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    Smith and wesson revolvers, remington and Ithaca firearms of yesteryear. Anything whitetail related.

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  1. White hot, pop open, nances sharp and creamy mustard.
  2. Bought tons of ammo and probably 5 guns from them. Miss that place.
  3. Say it aint so! I need a month before i want a frost.
  4. All Remingtons are climbing in value. Used to buy those 788s for 400 bucks for a nice one.
  5. Nice i like the options. I had plans to buy one for my wife because she had a serious hand injury and running a bolt can be problematic. However it was way to heavy. How does it shoot?
  6. I buy the replacement blades for my G5s.
  7. I agree 1000%. As a farmer we have seen this trending for some time. It goes further that fossil fuels and fertilizer. Governments have been driving insane policies involving labor. I can thank obama for a lot of that bull shit. Its no conspiracy, why is bill gates now the largest farm land owner in the country? Hmmmm. Not to mention this Russia nonsense thats going on. Most fertilizer comes from that region, not to mention the main fungicides we use are mined over seas in unstable regions that are easily swayed politically.
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