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  1. Bolt action


    Nice buck, congrats!
  2. Morning summary: saw 18 on the way in including a nice buck. Was in stand by 6. At 6:07 i hear something walking toward me crunching through the beans. At that point it was so dark with the cloud cover that i just saw a black blob against a gray background. It stopped about 10yds from my stand, but i couldn't tell if it was a deer or a bear. No actual bear in this area. It was definitely a deer. I'm just making the point that it was dark. It then crossed my tail that i just walked in on without spooking. Another nod for evercalm! Then at 710 i saw a deer 200 yds away moving from left to right. I hit the pig and made it grunt, but the buck didn't stop. Then the rain came. Forecast called for only a 5% chance, but it rained a steady cold rain that i wasn't dressed for. By 930 I'd had enough and worked my way back to the car.
  3. Just parked. I'm about 30 minutes earlier than i meant to be. This cold dry weather must have me excited. I saw 18 deer on the drive in including a nice big 8. They're on their feet ladies and gents. Good luck to everyone out!
  4. Coffee is on. Think i may wear the parka today. It's chilly out there!
  5. Climbed down a little while ago and got myself cleaned up. No deer seen. In the office now plotting my approach tomorrow morning. I think I'm going to sit over the bean field, although I haven't seen as much activity in it since they turned brown.
  6. Out for a quick sit before work. Chose a different spot today closer to home. Picked up a summit climber yesterday. Super comfortable so far.
  7. Here are a few that I tried to connect on over the past few years.. plenty of pix of both, i even saw them both on the hoof, although always during Bow and from 400 yds away. Different neighbors confirmed taking them during gun season..
  8. Today was a bust. Radar showed rain from Saturday night until 4ish Sunday morning, then a break until 10ish when the rain would resume. Stupid me believed it so was in the stand by 6. Walked in in the rain and told myself 'it's ok, it'll let up'.. 2 hours later and it poured the entire time. Down by 9. No deer seen. On the way home the sun came out and the rest of the day was decent. Ended up apple picking with the kids.
  9. Went out for pheasant this morning. It poured on us the whole time but we had fun. Got a few birds too. I'll be in the stand by 6 tomorrow unless rain keeps me home.
  10. Looking at the weekend weather has me less than excited. I'll probably get out tomorrow morning (assuming it's not pouring and/or lightening) for pheasant with my father in law and a few buddies. The weather might keep back some of the crowd that has become the norm on the pheasant opener. Then Sunday, assuming the rain isn't heavy, I may sit on a field edge in the morning. I have a West facing stand overlooking the beans and that stand would be perfect for Sunday's West wind.
  11. I'm currently reading through "Next" by Michael Crichton. I have a few Stephen King's that I haven't gotten to yet, but those books are BIG.
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