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  1. ctjaeger

    do you use lighted nocks?

    I love those things. Not only does it help with shot placement visualization but a few years ago I hit a doe and she ran off. Got dark a little quicker than I expected but in the distance I was able to see the glow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ctjaeger

    What is it

    I agree and say it is a bobcat.
  3. ctjaeger

    Sweeney Response Letter to me

    Sweeney is probably one of the best, down to earth legislators I have ever dealt with. It amazed me how many times when I asked to talk to his staff he would make himself a available for the meeting as well.
  4. ctjaeger

    Northwoods Stills

    Did you put something on that tree
  5. ctjaeger

    Midway USA sales flyer

    Funny thing but this ammo situation has been nationwide. Keep in mind the the ammo suppliers have acknowledged that there is a shortage with all this stockpiling of ammo by many people. They need to hire more people and buy more manufacturing equipment, but who would want to do that if tomorrow a law may get passed at the state or federal level that would jeopardize their new investment. Think of it this way. Would you renovate your house today knowing that next week you may lose your job and not be able to pay the mortgage and would lose the house. Once this gun control issue is resolved then people will not stockpile ammo and the supply will self regulate. You will have to give it some time maybe even a year.
  6. Hey why not they are violating the whole state constitution in CT as well.
  7. ctjaeger

    Gun rally caused $60K damage to NY Capitol lawn

    I am sure the rain and snow played no part in the destruction of the grass. Gotta love how the liberals will turn everything to being our fault.
  8. ctjaeger

    .223 Tula ammo, 1000 rounds

    Do you still have the ammo?
  9. I am waiting for the next gun restriction.
  10. ctjaeger

    out of state hunting

    For CT just sign up and email them. They will ask for you to send in your hunter education cards and such.
  11. ctjaeger

    AR-15 for coyote

    I live in CT and hunt with my dad on his property in NY. Can I legally bring my AR-15 into NY to hunt? I am just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this with all the new laws.
  12. ctjaeger

    Feeding Deer not for Hunting

    There was a recent ruling in Sullivan County Supreme Court stating that it was legal to feed deer as long as you are not hunting them. It was also stated in the resolution that you can feed deer out of hunting season as well. http://law.justia.com/cases/new-york/other-courts/2012/2012-ny-slip-op-22243.html
  13. I have to say that with this event I am very torn between my beliefs and what should be done. As a NRA member and pistol instructor in CT, I sit here and wonder how this could be prevented. I ultimately support second amendment rights but feel we need to find a way to prevent the "wackos" from getting guns. Born and raised in NYC I agree that if you want an ILLEGAL gun you will get it. The NYPD did a program in the past with gun turn ins and the person would get a gift certificate to Toys R Us and they would do this around Christmas time. Of course the people would only be turning in their deceased husband or fathers gun and they did not want them since they just were not comfortable with guns. I encourage all my students from my pistol classes to bring their spouses or parents with them and usually will include them in the class free of charge as I feel more people need to be comfortable around firearms. This at least prevents accidents. I also encourage multiple levels of gun security to prevent then being taken. My guns are in a safe and also have a trigger lock with a combination lock. It is a very complex topic and very hard to resolve. The liberals want the guns off the street and the gun advocates want no restrictions, but you have to admit when we are talking about humans in the the single digit age of their life it makes it hard to see what side of the fence you are on. From what I understand from the events here yesterday the guns were not secured at the mother's house and I am sure we are going to find that this 20 y/p (not legalese age for a pistol) individual probably had an extensive physiological history. I think educations is a big factor especially when securing them even in your house. I also feel people should be careful with their firearms when you have a family member with a psyc history, even distant relatives. Maybe guns should be allowed to be carried by teachers, just like pilots were allowed after 9/11. Maybe we need stricter laws, but they will not solve anything when an individual goes on a suicide mission either. Anyway just my opinion. Please do not banter me in the blog as I just wanted to share my thoughts.
  14. Where are you at? I would be interested in your remaining Rages