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  1. Same setup as last year. I'm sitting on the ground facing south on the second Saturday of gun season. Second year where a ' good enough ' buck came in about 40 yds behind me moving west to east. I'm usually a little more picky, but with a new born at home, time is limited. That's two for the freezer this year and all i need. Wife will be happy because that means I'll be home on the weekends now.
  2. @wolc123 if you were on my side of the state, I'd have a gift for you..
  3. Slow day at work so I spent half the morning catching up. Congrats on some nice deer taken. @cynthiafu that sucks in the moment, but makes it for a better story after, assuming you don't have a heart attack in the moment! I took yesterday off. Had a late night finishing up the doe from last weekend and the forecast called for rain. Forecast was wrong, but I needed to catch up on sleep anyway. I'll be back in tomorrow. I'm skeptical that any of the big bucks are still around, given the hunting pressure in the area. I'd be thrilled to get another doe.
  4. Playing it by ear in the morning. I only have time for a bow hunt close to home. Would love to tag one early, but not going to sit in a heavy rain to do it.
  5. I was speaking with the farmer who maintains the fields I hunt. Usually they are in a soybean / corn rotation, but apparently next year they are planning to put in cabbage. There are soybeans, corn fields, and apple orchards all around me, along with a few cabbage fields. I don't have any experience with sitting over cabbage during deer season. The internet seems solidly divided on whether this will attract or deter deer. Does anyone have any insight? Should I start scouting backup spots this spring?
  6. This is totally a matter of preference. Some members here prefer hunting from the ground, while others like being up in a tree. For me, public land gun hunting from a ground blind would make me uncomfortable. I like using a climber because I can quickly setup over fresh sign, and I can get up off the ground. Whichever way you go, if you're on a budget, search the classifieds. I've scored deals on CL. The climber I'm using was bought for $10.
  7. Any chance the neighbors found it and didn't tell you?
  8. Kinda what I was thinking. As I start breaking it down, I'll use common sense. If the meat looks or smells off, ditch it.
  9. Don't worry, this is confusing even for residents!
  10. Found this skinning that doe from today. It was lodged in the skin on one of the hams and had to be cut out, but wyant all the way through to the meat. Measures probably about an inch. I think it's fiberglass, maybe aluminum. My guess is that she got bumped by a car and this was a souvenir. For the meat, no smell, just that yellowish film in that area. Avoid that area and salvage the rest, or is it a total loss?