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  1. The notches control the depth. Pretty simple.
  2. All i know is my brother in law is on probation and because he went online and got a medical card he can pop for weed on drug tests. He only had to show his card and his legal medication. They honestly care much more about booze during testing. I dont see businesses caring either. If its legal its legal.
  3. Agreed, 80s rock is one step above country from that aspect haha.
  4. I definitely would. I would use any magnum rimfire cartridge. The only one I currently own is the .22magnum which is more than capable of minute of turkey at 100 yards. I only hunt private land and i get the dangers of calling turkeys in the spring on public land. Maybe allow during the fall only? In the spirit of for fun only, again yes and id use my .22 magnum.
  5. Some prefer a higher quality meat than store bought garbage. I raise my own chickens as well. Its how my family operates. Low fat high protein venison is as good as it gets.
  6. So much whining. People use whats most efficient and convenient. Why not. Were all trying to feed families and have fun. If you dont like it dont do it. Pretty simple!!! Waaahhhhh waaaahhhhh
  7. Understatement of the year right there.
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