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  1. The same thing is happening to me. Sold a jeep to a kid from nyc. Ive gotten three already! Never again will i forget to do that.
  2. Your right. My dad told me this morning a farm sold just to the north of me for 7k an acre. It would take a lot to make that investment back with corn and bean price so low
  3. Land around me has skyrocketed in price. The amish and menonites pay 3-4k an acre! Its insane.
  4. To answer your question yes, you need to fill out the sign for it to be valid. I agree with everyone , if its not your land dont go on it.
  5. Nice body on that one but that rack leaves a lot to be desired....
  6. Wow thats so cool! Pictures! Talk about a redemption shot. I was just watching a hunting beast video and they were talking about bucks showing up at certain times and locations multiple years in a row. Long game scouting I suppose.
  7. That’s awesome, congrats to the both of you!
  8. She is an old soul for a 32 year old.
  9. My sister always busts his ass with the same comment.
  10. I guess so. Ive never killed a deer this early. Im quite jealous
  11. Thanks! It is a nice cape. Still has some summer coat falling out.
  12. The mass isn’t represented well in the pictures. They measured 5-6 inches. Insane. Damn good for a 4 year old buck.
  13. Ha! Well i hope to post a few, but im not on team one either