even move with so much on?
  2. Just got home and showered. No dinner to go to. Work at 4 until 7am tomorrow
  3. Get a bernzomatic torch to burn off the remaining hair after skinning
  4. HeyTom. When do you get time to hunt? Great job
  5. 87.5 grains of bh209. I weigh my charges 60 by weight
  6. The problem is jealousy and entitlement.
  7. . Not sure if you were aware, but they have the capability of being shut off. My new vcamp, there is no reception there and I love it
  8. As long as you are wearing blaze orange, it is safe. No one can shoot you then even in pitch black. More of the I am entitled to break the law for my own benefit. Either you follow the laws or you do not. Just remember karma can beca bitch.
  9. No the email did not say that because the guide book does not say you it is OK to tag a deer you did not shoot. You stated that after I said to check the guide. Bottom line it is illegal to tag a deer you did not harvest. Now back peddle your way out of this one
  10. No you did not. I am talking in general. You said that in any situation it was fine. Now relax before you have a stroke
  11. I understand it is ridiculous. No Dec officer told you that because the book does not say you itisoktog just tag a deer
  12. . So now you are saying you have been told that it is ok tontag a deer you did not kill because the guide does not say after you kill the deer or you can report because you are reporting a kill,not a kill you made? Ridiculous
  13. And FYI. Being told something more than once does not make it correct
  14. As my mail said it will take a while. I have no t received a response yet. When I do it will be posted regardless of what it says. And to clarify. The captain told me on the phone that your theory that the book does not say after you kill a deer, is at best foolish and no Court would even consider it. The same with reporting a harvest. His words were in your theory, anyone could tag any deer at any time. In other words, it made no sense. You were grasping at straws to try to make sure you were right. So you have been told this several times? Do you email every year to ask the same thing?
  15. . I said sarcasm not humor. Big difference. It was for the big antler guys
  16. Many crossover now through the Mohawk reservation busts for it all the time, but many go undetected
  17. . Play dumb? You are the one who said you are not tagging a deer you shot just tagging as it does not say you. Same with reporting
  18. Yes. That is 25 yards from my stand. If I had been there yesterday, I would have taken him then
  19. Actually on state land. So if I see him again, he is all mine
  20. Power pole. It is on the power line right of way
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