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  1. Grizz1219

    How many days did you hunt....

    Hey, if you aren't to far from the Mass border, I would love to come help if you want a second caller. I just like playing the game and love calling in LB's to the gun!!! Think about it next year.. I won't even bring a gun.. LOL
  2. Grizz1219

    How many days did you hunt....

    I hunted 5 or 6 days, filled both tags on long beards... 1 2 year old, 1 3 year old... not my "fastest" season.. hunted 3 days killed two 3 year olds last season..
  3. Thanks.. Good bull, was last afternoon of my hunt, you can see the sun going down... great memory...
  4. Grizz1219

    Seen my first fawn of the year.

    Very cool!!!!
  5. Turkey closest was 15 feet, longest was 49 yards, bow kill was 32 yds. Deer, bow, closest straight down, furthest was 32 yards Deer gun, closest was 8 yards Shotgun slug, furthest was 278 yds 30-06 Longest shot was in Africa, Gemsbok, 309 yards.
  6. Grizz1219

    Tick prevention

    Sawyers spray on anything not Elimitick clothing... Knock on wood, been years since I saw a tick on me doing this method.
  7. Grizz1219

    May the 4th be with you...

    It was for me, LOL. This spot was "Plan B", was trying to coax 2 long beards out of this bowl in a hedgerow for my buddy, he's never killed a bird in NY and he is on one of those kicks of shooting birds in different states.. had other birds going but we were focused on the 2 in the bowl about 150 yards away.. All of a sudden, about 15 feet behind us on the other side of the hedgerow, this bird gobbles, I'm set up near the opening between the two fields so the bird has to come by me. The bird gobbles again like 5 feet behind us but then starts alarm putting, knowing this bird is leaving and the putting will kill the idea of the other birds coming in, I start yelping on my diaphragm call as I roll up to standing... The bird is moving away but nut running because he hears a hen, I get standing, red dot goes on the back of his head and BOOM!! dump him in the field.. Go out, grab him, go back to the set up.. Wait 10 minutes and start calling again.. The 2 birds in the bowl fire right back at me.. I ended up calling them out of the bowl, and the rocker of the two within 25 yards of my buddy... He shoots twice and MISSES!! LOL... if you are on Facebook you can hear some of my calling and him shooting and missing.. Worked them for an hour and a half and pulled them out of their bowl right to my buddies gun after I killed my bird... So I had a GREAT day... he was kicking himself all weekend.. LOL
  8. Grizz1219

    2019 NWTF Convention

    Got a lot of friends that go every year... I've been twice.. it's fun.. but have better ways to spend a few vaca days...
  9. Grizz1219

    45 acp or 9mm for bear

    Solids... No JHP....45 ACP for sure...
  10. Grizz1219

    My boy Red

    Thanks. Math was wrong, he will be 10 months old next week. Hoping to get him out again this weekend. Trying to do 6 hints before April. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Grizz1219

    My boy Red

    Red is a great pheasant dog... he is improving every time I take him out.. if you want to see video of him, find me on face book (Scott Cushing, I look like Santa)... I posted video's of him locking up on birds.. He retrieves like a pro... just need to get him to slow down a bit, he loves being out there and runs a lot.. LOL
  12. Grizz1219

    My boy Red

    This is my 10.5 month old GSP named Red, took him hunting this past Sunday, he was a rock star as usual... LOVE hunting over him.. Hell.. I didn't even take a shotgun till the last two birds, put both down 1 shot ... Can't wait to see him in a year after the winter hunts I have him booked for... He pointed up 9 birds, the two shooters I had missed A LOT.. LOL.. First pic is him on point in the thick field, second pic, locked on a hen in a hedgerow, 3rd is the birds we took... Last pic is him that night... LOL
  13. Grizz1219

    Ozone Closet

    Bigger and better unit than u get with Scent Crusher plus, if your cellar gets water, this is what commercial cleaning companies use to kill the smell. Lol Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. Grizz1219

    Ozone Closet

    Think it was 100 to 120 bucks Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  15. Grizz1219

    Ozone Closet

    Here are some pics..