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  1. Bolt action

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Feeling pretty good about ranges. Next time I go i need to remember to hold for at least a 30 count before releasing... I've never taken a deer with a bow and want to do as much as I can to prep. Between the practice, there cooler weather, and what I'm seeing on camera, in getting excited about what's in store for us over the next few weeks
  2. Bolt action

    First Shot Daily Pics

    2 inch groups at 15, 25, 35 yards. Feeling pretty good about this bow business.
  3. I've been extremely fortunate to have had access to private land for most of my hunting career. On one of the parcels, I am the only one with permission to hunt it per the owner. 2 years back the farmer planted soybeans. I was walking in one day for a pm hunt when the field was freshly cut. I was totally shocked to see a pile of corn just inside the field edge, maybe 100 yds from the rd. The pile was about 4 foot around and pretty tall with granular molasses mixed in. The point being that it was clearly bait and no way it could've been spillage or incidental. I called the DEC to report it as i've had trouble with tresspassers and wanted to make sure it was documented. While i had him on the phone i asked him what i should do with it and he said literally the only thing i could do would be to remove every single kernel of corn. If the implement i was using could reach that site, and there was any trace of the bait remaining, then they would consider me hunting over bait. It was later in the season at that point and so there wasn't much point in putting in the effort to remove or bury the corn, so i ended up hunting a different area for what was left of the season.
  4. Bolt action

    Bear hunting success

    Great story. Congrats!
  5. Bolt action

    Best camo pattern?

    As some others have said, I think concealment and being smart about the wind are more important than the camo patterns. I have a 3D leafy poncho thing that my wife got me a few years back. Never wear it though. It looks cool enough but isn't really conducive to use with a bow or in a tree. Would probably work well from the ground during gun, but I try to not be on the ground during gun if I can help it.
  6. Bolt action

    Game plan?

    I'm in the same boat. The fields are on a corn and soybean rotation. Oaks on the perimeter and apple orchard on the neighbors property. Haven't been down in a few weeks, but I'm hoping that they stay green for at least the first few days.
  7. Bolt action

    Trail cam slow down

    Same stuff is happening in my neck of the woods. Had a card pull on the 8/24 that showed lots of activity. Probably 800 pictures of actual animals (as opposed to wind blowing branches around) from the prior 2 weeks. When I pulled on 9/7 though I had very little deer activity. Mostly turkeys racoons does and fawns. Just a handful of bucks. I've been reading up on this baiting thread and think I might give it a shot!
  8. Bolt action

    Cheap/ inexpensive trail cams?

    I've been using the Wildgame Innovations cams for a few years now. I don't recall the models at the moment but they're the ones that are always on sale at Dicks. I can usually find the cam by itself for about $40, or packaged with batteries and a memory card for $50. Pic quality is good enough to see what I have moving around on the property. They take 8 AA's which seem to last about a year. The only concern I have is that the trigger speed (.75 - 1 sec.) seems to miss some movement. Aside from that, they are perfect for what I need them for.
  9. Bolt action

    Campfire at home?

    Gotta love paper cores in the fire
  10. Bolt action

    Gander Mtn. Big Sale

    What's the current Mark down percent? When the one in Rochester went down, it seemed like the inventory was restocked and the discounts were not enticing. Their retail prices tend to be a bit high, and so 20% of wasn't anything to get excited about. Then it went to something like 80% and the store was cleaned out. There are deals to be had, but you have to time it right...
  11. I run a bore snake through it a few times followed by rem oil. Same practice for all my guns except the ml.
  12. Bolt action

    Buyer beware...

    Rumor has it this is a scam..
  13. Bolt action

    What's for dinner tonight?

    6 hours later...
  14. Bolt action

    What's for dinner tonight?

    A little meal prep for tomorrow. 3 racks of baby backs...