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  1. Could go either way from the pic. Do you have any other pix of him from other angles?
  2. Not sure where you're located, but just saw this and thought your friend may be interested. Rochester CL ad for a Bushnell unit for $85.
  3. Same as a few others on here, I have a Halo with ARC. Spent about $100 on it a few years ago. Simple to use and accurate.
  4. What an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I'll get out as soon as schedule and weather allow me to. I tend not to hunt hard this early and really focus on late October - early December.
  6. In a nutshell, there are 2 components we're talking about here: the spine (stiffness), and the arrow weight. Spine is a measurement of how much that arrow is going to flex when you shoot it. the higher the number, the less stiff the arrow is going to be. The weight is just that, how heavy the arrow is. If you have time, there is a Youtube personality (he's a bit much, but seems to know his stuff) called the ranch fairy. This guy really knows his stuff when it comes to arrows. You may want to check his vid's out.
  7. I'm curious about these. Does the number of layers you're wearing come into play? Meaning, is there a difference using it while wearing shorts and a t-shirt rather than the coveralls and parka you may wear in late November?
  8. 23 and 35 respectively, both from a 17ft platform. The outlet in the bear was my buddy. My 2 were touching.
  9. IMHO, small game hunting and wingshooting in particular, can be more exciting than deer hunting. That is, unless you're @Buckmaster7600 and you hike across mountain ranges in pursuit of the game. Having birds come in so fast that you don't have time to reload your gun is a lot of fun. It's also usually more of a group outing. Deer hunting is awesome. It's hard to beat the rush of adrenaline when you send it, and definitely yields more meat when you have a successful hunt, but it's much more of a solitary thing.
  10. My last pair of Rocky boots lasted me about 10 years and only cost $50 or so. I used them for everything outdoors and never had a complaint. The pair I had wasn't the warmest on super cold days, but I knew that when I bought the 400g Thinsulate model. The finally fell apart last year so I ended up grabbing a similar pair of Field & Stream boots from Sportsman's Warehouse. Similar construction, lightweight. Hoping I get 10 years out of these.
  11. Rinella and the guys over at THP are refreshing. Rinella seems to have become an ambassador for the sport. Not only does he put out content with MeatEater, but he has cook books, does appearances on more main stream media (if you can call Joe Rogan main stream), does appearances (anyone else watch that one where he shuts down the vegan?), and now is launching Meat Eater edition knives and rifles. If we need someone to be the face of the sport, I'm glad it's him.
  12. She looks how I feel after one too many drinks and before i break the seal..
  13. I just youtube'd this. Looks like a solid option. I might have to keep an eye out for a pressure canner.