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  1. Those are very accurate guns. They certainly dont make em like that anymore. Puts a whole new meaning to smooth. They’re like budda!
  2. Love the 66 as well, i have a 3 incher. The k frames are my favorite of all the smith and wessons
  3. Its good to be prepared always. Even after things “cool down”.
  4. Decided a few of the revolvers were over due for a good hosing down. The blued model is a four inch S&W model 19-3 .357 magnum. The 4 inch stainless with the nikon spur sight is a S&W 617-6 .22lr. Last but not least is the little Smith 642-1 snubbie .38 special.
  5. Weaver makes a really sweet little scope for rimfires. It would go very well on your 10/22. I have one on one of my 10/22s and i love it. Id leave the mini open sights. Keeping the Nikon is a wise choice. well crap looks like that weaver scope has recently been discontinued. Leupold makes a great rimfire model as well. Thats what i would buy these days. Regular centerfire scopes generally have the parallax set for 100 yards instead of 50 like most rimfire scopes. Not to mention the weight and overall length difference. Having a well balanced setup is much to aim and carry.
  6. I think i just threw up a little in my mouth
  7. Wegmans sells sushi grade tuna that is affordable and quite delicious. To get started I experimented with scallops and shrimp. Its not hard at all to make if the rice is made properly.
  8. Looks like it would take 5 to make a meal. Always wanted to try them as well as pheasant. Wild turkey is amazing i can imagine they are as well.
  9. The last few years i have been seeing woodcock while out working. Never saw them around here years ago. Saw a mama with 4-5 youngsters. Cool to see.
  10. SpacemanSpiff


    Hello, new here myself but have a life long love of the outdoors as well as firearms and concealed carry. Hunting is far from rocket science but does require tons of patience and will. Plenty of people try to replace those with monetary objects/gadgets and YouTube videos. Unfortunately it just takes time and a good teacher if at all possible. Firearm knowledge/safety is a whole subject in and of itself. Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  11. It turned out delicious as always. That was a third of a loin actually. Im quite fortunate to have nuisance permits for my farm so backstrap is never in short supply. On a side note, if you aren’t quite happy with you wing crispiness dont be afraid to crank the smoker all the way up or use a charcoal grill. I learned many times the hard way chicken needs no low and slow.
  12. Stuffed venison backstrap. For the stuffing i used cream cheese, mozzarella, chopped pickled jalapeños. Small tip, cut a “meat pocket” into the meat instead of butterflying it all the way open. Helps from it oozing everywhere. I seasoned with some salt pepper garlic and Kosmos Q honey killer bee inside and out. Then stuffed, wrapped with bacon and tied up. I put some Kosmos Q dirty bird seasoning on the outside for the color. Its going on the kettle grill indirect with apple wood from my orchard for smoke. Probably smoke at 275degrees or so