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  1. Want to move 1 ladder stand... Set up another... and 2 ground blinds... but we are doing that this month, the 19th... that way it is all set for the opener..
  2. I take it to another level..... LOL
  3. Can't remember if it is a doe with a fawn or two fawns... the one in the "pic" is a 4 pt though... will be safe unless my wife see's him within bow range... but for me, he'll get a pass...
  4. He picks his head up later.... LOL
  5. No, you can still see velvet
  6. I think this 4 point is just being rude.... kids these days!!!!!! Hows that for timing??? LOL
  7. I NEVER knew that was why they did that!!!! That makes a sh_t load of sense.. pun intended... LOL...
  8. Definitely more like a Fallow Hay Grass legumes at all... They are just bailing it for goats and cows I believe..
  9. Thanks for the info guys!!!! I'll lime it as soon as I can... and next spring I will do it again... throw in some high N fertilizer as well... Everything in time... setting up for the future...
  10. Thanks... Thinking pelletized lime and spreading it in early Sept.....??? That sound about right???
  11. Has anyone tried improving a green field used for hay by liming around a tree stand??? Wondering if it pays off at all... Was thinking of trying it with a few stands I have in a green field...
  12. Here's a better pic..
  13. Love the above... Hung out with Blackberry smoke in NH a few years ago.. VERY cool guys... They were with Aaron Lewis... Got VIP passes, hung out with all of them back stage at an outdoor venue.. Fire pit... drinks... lots of hunting talk... Trace Adkins was there but didn't hang out with us.. As for "Hootie & the BF", I just really like his voice... Same with Aarons... Great singers.. Stapleton is a new favorite... plus all the old Hank, Waylon & Willie...
  14. Cool!!! Good luck!!!
  15. Amazed it survived that... Fishers are BRUTAL.... Must have been a young one... Thank God... I love cats and this is a GREAT story....