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  1. Fine lines have no place in American Traditional! Dark blacks with smooth shading is king.
  2. Buy a 22 cal pellet gun for the price of that box almost. RIP OFF.
  3. Today we have very high quality true 1 power variable scopes that are quicker to get on target than any iron sight. An example is the Leupold 1-4X20. That optic allows for longer shots if needed or quick up close work. For me a scope at 1x is easier to get on game, not having to line up sights is my main reason. Being brighter than the human eye at dawn and dusk is a plus. Plenty of these scopes made today aren’t true 1x, a lot of them are 1.5. I think thats still acceptable for most people. Red dots are another good option but a totally different animal all together.
  4. Its most unfortunate for folks like myself who shoot a lot for recreation not just hunting or self defense. Really takes the wind out of my sails.
  5. Same experience here however, the 8 point i shot this gun season had a tick on him. First time for everything I suppose.
  6. 10 lbs of Italian sausage, came out delicious.
  7. Hasnt been that cold around here yet. Are they small? I have lots of older trees with small fruit we didn’t pick. Deer like to eat the buds off the trees more than that fruit. Sonsofbitches.
  8. Very interesting. Probably another 50 dollar a box deal. Reloaders wet dream im sure.
  9. I got a nice haul of ammo today. Hit two small shops and one walmart. My dad scored 10 boxes of .308 federal premium 168 grain gold medal match. 25 bucks a box! That was definitely the score of the day.
  10. That “riot” was allowed to happen by our own politicians.