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  1. I'll be taking two people out this coming weekend.... fingers crossed they are still gobbling..
  2. this works for yards.. Ortho Bug B Gone
  3. I'll be taking the wife out to try and have her fill one of her tags on Saturday.... Those LB's luck can't hold out forever... LOL
  4. Trust me.. I used the carbon stuff in the past.... but logic dictates carbon doesn't release scent molecules till it reaches a temp above what fabric can take, it's not worth spending the $$$ on it IMHO.. Ozone can be replenished into the clothing... Along with smart scent elimination and hunting with the dominant wind like you described is my approach and as I wrote, best season ever... so I'll continue with that...
  5. But with carbon, it can only hold so much before the suit is rendered useless... That's why ScentLok had to pay all that money out.. Factor in how much scent has already been absorbed before you even get to put it on the first time.. to me, not worth the $$$...
  6. I honestly believe 110% in this aspect.... Ozonics, out in the woods, not so much... Haven't tried it yet... I'm sure it does work to some degree, thinking it would work better in a ground blind though...
  7. It appears to be simple.... The ones against it are the same ones that hate the idea of hunter #'s going up in their area, and would love to have fewer people hunting if it means more game for them no matter if in the long run, hunting fades away... (Short sighted/selfish).... The ones that are for youth hunts want hunting to last and grow in #'s... That want others to experience the joys of hunting... No matter what you argue that you aren't that selfish or short sighted... it is VERY apparent to everyone else you are.. The truth is that children's free time is far less available than when middle aged adults had at the same age along with less land to hunt makes a youth hunt the only way for some to get involved... but you keep thinking like an island, so tired of ignorant people trying to justify selfishness...
  8. Yeah.. you do NOT want to put your underwear or silvermax base layers in there... LOL
  9. I built an ozone closet... commercial ozone generator... Had my best season ever last year.... Check my old posts... all the info is there...
  10. Can also use a piece of an old aluminum arrow... just have to make the other end solid... will work on glass as well, even wet...
  11. Ha!!! Just went back and read your post!!! To funny... sweet sounding call for sure... Took 2nd place in a calling contest with it... lost to a calling rep so I didn't feel bad... LOL
  12. Primos slate Jackpot call brought 4 LB's to the gun this year....
  13. For me... 25-06 is by far one of the best deer hunting calibers bar none... shot a lot of deer with it and the longest track job was 20 yds.. seriously... As for black bears, they have less lung capacity than deer, stay away from bone and they probably won't take a step... Welcome to the hunting community... As for tips... Patience while on stand, confidence in your stand locations and putting the time in scouting will get you more animals than any other tip...
  14. Awesome bird!!!! Congrats!!!!
  15. Awesome to see you guys still diving in!! Wife only wants to hunt 1 day a weekend.... We drive 2 hours to get to our spot so I understand her thinking... I worked birds all Saturday morning, had 3 LB's coming in at 70 yards, then the farmer did his usual thing, got him on camera every day doing this very thing all pre season, brought his tractor down to spray something in the field... birds left gobbling, went to the neighboring land, I don't have permission to hunt there... they just would not come back to my farm... left them gobbling... but we will be back this coming weekend for a rematch though!!!! LOL