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  1. We went to krings june 11th for ten days. I was told the water hasnt been that low since the 60s. I couldn’t believe it myself. Makes it difficult to take the boat out because of all the rocks sticking up higher than normal.
  2. My family has been going here for decades. We still go every year for at least a week. Highly recommend this place. Not to far from there is Black Lake, lots of cabins on the water there as well. Beautiful scenery around there. Having the Loons as an alarm clock is quite enjoyable.
  3. Press box is pretty good, recommend.
  4. Looks like a slice of heaven.
  5. ‘Merica! Bob johnson also has a giant pole and flag up on rt. 81 before Watertown. Looks impressive from the highway! I really like the eagle in top, very classy. Good work
  6. Well in 8f and 8j where i hunt we need an extra doe season. I hope it goes through.
  7. Around here that would be snatched up in no time. Thats worth 2 bucks to someone! That thing is begging to be aerated!
  8. I love those old pumps. Cool old caliber to boot! Enjoy. Does it still retain the iron sites?
  9. Looks like curly dock. Some people do eat it.
  10. Nice choice! Throw up some pictures when you take delivery. Whats the lead time?
  11. Sounds like a blast. Some tasty fish right there.
  12. Just curious as im too far away to make it, what is the target fish?
  13. Exactly. Thats why the simple push rod big motors just plain work
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