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  1. I've stayed there a couple of times. It's the campsite of "NO"! The staff has been unprofessional and rude to me. Other than that, the campsite its self is very nice. There is a creek that runs through the campsite and into the lake. I pulled my boat up on the bank for the night. It's real shallow going from the creek out into the lake. You can row, poll or walk out till there's enough water to put the engine down. Enjoy the campsite and good luck.
  2. I bought a Vector 35 late last summer. It's fantastic! Equipped with a drop away rest and a hind sight. It's up to the shooter to let the technology that's built in to shine! Enjoy.
  3. With all the anti smoking adds over the years, they arn't working. Last week there was a report that teenage smoking was still at an estimated 35% of the teens polled! When I was a teen, everyone knew smoking wasn't good for you but most of us did it anywhay. That was before the lables that said that 'smoking will kill you'. I don't know why people continue to smoke when it's clear that they're lives will be shortened and with a lot of medical complications. I smoked and enjoyed it for 15 years. I had a heart attack at 36 years old! The doctors concluded that the only thing to cause it was my tobacco use! I may be stubborn but I'm not stupid. I had a lot of living to do and smoking was OUT! It's been over 23 years and I've got no regrets with giving up tobacco. I don't get up on a soap box with anti smoking rants but the science proves that smoking is a shortcut to a early grave. WHY do people STILL do it?
  4. Get a Lansky or Gatco sharpener. They hold a constant angle while you're sharpening the blade. They're a lot of work but the end result is a SCARY SHARP edge! I've opted for a medium diamond hone for the bulk of the work. It won't wear like the natural stones. Once you try one you'll never use any of the other stones laying around the house.
  5. I've been using an API bowhunter for many years. I like the open front and the hand grips keep you secure in the middle of the stand. With the long chains,I think it can handle a much larger tree than the summits. You'll need some upper body strength to use it though! The only issue I've had is that the shrink wrap on the chains will crack after a few years.Bass Pro carries them.
  6. I bought a Foodsaver a couple of years ago at Sams Club.I think it was around $140! One of the best investments I've ever made. I've had game keep for over a year and a half with no spoilage or freezer burn! The bag material is a little pricey but can be found on sale. It's great when buying in bulk and packaging into one meal sizes.
  7. Sounds good. I don't know if the indoor Nassau range allows muzzleloaders but would cost me $20 an hour to shoot there! It would be $7 per hour for a Nassau resident. If you can make the hike, Calverton is $15 for about as long as you want to stay. Brookhaven is another option but I'm not sure what the non resident fee is. After the hunting season would be best with fewer people at the range.
  8. Ahhha, Tag soup, fine wine and some humble pie. It could be worse. Many fine outdoorsmen and women have moved on to happier hunting grounds. We'll all join them some day but 'till then, savor every moment we have when we're 'out there'.
  9. Fitzy

    cranberry mtn.

    If I remember correctly, it's a Fireman's park.
  10. Dave, Using a smoke pole can be addicting. They're sooooo much fun! It's a lot like archery in that there's always something new or different to try out. I've got a .54 Renegade of the same age. First, go to T/C's website and get an owners manual. It's free,and very thorough and informative. Next, try and find another MZ shooter as a mentor. One of the 'starter' kits that are available will have some of the basic things you'll need. Don't get one with sabots or conical bullets. They're for the new fast twist rifles. Stay away from the pellet powders, they're also for in-line primed rifles. I'm out in Suffolk, maybe we could meet on a decent day and make some smoke!
  11. Richz7 is right. You have to go to the check station in Ridge and swap your license for a daily permit! During the week you can get an "archery early out" by calling the day before and requesting a particular parking spot. The DEC has a lot of hoops you have to jump through but it's all to try and control the "hoard" from the five borrows.
  12. At some of the places it's shoulder to shoulder! A couple of years ago I hunted one of the DEP properties and had nine different guys go buy me. They all showed up well after I had gotten set up in my climber. Six of the nine went beyond the boundry markers and into a prohibited zone! Notice I didn't call them " hunters". If you give it a try, don't get upset with all the traffic in the woods. It's still a day out. Good luck.
  13. I already extend my MZ season by carrying it the whole firearms season. Unless I take the Super Blackhawk out.
  14. I'm using a hind sight and it takes care of any torque problems.
  15. I went with a hind sight years ago after not being able to line up a string peep on a nice eight point fifteen yards away! Never had a problem with sights since then.