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  1. Gsp's are really good dogs. We had one, but it had too much energy for my wife. We ended up finding him a better home with more land to run around. If anyone is looking for something to read, there is a pretty good article about squirrel hunting with dogs in the new issue of game and fish. It spotlights curs and feists.
  2. Love this family project and am doing something similar in the spring. I'm curious though. It looks like you have the roof angle pitched toward the front. Wouldn't that create water runoff on the same side that you're looking?
  3. Cool pic from my family.. logging camp somewhere in French Canada. The baby on the right side being held is my great grandmother.
  4. Mountain Feist It sounds like we had similar criteria when looking for breeds. I can't say enough good things about this breed. They're not as common, and not much online about them. Roughly 30lbs when grown App 18 inches at the shoulder. Minimal shedding and simple grooming. Awesome inside dog. Mellow and great with kids. Wicked smart. Took right to crate training. Only eats about 1 cup of dry food in the morning and another at night. Does not howl our bark unless hunting. Does not require a ton of exercise. When hunting, he tends to stay within 30 feet. He wears a collar but I never have to use it. Even when on a scent he'll come when I call him. Bred for squirrel, but will look for anything. All around awesome dog.
  5. ATI used to be located in Rochester, but moved to SC a few years back because NY was making it harder for them to operate here. A buddy of mine works for them and stayed with them through the move. Good company. They have a nice shotgun line also, although they're always out of stock on the website.
  6. Take this with a grain of salt... This past season I killed two deer from my climber. Both times I was no more than 8' up. Both times I was scurrying up the tree and pulling up my crossbow as the deer approached and in both cases the deer were within 50 yards while I was making all this commotion. I think that common sense and luck play a big part in success in the woods.
  7. I run 3 of that model. Usually set them up in July and take them out in January. Fresh batteries at the start of each season and they last all season. Decent pix, and decent night pix. There only thing I worry about is trigger speed. Here's an example of a pic from this season.
  8. I like your logic. Nice gun!
  9. I mis read the OP.. I haven't looked for loose powder in quite some time. I was suggesting that they carry black powder, albeit in pellets.
  10. Dick's and sportsman's Warehouse carry it. Just ask at the gun counter
  11. Without needing to know where you're located, I'm interested in property size, habitat management you've done, and any agreements with neighbors. You have an impressive amount of big deer waking around down there!
  12. Looking good! Ok so here is the update on mine from the original post. Between catching the flu, then holidays hitting, I haven't had much time to work on it. It also doesn't help that my puppy got a hold of it and chewed the nose off. I ended up taking it to a guy yesterday. He's going to finish the cleaning for he and see if he can fix up the nose.
  13. If you're looking for a black yote a little closer to home, I had one cross my path in daylight a few weeks back up in Braddock Bay. Not sure if it was technically black, but looked like a very big very dark German Shepherd.
  14. I like the reference of Jim as a sales rep. That's exactly what he is, and I don't mean that negatively. He's charismatic, and recognizable, and so he sells. It's hard to compare him to the old timers. So much has changed and evolved. That's would be like comparing today's athletes with their cutting edge diets and training regimens and equipment to the iconic guys of yesteryear. Different game today than it was.