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  1. thought this might be entertaining:
  2. If you do an online search for a mushroom club you will find one near you and they usually have several outings during the year when you can have an expert ID what you find as well as being shown how and where to look for them. A key to finding mushrooms is tree ID as some mushrooms will only grow under or near certain trees.
  3. Clear day with low humidity and a brisk wind. Capri is off in the distance across the bay.
  4. Saturday and the best beach on Ischia is packed with people and boats.
  5. I have been avoiding posting photos of people and especially myself. But. Mom and Dad passed out after the one o'clock meal is too much to pass up. Mom is 85 and Dad is 87.
  6. One last coffee by the Pantheon and then back to Ischia and my folks. I'll be posting a bit less as my pace slows down and I enjoy my family before coming home to the U.S.
  7. My wife and I were just saying that of you forget about the sheer manpower and logistics of say the colosseum someone still had to imagine it could be built that is was possible.
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