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    I am an avid archery hunter. I am also a licensed tracking dog handler. I love being in the woods and that where you will find me in my free time.

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  1. BBDEric

    Fat Tire Ebike

    Tha6s exactly what I am looking for. How does it do on hills. I have a 200 ft gradual elevation climb .
  2. BBDEric

    Fat Tire Ebike

    Has anyone used an ebike for hunting? Idea seems great but how they actually perform is my concern. Prices seem all over the board. Any input would be great. Thanks
  3. BBDEric

    Time to lose the weight

    good luck!!!
  4. BBDEric

    Going rate to lease hunting land

    was able to get a lease in place for 13.50 per acre with a 5 year term. annual payment!!!! thoughts on regular posted signs vs leased signs. i can use either or. i ordered alluminum voss postes signs for the 65 acre piece we own.
  5. BBDEric

    Going rate to lease hunting land

    i was told its all based on amount of average
  6. BBDEric

    Going rate to lease hunting land

    i looked at insurance threw qdma and they quoted me $185
  7. BBDEric

    Going rate to lease hunting land

    Thanks moog. This was the 43 acres I had the run in with when I bought it. Then got really lucky when the landlocked owner behind me sold me his 22 acres. So 65 acres now. And now opportunity to lease more. Pieces just falling togeather after a bad start.
  8. I recently bought 65 acres and have now been approached to lease the 74 acres that boarders the property on 2 sides. They are asking 15 per acre and are requiring insurance. Does this seem fair? I feel I have to lease it considering if I don't someone else will. Thoughts
  9. BBDEric

    Nebraska deer

    where did u hunt i want to go with my dad to nabraska
  10. cant make it out but this 6pt has been by 3 times today
  11. BBDEric

    advise need with hunter harassment

    my brother broke the ice on the new property!!!!
  12. BBDEric

    advise need with hunter harassment

    agree. putting cam on the truck when i go in Thursday
  13. BBDEric

    advise need with hunter harassment

    so good news . i took the bring a case of beer and venison hot dogs. stopped by his house. introduced my self. we talked for two hours. he has been hunting that hill since he was 14. he is 61 and has squated on the land as far as hubting. absent land owner. he just claimed it as his own. been running everyone out for years. so long story short he understand we bought it. gave me the keys to the chain locks he put on the access ways. going to take out his stands. still does not explain why he was an asshole but left in extreamly good terms. told me where he hunted. showed me 3 140 inch bucks he has shot there. also gave me his cell phone if i need help tracking
  14. BBDEric

    advise need with hunter harassment

    do you think he will back down? my parents live on the rd and its a small town.