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  1. Glock 30s

    I love my Glock 30.... Fast.. Accurate.... 11 rounds of holy hell can be unleashed... Best point and shoot 45ACP I've owned... I've had Sig, Colt and Thompson...
  2. Weinstein vs. The NRA

    True.. BUT.. this one seems to be on target... So he's done well for 2 posts... The liberal left deflects everything to "gun violence"... Even when it comes to rapists...
  3. Kentucky

    I'm heading there to hunt in Mid December...
  4. Anyone Still Cutting Grass?

    I'll be cutting the grass a few more times.. Plus, will be taking out the Cyclone rake when the leaves drop... I'll have my Deere out for a few more weeks at least...
  5. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    I vote in every national and state election
  6. Who here Remembers the movie-LONE WOLF MCQUADE??

    Loved that movie back in the day!!!!
  7. Youth deer hunt results

    Took my buddies 14 year old son out, he's been shooting his dads 7mm Weatherby out to 200 yds and groups under 2.5".... So we set up where he could stretch the barrel and 4 does cam out at 250 yds, waited till 6:15 and they had worked up to 230 yds... didn't want to wait anymore so he dropped this doe in her tracks..
  8. Taking a 14 year old Saturday... He killed his first deer with me last year, bow kill.... This year he hunted Ma. youth day and killed a nice doe with his Dad... Fingers crossed he scores Saturday... Good luck to everyone going out..
  9. Should I or shouldn't I

    I like steak rare.... So I'm out for bear steaks... LOL but the meat is really good for sure..
  10. Should I or shouldn't I

    Bear meat is REALLY good... just cook it thoroughly.... Good for sausage or done in a slow cooker... I wouldn't steak it ...
  11. Waiting to be "Hit"

    In a fight every boxer has "a plan".... Till he gets really "hit"... I took the same analogy in hunting as the deer not doing what we planned as "hitting" us... Sorry... I was not very clear...
  12. Waiting to be "Hit"

    past few years I have killed one of my target bucks on opening day... running 6 cameras for 4 months too... now.. if a bigger buck strolls over in search for a receptive doe that hasn't come over till the rut... well, I'm not seeing that... And my cameras stay up till rifle... So I'll stick with 10/01, hoping they are still in their summer patterns and easy to figure out...
  13. Waiting to be "Hit"

    Exactly... hunting is more than squeezing a trigger... it's everything leading up to that... scouting... range time... all of it..
  14. Waiting to be "Hit"

    The guys that are friends of mine that hunt the farm with my wife and I haven't touch ground there since turkey season... They never scout, for turkeys or deer... I killed 2 big Tom's this year and got a youth another long beard, they shot nothing... Last fall they did the same thing, no scouting for deer... they saw next to nothing.. I had a great year.. killed a target buck first day then shot two more does... great season... But I start scouting deer/turkey in March, start cameras for deer in June.. They think I'm "lucky".... LMAO!!!