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  1. Finally

    hoping to repeat last years youth success....
  2. Meet my newest hunting partner

    If we get a second one, that will be the name!!! Gibbs!!! LOL
  3. Meet my newest hunting partner

    Wife and I love the TV show "Blacklist" Reddington or Red is one of our most favorite characters ever... So, Red was the perfect name for our short hair.. LOL... plus, it is a conversation starter... LOL
  4. Meet my newest hunting partner

    Couldn't take it.... Meet Red... LOL
  5. Turkey's Killed on Decline

    To be honest, the NWTF has seen a decline in #'s and say it is mostly due to habitat... That's why they have their program "Save the habitat, Save the hunt"... If anyone turkey hunts and isn't a member they should really think about joining... It is a GREAT org and the do a TON in each state to help not only turkeys but all the animals that benefit from habitat restoration...
  6. Red, 6 weeks old tomorrow....

    2 more weeks and this little man will come home with us... he is growing so fast!!! Hoping he looks like his mother and is his fathers size!!! His father is the solid black in the pic... A beast of a short hair!!! Then Red cuddling with his new momma.. LOL
  7. Finally

    Got my 6 camera's set up in fields on plot watcher setting on the farm I hunt this past Saturday... good lord... Way behind getting ready for Youth weekend and then regular season.. so I'll check them in a week, that will be my prep work for the youth hunt... then I check them youth weekend to get info for the opener for me... Hate being behind.. usually I've had them out for a month already... been out multiple times scouting.... This weather is just crazy... plus doing a bathroom reno UGH!!! a bit buried to say the least.. Anyone else feeling the crunch???
  8. I know of other PH's that carry animals out... you can't drag them... you won't have hair if you do... if you can't drive the truck to them, you either carry or skin and quarter...
  9. Favorite trail cam.turkey pics

    All long beards...
  10. That's awesome!!! Good for him!!!!!!!
  11. Show me Your dogs

    Black German Short Hair... he's 3 weeks old today... This was him Saturday...

    This little man was born on March 5th, eyes just opened this past Sunday.... I hunt over his parents and they are AMAZING.... He moves in with me in May... We will train all summer and then hunt with his parents all pheasant season... Can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this adventure to begin.. He will color like his mother in the pic when he gets older... Hope he hunts like her!!! His name is Reddington, Red for short.. From the TV show Blacklist..
  13. Antlers...still?

    When the doe to buck ratio is to high, bucks can't breeds all the does in a "normal" time.. so, the bucks will hold their antlers till 1 month after the last does are bred to make sure they are "covered"... In a typical year, 1 buck can breed 2-3 does during the Nov. Rut then another 2-3 does in the Dec. rut... So if the doe to buck ratio is higher than 6 to 1 you will have bucks hold their horns through Jan. or Feb. depending on the ratio.. Thinking if they still have them now, it's over 10 does per buck in that area... Not good for the deer herd by any means..
  14. Meet my newest hunting partner

    Wife and I are contemplating getting a GSP from my buddies litter.... pics like this are killing me, going to make me get one for sure!!! LOL
  15. Counseling without a Copay

    Liberalism has destroyed or civilization, they want all these rules because they don't want to admit their lifestyle is a failure to all, not just their family, but their lifestyle effects EVERYONE around them... Everyone gets a trophy, competition is bad for kids, don't spank your kids, parent your kids with a TV/computer, don't yell at your kids, reason with them... You raise kids that can't cope when you do this... and they lash out at society when things aren't like they think it should be... They don't care about laws at that point, they want others to feel their pain and don't know how to work through it because mommy and daddy did everything for them...