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  1. I never thought of going duck hunting until a friend took me out for the first time in California in 2008. Now I'm addicted. I love it just as much as deer hunting which I never thought was possible. I never hunted duck on the east coast, but I don't think it would be any different than the west coast. In the early season it is much easier to decoy ducks. Later in the season they get smart and seems like they won't come into a 2 dozen decoy spread cause it looks too unnatural. If you haven't learned how to call it is better you not call them. Practice calling at home. I suggest you pattern your gun for the shot you are using. #4 are great just for ducks, if there is a possibility of shooting geese #2 are better. Find where the ducks are. Wait for shots that are 30 yards or less. The worse the weather the better the duck hunting Good Luck!!
  2. Nice hunting rig! I always loved those Toyotas. In the process of building my own hunting truck, a 1973 International Scout. So far I only have the engine only 95 percent complete. Now I just have to dissasemble and rebuild the rest. Lol. IMG_1938.MOV
  3. Very nice Geno!! Congrats!
  4. Fairgame

    Late Season

    http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8305.html According to this it's only antlered deer.
  5. I have pics of some of those bucks since beginning of June, 3/4 of a mile away from John's pics. I should of fenced them in when I had the chance. Lol!! Good luck with them John.
  6. Wow John! They look so familiar. Lol!! Next week they will start cruising. I'll get them back.
  7. She is definitely on to something! I'm having the signs made up so I can place them near my stands. Lol!!
  8. You updated your phone? If so it happened to me. When I updated to io6 I lost you tube and couldn't open any videos. You need to probably get YouTube back on your phone through your apps
  9. Don't know why photo didn't come up.
  10. I have this little guy around. I hope he doesn't get shot. I see piebald deer on my property every couple of years and it has always been a button buck or a yearling buck. I have never noticed a defect on them physically to make me want to shoot them. The color is the only thing different.
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