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  1. Just got into stand. Bumped 3 big does close by on the way in. In thick stuff though so no shot. Second to last sit this year. Cold and windy in 8a. C'mon deer!
  2. Took a walk this morning. Beautiful weather and wanted one more chance with the rifle. Tons of tracks in fresh snow, but no deer. I'll be back for muzzleloader.
  3. Something has to give.. no deer this afternoon. Just those doe this morning. I caught up to another guy who I knew was on the property and he also didn't see anything. No tracks, no bumped deer, none bedded. This is really unusual for this property. I've got about 60 hours in this season and can count the deer I've seen on one hand with room to spare.
  4. Tried writing my name in the snow but ran out of pee...
  5. Perfect weather this morning in 8x. Slight breeze in my face, steady snow, and about 20 degrees. Felt real good about my chances. Sat from 630 til about 10. Had 3 does move through about 150yds in front of me headed uphill, but no shot through the timber. Then got down and still hunted for an hour or so but didn't see anything. In the car now warming up and grabbing a snack before the afternoon.
  6. Congrats on all the success yesterday, including the roster! I'm headed down for my last dark to dark of the regular season. Hoping to see a fat doe. This property has a no bucks rule.
  7. Hoping to get out this afternoon. Not much time to work with, so thinking about still hunting the perimeter and grabbing cam cards. The corn is still up and I might be able to catch one sneaking in or out.
  8. Man what a day! Good job on some really nice deer!
  9. Congrats on a nice buck! I'm sitting in the office day dreaming out the window. Light snow falling, cool, but not bone aching cold.. deery weather. Hoping to get back out Saturday for a pm sit. The freezer is empty, so I'm not going to be too picky..
  10. Work is keeping me out of the woods until the weekend. My wife is getting back surgery on 12/12. Being there for her is obviously where I need to be, and I'm happy to do it, but that is going to limit my ml opportunities. Tag soup might be on the menu this year...
  11. Trying to catch up after being offline the past few days.. have something like 20 pages to catch up on! I ended up chickening out on Thanksgiving. Cons outweighed the pros. I did get out Friday morning though. Drove down to Hornell in 8x. Car got stuck on ice on the unplowed Rd on the way in. Managed to get that figured out and was in the stand by 645 with sunrise at 710. Sat til 10 in -7 and didn't see anything. Still hunted my way out on crunchy stuff. 8th hunt and up to 50 hrs with no luck. #inittowinit. #coldasballsoutthere
  12. Congrats. Some of you guys have connected on some great bucks and plump looking does. I'll be out in the morning, although it'll be interesting. Changing locations from 8a to 8x. 90 minute drive down in a 2wd suv with baldish tires to a seasonal use road where I'm hearing they have 12 to 18 inches on the ground. Might have to park at the end of the road to walk in. Hoping to get in stand by 6 and sit until 9. It's gonna be cold though at single digits temps before wind chill. Then still hunt my way into the wind on my way out. I just hope I shoot one early so I can head to Dunkin to thaw out! Good luck to anyone headed out tomorrow. Be safe and use common sense.
  13. I do that every time on my way out. Drop a deuce and then get fresh coffee for the drive home
  14. Thanks Tracy. I have access to some property in the hills south of town off 36. That's an hour and a half drive for me on a good day though so wasn't sure what to expect before I show up on Thursday. Forecast just calls for cold.