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  1. I haven’t put it to work yet.. But it looks and feels awesome! I love that it has a gut hook too!
  2. Man that Osborne is a sweet knife isn’t it. I was looking at bench mades and loved that knife, but wanted something a little more geared toward hunting and processing game. I ended up with the grizzly creek. It wasn’t scary sharp out of the box for some reason. But overall I’m digging it a lot.
  3. He was aged at 4.5. i was pretty sure he was 3.5, with the slight possibility of being 4.5.
  4. I don’t have the uppers. They are long gone.
  5. This was my first time using deer age. I Just got the results back from this years buck. Anyone wanna guess age before I post the results...
  6. I sent some in about a month ago. I did the 45 day service. So I should hear back in the next few weeks. This was my first time ever sending teeth in. I’m thinking 3.5 y/o, possibly 4.5 for mine. Your teeth look pretty worn down..
  7. I’m in the process of looking at Benchmades. I don’t own one yet but was pretty impressed with them. I’ve narrowed it down to the grizzly creek and grizzly ridge. They are pretty much identical besides the rubberized handle on the ridge. I like it a lot but I’m worried about it coming off overtime. The gut hook on the creek is a nice touch. Decisions decision...
  8. I have a brand new never used lone wolf alpha 2 hang on and four lone wolf sticks. I feel that the lw climber set up will suit my hunting needs better. $350 for the setup.
  9. It’s a sweet gun, but I always seem to grab the 6.8 instead