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  1. Congrats to all who put meat in the freezer. Going up to 4O tomorrow, gonna sit a bit this weekend. Really enjoy reading " live from the woods." It keeps me in tune with the goings on and abreast with the rut. Thanks.
  2. stop em and drop em

    Trump Already Loses in Nevada

    Uptown Redneck, you need to learn your abc's. Anybody But Clinton!
  3. stop em and drop em

    favorite deer sent

    Maybe its me, but I spent money and time spraying, hanging, dripping, and dragging all kinds of scents and lures. Never have I seen it actually work. I mostly purchased Tinks #69. My favorite device and I never leave the home without is the grunt tube, I have several and recently just use a simple beeerp to stop em. This has worked most of the time, unless they are on a mission.
  4. stop em and drop em

    Hilary Again Cleared by FBI

    According to Director Comey, "she was extremely careless with CLASSIFIED materials." Trust her to keep materials safe from the enemy? NEVER. She has to, to much baggage and so many times proven unworthy. So many people seem to be so shameless, even defending it as if it weren't a problem, unless, the shoe were on the other foot. So many have exchanged the TRUTH for a lie.
  5. stop em and drop em

    Who's Voting For Hillary ?

    I am voting country first, Trump has our country in mind. Supreme court justices, the economy, immigration, the constitution including our second amendment, an unborn's right to life, etc. Al-qaeda was on the run last presidential election. Now they are threatening three states prior to the election. Time to drain the SWAMP.
  6. stop em and drop em

    First deer

    Congats! Many more.
  7. stop em and drop em

    Who will going out in the rain?

    I was hesitant to go up this weekend with the rain, but I will go up now after hearing these comments. You won't fill your tag on the couch. I got a couple stands with some roofing, hopefully the rain is not to heavy.
  8. stop em and drop em

    Anyone following this Ferguson stuff going on?

    Obama says to them "stay the course". Really? Who voted for him? I didn't, I voted for McCain and Romney. McCains' vp had and still has more backbone than most of the republicans out there. God says, "my people perish for lack of knowledge", maybe Gruber was right, just saying. What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty" or "one nation, under God, and just for all"? This rush to judgement is crazy, especially from our president. He has been wrong twice so far and this will be the third time. Baseball calls that a strikeout. Obama is divisive not a unifier. He does not try to clam the people he just stokes the fire sending the DOJ and make these racist accusations. Show me the facts. From what I am hearing, the policeman won't be indicted. I support law enforcement, and I say thank you. I pray for peace and hope things remain calm everywhere.
  9. stop em and drop em

    4W Hancock

    Hey 4W Hancock, I hunt 4O in Masonville/Sidney Center thanks for the info. I have family and friends in Basin Clove and the surrounding areas.
  10. stop em and drop em

    Rut Report Thread

    Saw a couple rubs and a fresh scrape up in 4O. Saw a small 5 and some does over the weekend. Got some trail photos of other bucks and a nice 8 just before sun up.
  11. stop em and drop em

    Advice - Hunting from tree stand vs on the ground?

    With the rifle i prefer a tree stand. try and clear shooting lanes at a minimum. If you can't, then look for your best opportunities (openings) to shoot. I use a grunt call to stop them when possible, works most of the time. Watch them closely, look for a good potential opening, give a little grunt to catch their attention and be ready to shoot as they enter opening and stop. It sounds great, but expect the unexpected. Seize the moment, because it could get ugly fast. Make a check list, like check scope magnification, check to see if round is chambered, take safety off when ready to shoot, make sure scope is dry and snow free, don't breath on scope and fog it up, etc., etc., etc. A tree stand can be dangerous, be CAREFUL. I believe it is the best way to rifle hunt, it gives you the opportunity to see them farther off. But, they are like ghosts, I have said many a time to myself, "where did he come from". Good Luck.
  12. stop em and drop em

    Any advice to keep poachers off your land?

    I like securing signs just out of reach with a ladder, you have to post and keep it out of reach and make it hard to remove. I also planted couple hundred white pines to block the view from the road. Screen the trees for a couple of years, they browse on them when the snow accumulates. Last year my brother and I went hunting the last weekend of rifle in the southern zone, we had fresh snow and what did we just miss that Saturday at about 7:30am? We just missed a road hunter shoot and drag a deer a couple hundred yards from our property. I had a trail camera nearby but the batteries were just about dead, no current photos were on there. Lastly you can use the law, I have a friend who has called the law and had people arrested because they were hunting on his property.
  13. stop em and drop em

    35 Remington Lever Action Marlin

    My favorite rifle is the old sears and roebuck marlin 35 cal. Got it for nothin back in 81. She's a good companion, taken down a number of deer. She a little broken in and not afraid to take her out in any weather. Nice and short but packs a nice punch. I have a number of other calibers but the 35 Rem is my favorite. Just a little tough to get ammo.
  14. stop em and drop em

    Does anyone else like coyotes?

    i have seen a few carcasses of deer and turkey remnants in recent years. Thinking its the coyotes. Not many chucks around today too, thinking its the coyotes. I used to hunt chucks, none around in last 10 years or more, I like hunting deer.... I would take down a coyote whenever the legal opportunity exists, no problem.
  15. stop em and drop em

    This is bugging the heck out of me........

    I always wondered myself why I never see any deer at any time in Lancaster. I vacation with my family there once, sometimes twice a year. I suspected they protected their food crops. Seem like I might be right.