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  1. Sad the only thoughts liberals have are what they are told to think. It would be so much fun pointing out asll the flaws uptown, but really not worth the time. Now go drink some koolaid and wdit for the talking points emasil
  2. This guy is the reason some people want more gun control.
  3. OK fine. I just find it unreal that those who hunt and own firearms as so complacent to more laws against owning firearms.
  4. Yeah cut and run. Don't blame you. Lots do when it is time to stand up. If you think the courts will help, so far we got 10 bullets back. Two words for the courts helping. Obama care
  5. I know. Simply stating no matter some will always argue
  6. Time to get after our representatives and let them know it is time.
  7. Sad part expresso is that even if it was filmed when happening, you would still question it and support the perpetrators. To me that makes asll your statements very biased. What flavor is the koolaid this month? But you never miss a chance to undermine for sure
  8. No part of the UNSAFE act has been defunded. Every year, they pass it. The lack of planning and passing the law overnight is why the ammo checks as well as the handgun permit recertification have not gotten off the ground 3 years later. Message of necessity yeah right. From a friend of mine who is an assemblyman, this year will be the push for repeal, as they have the leverage now with the lack of implementation. That is why you are seeing articles like this as well as 3 years later news stories. The ducks are coming into order.
  9. Another case of liberals telling us what offends us
  10. Another case of liberals telling us what offends us
  11. Let me explain how it will not hurt him. A true conservative will rarely carry NY in an election anyway because the very people with the attitude he spoke of would never vote for him anyway. And the rest of the state has no say. He was not planning on carrying NY anyway. And if you would vote for his Hillary because of one thing he said, you were going to vote for the lying carpetbagger witch anyway. In 2 weeks no one will even remember he said it when someone else says something stupid. Sad part is he told the truth. When your NYC guy gets out there (Trump) and displays his I am smarter better and know what you need attitude, that is exactly what the NY attitude is portrayed as.
  12. . As far as I know only 4 people responded. It was voluntary
  13. http://www.timesunion.com/tuplus-opinion/article/State-s-SAFE-Act-needs-to-set-its-sights-on-6754126.php
  14. Actually he is right. He never said all of NY He was referring to the appendage in the ocean the rest of in the state are ruledbt politically. Just look at the attitudes on hetre, and you can clearly see exactly what he was talking about
  15. Long read but it explains the process. http://www.libertynewsonline.com/article_301_36773.php
  16. So all you had is a typo? Not hot air at all, it is reality. A hunt is ruined by a guy walking onto you public land is quite simply whining. If that ruins your wholehunt,that just shows the superficial side of you. Buy a big chunk of your own land to avoid the dramatic ruination of your whole outing.
  17. Ruined is sduch a strong word. So the guy strolled in and moved birds out. If that is all it takes to RUIN your hunt, then you do not know what a hunt is about. Granted, I would have been disappointed, but In would have been thankful I had the time out in the woods.
  18. . You can see whatever you want to see. I am telling you what it is supposed to be. I also never said it would be up and running. I also never said everyone would be suspended if the state does not have it going. Again I simply stated what the law says. After that you can let your imagination run wild. That is up to you, not me. I could explain in more detail, but, I believe you were one of the main complainers about all the political posts if I recall correctly , so I will leave it at that.
  19. Well if you think they will not do a criminal and other background check, you are mistaken
  20. I am sure I have mentioned it at least a dozen times on hetre since the safe act was passed. However, most complained about all the political posts. Anyway the state police are going to be doing the checks. Then the information will be passed onto the county judge. You will receive a letter telling you when it needs to be done. There is basically 3 years left to do so. As usual, they are putting the finishing touches on the data to do so.
  21. http://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/big-game-hunting/deer/why-deer-herds-are-declining/
  22. No one won. As of right now next jackpot is 1.3 billion
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