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  1. Redneck blinds

    EXACTLY!!! That blind and their new cell based camera for $200.00 list price will change a lot of companies and how they price their product...
  2. Diets

    I started the Keto diet last week... I'm down 16lbs... lost a lot of fluid that I had built up in my lower legs.. Was on prescription med to reduce that and it never really did it, this diet got rid of that quick!!! Adding in Intermittent fasting as well, not as hard as you think (16 hour fasts 2-3 days a week)... To be honest... I've always had "gut" issues.. always felt bloated... Always burping or "worse" for the wife, the other end... Now... None of that... Google it.. VERY different concept for dieting.. There is Keto bread you can make... Wife and I absolutely LOVE the Keto pizza we make.. truly is awesome... Hoping to be off my high BP meds by fall with this diet..
  3. Great American Outdoor Show

    Good show for sure.. HUGE!!!
  4. Pretty Cool Sight

    $800.00 for a sight??? I'll just shoot my 1 pin and keep killing them cheap...
  5. Anyone have the Ruger 450 ranch rifle?

    I had a Marlin 450.... how does it compare ballistically to that round???
  6. How honest are you ?

    Nope... If you shot it on property you had permission on and you blood trailed it to there, can prove it... I would walk to a deer I could see and drag it back un-gutted, gut it on the property I had permission on..
  7. OK... Trying to work my brain now.. LOL Squirrel Rabbit pheasant Grouse Chukar Crow Beaver Ducks (all the common ones) Geese fox (grey & Red) coyote bob cat Turkeys (all 4 sub specie commonly found) Feral hogs Black Bear Deer Newfie Bull moose Warthog springbuck Blesbok Bushbuck Red Hartabeest Ostrich Zebra Gemsbok impala Black Wildebeest Blue Wildebeest Kudu
  8. Always seem to be a new law coming down the pike we either love or hate... What's 2018's???
  9. Don’t buy this POS grinder

    Bought a 3/4 HP Weston grinder... Best buy yet... worth the $$$$
  10. 31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    Buck in my profile pic is Columbia county... Missed a bigger one 2 years later..... They can get that big here, if they get to the age..
  11. late muzzleloader season

    I love BP season.. This year though I'll be in KY for almost all of it.. but I'll be back to hunt the last day.... I'll be out for sure!!!
  12. Antlers GONE

    Thinking definitely something health wise caused this... Far to early for any buck to drop his horns without being caused by his health...
  13. Name that critter!!!

    Like the rest said.. Owl for sure.. Cool pic..
  14. Their back...

    My idea on how to handle that would be called cruel and mean... If you feel your safety is in question.. Shoot them where they stand.. be done with it.. Why banter around waiting for someone else to possibly get attacked..