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  1. I'm in the same boat with the mature bucks around me. Until that thing between their legs starts moving they don't move until after dark.
  2. The buck in the first pic is a COW
  3. This makes me laugh, you guys watch too much TV. Do you realize the acreage and resources you need to REALLY MANGE DEER. That might be a cull buck in some places but 90% if the guys on this site are hunting less than 500 acre parcels or public land. Yeah you can pass the little guys and hope the neighbor doesn't shoot them but in most cases this isn't a cull buck to Joe Blow.
  4. Lol I'd love to see how you came up with this rule of thumb....totally made up number I would assume. There are a lot of cameras that are $$$$$ and no better than a cheapo in most cases. I stay away from the real cheap stuff but i have plenty of $100 cameras that last a lot longer than two years. As a matter of a fact I think I can say they all have.
  5. That was the same exact thing that happened to me! He came in from way out and wouldn't leave. I'd let him get like 80yds out hit the grunt and he would come running back in!
  6. I hope you don't go to Google Maps Satellite view! Scary! lol
  7. I'm confused on why you want a duplicate? Wear the tag on your back, if you lose it you go get another one. Why do you need two? The law says it needs to be visible on your back. My buddy had his in his backpack and got a ticket.