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  1. Selling some arrows because I'm moving to a different setup. These are Victory RIP arrows with the micro (.204) shaft and a 500 spine. I bought 3 boxes and they shoot awesome! Selling 2 boxes (6/per) of unused arrows. Never fired. They are cut to 29 inches and have the inserts installed. As you can see, I bought them on sale for $50ish. Originally they were selling for a little over $80/box if I remember right. Willing to let them go for $40/box. I'm up in Rochester and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to deliver.
  2. I had a few through the day. Nothing crazy though. Spent the morning in Springwater and the afternoon in Walworth. Neither one is close to my place and didn't want to risk any trouble with the long drives. Also had a tee time at 7:30 Sunday and didn't want to be groggy for that.
  3. It just keeps getting better... Seems Rochester can only make headlines for the wrong reasons.
  4. This is the bow I just picked up. I love it! Shot it for the first time today since getting it tuned in April. Took about a dozen shots to get the 15yd pin dialed in.
  5. Understood. At first I was picturing one of those big BINGO cages full of tickets.
  6. This field alternates soybeans and corn every other year. Beans last year, and this year's corn is just coming up. It was about 18" last weekend. There's an area where a block of woods comes up to a hedge row that splits the 2 fields. There is about a 50 yard gap (roughly 50 x 75 yds) between the woods and the hedgerow that the farmer didn't use. I've got a ladder overlooking that gap. I'm going to throw down some of that no till food plot seed to see if it takes hold there.
  7. But does that mean that numbers go back into the pool even after they've won? I missed the boat on this one. Looking at that Nov raffle though.
  8. I'm hoping. I shot 2 deer out of a climber in this spot last year, so moved a ladder over for a more comfortable sit this year.
  9. I've really appreciated having the freezer full back when stores were running out of meat. We eat venison 1-2 times per week and still have half the freezer full. As far as the stores, I think at this point most of the supply issues have figured out. Because of that, I don't really expect too many more hunters in the woods, although I do expect that those who are out may be less selective or may take an extra deer or two if given the chance. Biggest change for me is that I'm going to be very limited on how many time I get out this year. We're expecting a baby (#2) and they just scheduled the due date for 8/19. Chances are that I'm not going to have many chances to get in the woods this season. I'd be thrilled with a doe and a solid buck, but will likely not be too picky when the time comes.
  10. Went out last weekend and did a little work moving stands around. While out there I pulled 3 cards. One of the cameras was blocked because a bush grew up right in front of it, so I ended up getting 1,768 pix of leaves. Another camera had the SD adapter, but no actual card in it. And the 3rd camera got a couple decent pix. Not as much traffic as I was expecting to see, but it's still early.
  11. Cool pic. Looks like she's training for Santa's sled team! I hope that buck didn't hold onto them for too long or it might impede the new growth for this season.
  12. I don't know much about chickens so this will probably seem like a silly question. Is there a reason to have all the variety? If you have 10 birds, why 2 of these and 2 of those and 2 of the other instead of all 10 being the same breed?
  13. Nice package at a great price. Someone's going to get a great deal. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Looks good and easy.. might be a good one to try with the kid.