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  1. At fist I thought it was the same mount as the one to the far right in the group pic because of the bent brow. Another awesome deer and beautiful mount!
  2. I also have a Sentry. When they were local they would have periodic inventory reduction sales. I grabbed a pair of the 10 gun models that weigh in around 400 lbs apiece. I was sad to see them move the shop. They used to be located close to the old Beikrich's gun shop that has since closed up. I stagger mine as well. The carpeted floor doesn't seem to do harm. Also a dehumidifier is a good idea to remove moisture in the safe. That actually reminds me that I should check mine today.
  3. Look at the mass on that thing! Any guess on the age? Those brow tines look like branches. Great work on both mounts.
  4. Cool looking fish.. Definitely makes me think twice about swimming in the lakes knowing these beasts are in there.
  5. There was a similar thread ob this topic not too long ago but for the life of me i couldn't find it. I'm using an Outdoor Edge set. Cheap and effective. I like the orange handles because it makes them easy to find. And the gut hook on the bigger blade makes opening the abdominal cavity quick work without worrying about puncturing the guts. https://www.outdooredge.com/collections/hunting-processing/products/wild-pair-wr-1c
  6. Good thread. Up until now I've laid the bow across the front bar of the climber. That works until it doesn't, so i've been looking for a way to secure the bow while i'm in stand. I've seen the Third Hand option but worry that it might rotate or that the bow might blow off with a good wind. I'm leaning toward the tree strap with a hanger on it setup that @BowmanMike mentioned.
  7. Just came across another auction.. This one is in Castile. Bid-n-Buy Realty and Auctions. Looks like a good amount of ammo, loading supplies, etc. Prices on most things seem reasonable, but there are still 5 days to go.
  8. Hessney has an upcoming auction. 50 or so lots of ammo including .22, .308 and a bunch of others. Bring your wallet though..
  9. I've only fired a few levers and can't recall the models at the moment. The levers always seems too stiff to operate as intended though and I'd have to change my grip so that I could pull the action to cycle a round. This left a bad taste in my mouth. I like lever guns and am open to trying something new, but would need it to cycle smoothly before I could consider buying one.
  10. Thanks for managing this Chef. If we hold the same format next year, might have to change up the teams. Team 4 v. everyone else.
  11. Fun bunny hunt this morning with my pup.. Not a beagle though..
  12. Cool pics. I'm always surprised to see bucks still holding their horns this late.
  13. I think this is less of a legal issue and more of a cultural issue. "We don't agree with you, so we're cancelling you..."
  14. With as many times as that deer runs back and forth I've got to think it was staged. Usually on a drive they run in the same general direction..
  15. I'm in Rochester. Based on a lot of prior events (including the handling of the Prude incident), we now have a team of Mental Health Professionals who should be deployed rather than the police for mental health calls. They weren't in this case because the initial call that came in to dispatch was about a stolen car.
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