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  1. Looks that way. Getting a neck on it thats for sure.
  2. I have always seen sos made with chipped beef never ground.
  3. Once or twice a year to hit up Cabelas. When is the best time of year? Id assume the fall/winter for the fat content. Ive seen steve rinella from meateater prepare beaver various times and the tail fried over a fire looks enticing.
  4. Im big on family relics. Very cool. We have a few milk can around as well. My parents had one on their patio my entire childhood. Had flowers painted on it. My great grandmother was a decent artist.
  5. Nice bucks. I have seen some slammers killed in the savannah, clyde, weedsport, port byron areas. They’re out there for sure.
  6. Im in wayne county. I am interested.
  7. I hope you still use that rotary phone regularly.
  8. Im very interested in trying beaver meat. Ive heard many accounts that is very good. Almost pot roast like.
  9. I live in the boonies and i agree there. I have to drive a half hour minimum for anything decent. An hour for something really good. One can always get some at any wegmans but that is only ok. Closest wegmans is still a half hour away. Is what it is…
  10. It’s starting in my area which is 8F.
  11. Finger lakes nf has a good deer population. Good luck whichever you choose.
  12. Im in 8F so bears aren’t exactly common. Its all farm land here with no vast pine cover like bears like. Although, within a 2 mile stretch on my road two neighbors have seen/ gotten bear pics on camera. One of them works for me and has seen a sow with cubs cross the road in front of his house. This was three years ago. I would love to try some bear meat.
  13. Yes. Save your wife the headache of having to move again in something were to happen to you. She can always sell the land. Land is an easy sell.
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