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  1. Hi, have you purchased a scope yet? If not I'd like to recommend the Killer instinct brand Lumix Pro speed rated crossbow scope. Half the price of the Vortex and mine works fantastic. The Vortex and the Hawke are probably better glass but the Truglo isn't. The scope has dots not cross hairs and I find that easier to use. Dots go from 20-80 yards and once calibrated to your bow they are very accurate.
  2. I have been using a.243 for about 8 years now have taken 7 deer so far with it all but 1 dropped in sight. The 1 made it about 75 yards over the hill and dropped. Longest shot was 183 yards measured and it dropped in it's tracks. I use 100 grain Winchester power point.
  3. I have a killer instinct that I am very impressed with. Very accurate and it balances well. I did upgrade the package scope and bolts but still have less than 500 into it
  4. To answer your question Cooper Discoverer AT are great in snow. I've had them on my last 2 trucks a 2012 Silverado and a 2017. I live up by lake Ontario and have never had a problem in snow. I'll probably be getting a set for my 2022 soon
  5. Cooper Discoverer AT. Put a set on my 2017 Silverado for $500 at Walmart last year and they went to Wyoming and back twice. Still had lots of life left when I traded the truck in February. Very happy with them.
  6. Canale's in Oswego. Not far from the college and good food at a reasonable price.
  7. Worst season ever? On opening day of bow season 2010 I had been in my stand for about an hour when I got a message from my Aunt to get to the hospital as quickly as I could. My dad had just been brought in and things didn't look good. Dad had a stroke and a heart attack at the same time. A week before Christmas dad passed. So I guess that not seeing deer sucks but it doesn't make it the worst season ever.
  8. How long have you been waiting? I ordered one at the end of September and was told 3 months
  9. They appear to be the same diameter but my raiders use "S" nocks also. Might be because mine are 2008 vintage
  10. Hole was about 3 foot deep at edge of a field which had a ridge running into corner of it. Deer trail ran right along ridge. Only killed one doe and a 4 pt there but it worked
  11. Yes I've done this. Back when I was younger and more flexible. It does work in the right situation. Usually leaves a good drain hole in deer for blood trail. As for water a bilge pump run off a lawn mower battery will keep most of the water out. Sent from my LGL164VL using Tapatalk
  12. Look at Killer instinct. Great trigger, very accurate, reasonably quiet and good price. I got a Rush 380 last year and am very impressed. Just my opinion. Sent from my LGL164VL using Tapatalk
  13. piece of emory cloth wrapped around a dowel
  14. Not trying to be a jerk but did you change the battery in that Nikon?
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