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  1. Grizz1219

    Do you trust this guy ?

    No talk of bamar doubling the debt though??? Odd.. you bash Trump for doing 1/10 of what bamar did..
  2. Grizz1219

    Trailer for sale

    Was thinking the same thing... LOL
  3. Grizz1219

    Trailer for sale

    Or rent????
  4. Grizz1219

    How many is to many?

    A whitetail buck in our area of the country has a home range of 300 to 600 acres, depending on food and cover.. Depending on the day you could have some, none or anything in between on that 100 acres... if you have food and cover on your 100 acres, you may hold them long on yours than another piece without those things but it is more human pressure that would lower the # of day time deer sightings than shooting to many deer. done properly you can fill tags and still see a lot of deer...
  5. Grizz1219

    All set

    Got ground blinds in two weekends ago, moved 1 stand, set up a new one and did the safety check on 4 others this past weekend... I'll check the cameras one last time before the opener to determine the best bet for filling an opening day tag... Anyone else counting it down or are you still working on set ups??
  6. Grizz1219

    Top 10 whitetail destinations

    Kentucky Dream Land LLC Outfitter, small outfit...
  7. Grizz1219

    Top 10 whitetail destinations

    I've got hunts in KY the next 3 falls... Fingers crossed...
  8. Grizz1219

    Cod Fishing in Montauk

    Can't keep cod North of the cape... Sucks.. friggin grey seals are destroying the fishery... Bring on more great whites..
  9. Grizz1219

    Hunting giraffes why not ?

    I know when I was there 1 time, had a bull giraffe decide he didn't like us... Chased us for a mile... Yeah.. They need to be controlled like every other animal..
  10. Grizz1219


    Forgot to post a pic of my smoker.. LOL... Electric pellet smoker with a propane sear box... Camp Chef
  11. Grizz1219


    Pellet smokers are like cheating.. I LOVE mine... we don't even use our oven in the house anymore... Set it and forget it basically... Holds temp perfectly, can bake with it... I do chicken things in this and they are to DIE for.. set it for low temp smoke for 45 minutes then set the temp for 375 till the chicken hits the temp you want.. PERFECTION.. The pellet hopper holds a ton of pellets... I can't say enough about it.. The sear box rocks!!!
  12. Grizz1219


    My wife to this day says the best thing we ever bought was the Camp Chef pellet smoker... Here is some Rib eye's and a pulled pork I did in the past few days in it..
  13. Grizz1219

    Wild Berry Bushes

    Going to check my cameras this weekend and pick black berries... Time for Jam!!!
  14. Grizz1219

    Finally got them out..

    Got 5 cameras out this past Saturday.... Will check them in August... Anyone else getting cameras out????
  15. Grizz1219

    Cape Cod pictures

    Reports saying each seal can consume over a ton of cod a year... Screw them sea coyotes...