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  1. If he planned a shootout, they would have had guns blazing when they pulled up, in the protection of the vehicle. Sad part is there was not a mass of people there to support them rather than burying their head in the sand with the it does not effect me attitude
  2. You are right. As I said he starts the idiotic threads and housecat punkie joins in. I do not think it is coincidence
  3. Another with all the complaints and no real solutions. Wait until the ammo background checks go into effect. In other words have you bothered to really know what it entails? I doubt it. I bet you have a bernie sticker in the window of your parents basement where you no doubt live. What a piece of work.
  4. Now that sure was a stretch. I guess Obama should be in prison then
  5. The video does not show him going for a gun. He was right handed and his gun was also on his right hip. He reached across his body with his right hand away from his pistol. I know it is pretty simple and housecat punkie will not believe it, but that is simple fact
  6. So true. No deterrent at all
  7. I wonder what made him a jackass. Standing up to an oppressive government or being conservative?
  8. IfI was a cop in the murder capital strictest gun control city, I would protect myself too
  9. . Where did you see that because the audio sure did not sound like he asked to be shot. More MSNBC crap?
  10. To use his word. Did you ever notice the uptown cloiwn starts this crap andhouse xst punkie is the only one who defends his stance. Coincidence. I think not
  11. Oh trust me the govt wants a call to arms. Martial law instantly. No one will want the king that will unleash
  12. Eye witness reports he was shot unarmed with his hands in the air saying he wanted to speak to the sheriff. Car was riddled with bullets and he was shot three times after he was on the ground. I guess rancher lives do not matter. I wonder if there was a similar situation here inNY how many would go stand with them? I know I would. I doubt many others would
  13. I quit posting links here as most were whining about all the posts. Pretty much tells me how they feel when what's for dinner is more popular. I do have a fb page and a website where I post my stuff. PM me if interested and I will give you the links to them
  14. With all the hype about Manning, where is the credit for the guy who played all season while Manning wasb injured? Who knows how many of those games that got them there? May have been a couple more losses and not even make the playoffs.
  15. The problem is you need to get people off their asses and to the polls. Not going to happen regardless of how you do it
  16. . It did not seem to help 2 years ago. If you think all I did was put out lawn plkacarfs,you are clueless.
  17. Much better than those who have clearance doing so on an unsecured server. But what difference does it make
  18. . Ha-ha. I type so most on here can read it. But back to my point. How do you choose when politicians will help and when they do not? 1 issue you are against it and the next begging people to contact them. Ahhh. I think I get it. Gun control is OK, land control is not.
  19. And we sit on a forum and gripe about it, waiting for it to fix itself
  20. VP. Fasteddie secy of state. Nyantler. Secy of defense Paula. White house press secretary. Doc. He can spin a tale. Attorney general. No one I do not like attorneys. Surgeon general. I would handle that
  21. Almost as sad sad Obama surrounding himself with kids to sign a bs bill
  22. . To quote a fool on her. If you think the politicians are on your side, you are delusional. Most of us have figured out there is no sense arguing with a liberal. It just lowers us to your level
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