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  1. Thinking about selling my browning maxus 3 1/2 chamber. Mossy oak shadow grass blades. 28” barrel. Three factory chokes and two Carlson chokes. $1050. I also have a savage new model 110 hunter. It has the stock and cheek shims. Chambered in 7mm08. 22” barrel. I did a rattle can camo paint job on the stock only. Gun will come with Burris rings and 1” tube mounts. There is maybe a box of rounds through this gun. $550. I am located in Geneva. feel free to msg me.
  2. It’s a nice knife for sure. Open to reasonable offers
  3. Benchmade grizzly creek for sale. Axis lock with gut hook. I bought the knife brand new and used it lightly for one season. Knife is in great shape. $175.
  4. I just purchased this a couple months ago for my first crossbow. I’m sure there are better ones out there. But for the price I don’t think you can beat it. Great quality product so far in my experience. I really like the accudraw50 feature.
  5. I’d guess 5.5+ send them in to deerage for sure!
  6. Post up pics of the lower jaw, let’s guess. Nice buck btw
  7. I’m a huge fan of the 6.8spc. Me and a buddy put together two ar’s for deer hunting about five years ago, and it’s all we have used since. It puts deer down well, and it’s light on recoil. All my shots are well within 100 yards but I have shot it out to 300. Out to 200 It drops a couple inches which is fine for me. I use the sst’s and federal fusion. POI is identical for both out of my gun. Order ammo online in bulk and it’s not much more that any of your other standard calibers.
  8. I haven’t put it to work yet.. But it looks and feels awesome! I love that it has a gut hook too!
  9. Man that Osborne is a sweet knife isn’t it. I was looking at bench mades and loved that knife, but wanted something a little more geared toward hunting and processing game. I ended up with the grizzly creek. It wasn’t scary sharp out of the box for some reason. But overall I’m digging it a lot.
  10. He was aged at 4.5. i was pretty sure he was 3.5, with the slight possibility of being 4.5.
  11. I don’t have the uppers. They are long gone.
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