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  1. Oh Goody.... Made my appt. at N. E. Ortho for what appears to be leading to my 4th knee surgery tomorrow... I can't wait to pay for this one... ARGGGG... Seriously, WTF.. Trying to get everything paid off and I get hit with this??? Trying to get healthier and I can barely walk never mind exercise... Just frustrating... Need to get this done and behind me... Need to be up and running for bow season and my Kentucky late season hunt....
  2. Think it still all boils down to what ever you like to do, as long as it is legal, no one should bash you for it... If you want to hunt public land with a stick bow, great... if you want to hunt HF with a rifle... cool... whatever trips your trigger.. if you don't like it, don't do it. Everyone should just enjoy life as you see fit, don't hurt anyone, keep it legal and don't judge others... None of us are perfect and there is only 1 judge in the end... ;-)
  3. My first Grandchild!!! So excited!!! My perfect angel, her name is Aurelia (say Oh reel eeeah), born yesterday, 7lbs 3 oz and 22" long.... Mom (My daughter) is doing well... Dad is jumping in like a pro... VERY proud of them... And VERY excited to start spoiling her!!!!! Did I mention she was perfect??? LOL My other S-I-L asked "When does she get her first gun?" my reply was "4".. LOL.. Her father says "I figured that would be when".. 2 years old she will be getting a fishing pole though!!!
  4. That's damn funny right there!!!!! LOL
  5. I have the same issue... The only call I can use is the Primos Elk calls withe the palate plate on top.. It's a bit higher pitched than a standard turkey call but kills birds every year... See the pic... if you need more info let me know...
  6. Just picked this LEM up, making 25lbs of venison summer sausage with cheddar cheese in it..
  7. What about a guided out of state hunt??? You do nothing but either follow someone or sit in a stand/blind they set for you.... Is this now considered unethical or not hunting???? How far are we going to try and push this??? I'm not saying you personally feel like that.. I'm asking the group..
  8. I am sure there are HF places that aren't ethical.... But I am 110% sure there are some that have large tracts of land where you never see a fence... The fact you would not hunt it doesn't mean it isn't ethical... It just means it's not your style... Why bash the ethical places??? If someone wants to legally hunt a deer there, why should it matter to you??? I don't change my own oil, I go to a place and pay someone to do the work for me.. if you do does that make me an unethical truck owner???? LOL
  9. OK.. as stated I am not a doing and HF deer hunts, but posting pics of venison farming deer and trying to pass it off as a HF hunting preserve says more about you than it does the HF industry... lets keep things real if you are trying to prove your point... Preserve animals have very little contact with humans... they are raised wild but in a limited area... Again.. I would not do a HF deer hunt but that is a personal choice for me to make.. But don't post pics of venison farm deer and try o make people think that is remotely close to a HF hunting outfit..
  10. The other idea for thinking why people do this is for people living in the city.... no chance to hunt locally... You either try to scout and hunt at the same time, which I can only guess the success rate is low single digits, pay to go on a guided hunt... with an average of 25-33% success rate... Or, go to a HF area, pay 2-4 times an outfitted wild hunt but have 100% success rate... In terms of $$$, the HF hunting might be the best bang for their buck in their minds... Personally... I couldn't live in a city like that.. But just throwing out an idea where the idea makes more sense..
  11. Got you... That makes sense. was just trying to figure out the goal of the post... To discuss.. Working perfectly.. LOL Yeah, I'm not a fan of it ... I know people that have done it.. I personally would not do it... But again.. where it is legal, I don't oppose others from doing it.. To each their own I feel..
  12. Do you think by complaining about it, somehow, people will stop doing it or think differently about it??? Trust me.. I would not do a HF hunt for deer ever... Not my style... But also not my style is wearing a mens Romper, doesn't mean I will oppose others from wearing one if they so chose.... I'm just trying to determine if you are looking to change something or, just standing on your soap box venting about something you don't like...
  13. Again.. if it is legal... doesn't hurt anyone... doesn't effect you negatively... Why bitch about it??? Hunt how you want to hunt... shoot what you want to shoot legally... and let others do the same...
  14. I honestly despise stealing.... Drives into a rage like you can't believe... I've seen so many trail cameras, tree stands etc in the woods and the idea of taking them NEVER crosses my mind... As I am sure 99.99% of you feel the same.. I honestly hope it is never stolen from you.. Very nice of your son for sure...
  15. Talked to the wife.. We are heading out Saturday to put some cameras out.. LOL... Thanks for the spark to get that fire started early for me this year guys!!!!