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    I am an avid archery hunter. I am also a licensed tracking dog handler. I love being in the woods and that where you will find me in my free time.

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  1. I don't know any dec officer enforcing. But has to be 17 inch uncocked. Not many manufacturers even meeting that requirement. I for one don't care what anyone uses as long as you get out an enjoy the outdoors.
  2. BBDEric


    Second sit of the season Friday night. With cold front I went to a spot I scouted in August. Left my trail cam and wasn't going back till I hunted it. I had 3 does come in with small buck chasing/harassing them. They worked off and 30 mins later I saw a large body moving down the hill my direction. Took him what seemed like an hour to make his way to 25 yards. He put on a show. Making multiple rubs and scrapes. He presented a 25 yard quartering away shot and the rest was history. Only trail cam pic of him when I checked camera was him at 25 yards right before the shot. Also got me looking at arrow after shot. What a hunt I'm super pumped. Will be moving my vacation time for the first week of gun!!!!
  3. Order is in shipped 47lbs. Best $500 spent!!!! Love the dogs and slim sticks. Last a year for us. Trying breakfast sausage this year and his Italian. Should be done in a few weeks!!!
  4. Agree. The heads should go on rotation
  5. It was an opening day to remember. A story I hope will be told to my kids and grand kids!!! Me ,my brother, and my dad shot three awesome bucks opening day of gun. Two on the new property some members may be familiar with the trespassing and hunter harrassment we delt with. The other a true Monster my dad took at the family farm. The hours spent trimming apples, planting food, putting up posted signs paid off. We spend hundreds of hours off season and man it paid off. My brother was first to pull the trigger at 7:20am. He had this nice 8 come into a mock scrape we set up on Thusday near an apple orchard. I shot my buck at 1:15 from the frozen tundra deep in our woods lot. Set up in the pines thinking with the snow the does would be bedded. Also playing the odds someone would bump deer to me. I saw nothing till 1pm. A doe came in and she actual worked the mock scrape I set up on Thursday. She peed and rubber her legs and spun in a slow circle 4-5 times with here tail up. She did this for 10 mins. I look over where she came from when I saw movement. This big heavy 10 came slow walking right on here track. I shot him turned and shot the doe. My dad was set up over our food plots. Corn , clover, brassica blend. He was seeing does all over the field and hedge rows all day. At 3:30 this monster buck walked out dogging does . When he stopped at 100 yards dad put him down. No history with this buck. He grossed just over 160. Unreal day in the woods, but very special for all of us.
  6. Wanted to resurrect this post. It was a great year at the new property. Very glad we worked threw the trespassing and the threats. Put up 200 posted signs. Spoke with all the neighbors. Thanks to all the members you gave advise on this last year. I think we know why everyone was upset it got bought.
  7. Well I'm in and set up. Brrr what a nice am. Out for the day. In a tent have heater if I need it. Good luck and be safe!
  8. Here is entry. They live a long time on one lung...glad I didn't push him amd with temps in the low 30s it all worked out. Buck came in kind of sneaking by me. When he got downwind he stopped for a split second ready to bolt. He was slight quartering and felt like I made a good shot considering the angle. But you just never know it happens so fast.
  9. Shot was one lung liver hardley guts. Was still warm inside not bloated . Went 175 yards will give a full report. Soon beyond tired thanks for all the feed back and support.
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