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  1. Bolt action


    Welcome to the party Lomax!
  2. We've got a little hobby garden in back. Usually has cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, Bell peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, broccoli, kale, zucchini, cucumbers..
  3. I'm looking at upgrading my rig. On paper and in the expert reviews, this seems like a nice bow. Does anyone on here have any first hand experience with it? I can't find many user reviews online.
  4. Congrats. Beautiful gun.
  5. :30 into the video Edit: no specific powder reference.
  6. The part that worries me in all of this is that people are scared and they are reacting. In my opinion (for what it's worth) people who are uneducated about firearm safety and are buying up guns and ammo out of fear are dangerous. It's the their right to purchase and keep them as much as it is our right as hunters.
  7. I've run across a few vehicles like this and never understood how they came to be left in the woods and forgotten about.
  8. My family is set on some things. Meat and canned goods, rice, etc. I managed get a case of TP on Amazon before it was too late. This things I look for are things like milk, coffee, and the produce. I keep a little hobby garden in the yard, but that only produces in late summer.
  9. Man that's I've awesome mount. You did a great job with it!
  10. This is a family favorite. I leave them whole and freeze them. When I'm ready, I marinate them with olive oil and apple cider vinegar (1:1) and Montreal steak seasoning for at least 24 hrs. Then I get the coals in the fire pit good and hot. I put the strap on a spit and grill it whole, rotating it every couple minutes. I use this recipe to turn skeptics into believers.
  11. @jjb4900 throw my name in the hat if they're still available.
  12. Sounds like a fun project! I've always been curious about that round..
  13. Had a GSXR a few years back. Man that bike was fun to ride. Top speed I hit on it was 140 coming down 390 at 4 in the morning in April. Fun in the moment, but in hindsight it was dumb for more than one reason. Eventually the wife said that if I want kids, the bike had to go. It was an easy choice, but I do miss riding. Every now and then I peak at cruisers on CL.. @chrisw that's a nice looking bike!